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This article is about the Comic Series location. You may be looking for it's TV Series counterpart.

The Governor's apartment was the place where Brian Blake and his niece, Penny, lived during his rule on Woodbury inThe Walking Dead Comic Series.


Woodbury, Georgia[]

Nothing is known about the Governor's apartment or who initially owned it prior or during the outbreak, except that it used to be part of the town's residential area.


After Woodbury was secured from walkers, facilities were being built or re-established to keep the citizens within its walls idle. One of these would be the Governor's apartment, where he resided with his brother, Philip, and childhood friend, Nick Parsons during before his rule on Woodbury. Aside from being the Governor's home, the apartment also became his office to fulfil his role as the town's leader and also the place where he kept his daughter, Penny, along with his collection of the decapitated heads of his victims.

Comic Series / Novel Series[]

Rise of the Governor[]

Brian Blake, Phillip Blake, an undead Penny Blake, and Nick Parsons reside in the apartment for a short time before Nick and Phillip die outside of the walls of Woodbury. Brian Blake, and an undead Penny stay in the apartment.

The Governor Special[]

The Governor kills numerous counts of people including Scott Moon and puts their head in fish tanks for him to stare at to become "less afraid of the dead".

The Road to Woodbury[]

Megan Lafferty and the Governor have sex until it turns into rape, and Megan sees the head of her old boyfriend, Scott Moon staring at them.

Volume 5: The Best Defense[]

The Governor arrives at his house, and says to an unseen person that he's a little bit late. He is talking to his undead niece, Penny Blake, who tries to attack him. The Governor slaps her in the face and says that she should behave herself. He apologizes about shouting and asks what's wrong. Penny has kicked over her food bucket, and The Governor brings it back to her. He says it's not good to do that, because then she won't be able to eat. Penny spits out the raw flesh and The Governor says that that is what she gets for kicking it away because the food is now spoiled. He says he'd get her more food, but that he's too tired at the moment. The Governor then proceeds to go sit in his chair. Gabe knocks on his door, and gives him Rick's hand, and a couple of human heads. The Governor throws Rick's hand to his daughter, and puts the heads in an aquarium. He makes a joke about "fifty-seven channels and nothing's on...", sitting in front of a series of aquariums filled with human heads and arranged like a large bank of televisions.

Volume 6: This Sorrowful Life[]

The Governor is feeding Penny someone's foot. A loud, pounding knock comes from his door. Suddenly, Michonne bursts in and the Governor exclaims, "...This should be interesting." Michonne and the Governor are about to fight. They both are thinking the same thing: grab Michonne's katana on the floor. The Governor almost gets it, but, Michonne kicks him back and grabs her katana. She kicks him again, in the groin this time, and The Governor throws up. While he's on the ground, Michonne is about to cut his head off, but, she states that doesn't want it to be over so quickly. The Governor knocks her over. Michonne bites The Governor's neck and knocks him on the head with her katana until he passes out.

Michonne tells The Governor to wake up. He wakes and she tells him that she has nailed his penis to the wooden board which had caused him to pass out the second time. She wonders about his zombified daughter and why's he keeping it alive. She wonders if she's his "sex slave" and decides she'd rather not know. She introduces some weapons: a blowtorch, a hammer (she says that she already used that on him a little bit, meaning when she nailed his penis to the board), a spoon, and a drill. She says she's going to use every single one of the items on him before he dies. She says that she'll start with the drill. She drills a hole in his shoulder. The Governor's mouth is covered, so his screams are muffled. She proceeds to cover the drill hole with bandages. He's about to black out, but, Michonne slaps him in the face to prevent that. Then, she says he's going to love this. Michonne pulls his fingernails off with pliers. She says that his hand is ruined and cuts it off with her katana up to the elbow, which is followed by her cauterizing the wound with the blowtorch, causing him to black out. While he's out, Michonne takes the spoon and shoves it inside his anus. When he comes to, she's struggling to pull it out, but, succeeds. She kicks him in the face and mentions that something may have "ripped" (meaning his penis, which we know WAS nailed to the board he was on). She then proceeds to dig his eye out with the very same spoon. The Governor passes out for the last time.

Michonne starts to cry, and Bruce, Gabe and Jameson are at the door. Michonne has nailed the door shut and Bruce announces that the prisoners, along with Alice and Stevens, are missing. He then announces that they're coming in. Michonne says that whatever is left of The Governor's penis might heal, but, she doesn't want that, so she cuts it off, barely missing a major artery that would have killed him for sure if she had severed it. Bruce, Gabe and Jameson break in, but, Michonne is able to escape. Both of them are shaken by The Governor's state. Gabe asks if he is dead.

Volume 8: Made To Suffer[]

The Governor is found in his apartment lying on a wooden panel - missing his right arm, left eye hanging out of his socket and possibly castrated - by his right hand men, Gabe and Bruce, who think that he's dead until Cooper tries to kill Penny Blake, and The Governor wakes up and tells him not to. Cooper immediately runs downstairs, to find Bob Stookey, the local town drunk. It's revealed that Bob was a medic. "40 goddamn years ago for about 2 weeks," however, so Bob says that he "can't do shit."

Cooper, however, forces him to do something and they go back to The Governor's place. When Bob sees The Governor, he throws up, and notes he can't even look at him. Cooper then asks Bob if he wants The Governor to die, which Bob doesn't. Cooper yells at him and wants him to do something. Finally, Bob decides to do what he can, and says he needs clean bandages.

The Fall of the Governor[]

After the death of Brian Blake, Lilly Caul puts down Penny Blake and his victims. After this, the Governor's apartment remains uninhabited.




Comic Series[]

Free Comic Book Day Special[]

Volume 5: The Best Defense[]

Volume 6: This Sorrowful Life[]

Volume 8: Made To Suffer[]

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