The Governor Special is a brief story consisting of six pages, featuring The Governor in his early days as the leader of Woodbury, as well as the fate of Scott Moon. It was published on February 13, 2013. Similar to the comics, it is written by Robert Kirkman and drawn by Charlie Adlard. It is the second The Walking Dead Special, following the Michonne Special.

Plot Synopsis

The Governor enlists Scott Moon's help in obtaining fish tanks for his apartment. When asked about their purpose, The Governor tells him that he has a responsibility to lead the people of Woodbury and be strong, decisive, and brutal. However, he admits that those qualities do not come easily to him, and he needs prepare himself for the horrors of the new world. To do this, he tells Scott that he plans on filling the fish tanks with severed heads and make himself stare at them, until they no longer frightened him and he starts to become amused by them. He then tells Scott that he plans on starting his collection, with his head being first.





  • This special reveals how The Governor set up his tanks and his reasons for putting severed heads in them.
  • This is the second The Walking Dead Special.
  • This special issue has two variant covers that can be seen in the Cover Gallery.
  • This marks the first time a character introduced in the novels was then seen in the comics, with Scott Moon first being introduced in The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury.
  • This special takes place on the same day as Issue 12.
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