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The Grapple Chapel Wrestling Club is a location seen Season 7 of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. It is Mickey and Cliff's old training gym and it is located in Texas City, Texas.


After having toured for an extensive amount of time, Mickey and Cliff started this gym to train up and coming wrestlers.


After the nuclear destruction caused by Teddy, Mickey and Cliff got separated and Cliff eventually returned to the gym in the hopes of one day reuniting with Mickey there. However, he died and the place became surrounded by a herd drawn and kept there by the creaking sign.

Season 7

"Till Death"

Mickey returns with Sherry who puts a nearby reanimated paramedic outside. In order to get Mickey through the herd outside, Sherry covers Mickey's protective suit in walker guts, allowing her to walk safely through the herd. However, she isn't able to get through the locked door and inadvertently draws attention to herself while struggling with a walker that has a knife impaled in its hand. Sherry shoots a few of the walkers and shoots out one of the glass doors, allowing the two women to force their way through the herd and inside where they barricade the doors.

With the walkers breaking through the barricade, the two women decide to get into the ring and try to take them all out one by one. As they make their way to the ring, a reanimated Cliff emerges and attacks his devastated wife before Sherry finally puts him down. With the herd now swarming the gym, Sherry gets Mickey into the ring where they become surrounded as the ring collapses to the floor. With no other choice, Sherry decides to call Victor Strand for help, but Dwight arrives and reveals that Strand had orchestrated the murders of the Larson family. Dwight provides the two women with guns and the Dark Horses take on the herd with a combination of guns, knives, chairs, sharp objects and wrestling moves, eventually eliminating it completely.

After the fight, Dwight takes Cliff's body outside and cleans him up as best as he can while Sherry puts down a disabled walker in the ring. Dwight gives Mickey a letter that he found on Cliff to her and she heads outside to say her goodbyes while Dwight and Sherry discuss their plans for the future. After getting a radio message from the Stalkers, the three depart to meet up with them.




  • Cliff (Alive and Zombified)
  • 1 unnamed paramedic (Zombified)


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