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This article is about the location. You may be looking for the Fear episode of the same name.

The Holding is a location in Season 6 of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. It is located in Dallas, Texas, and served as the home and base of operations for a doomsday cult.


Nothing is known about the Holding prior to or as the outbreak began other than it was a parking garage.


At some point, the Doomsday Cult took over the parking garage and turned it into an underground bunker that they called the Holding. The cult prepared to use the Holding to live sealed off underground for years.

Season 6

"The Holding"

Alicia, Al, Wes and Luciana are rescued from a herd by the cultists and brought into the Holding. Riley conducts interviews with each member of the group who lie that they were scavenging for supplies, having infiltrated the Holding in the hopes of learning more about the cult. Riley shows the three around the bunker, explaining their process of grinding up walkers and using them as fertilizer for their plants. He also reveals that the cult intends to seal the bunker soon and remain underground for years to come.

Shortly after the group's arrival, a team of cultists return led by Derek, Wes' believed-dead brother. While Wes catches up with his brother, the women attempt to discover more about the cult and their plans leading to Al and Wes sneaking into Derek's bunk while he is gone. The two find hidden maps of several other communities, including some maps belonging to CRM and discover that the cult has been targeting and destroying various communities, including Tank Town. Wes confronts Derek as he paints a mural of the destroyed communities, realizing that Derek is the one who organized the attack. Wes supposedly convinces Derek to leave with them, but Alicia becomes suspicious and decides to leave Derek behind.

As the group attempts to make their escape, they are captured by several cultists led by Riley who are interested in Wes' mention of Morgan Jones who they are seeking. The cultists take the group to the embalming equipment taken from the funeral home in order to keep their bodies from contributing to the cycle of life once they are gone. Derek convinces Riley to allow him to take Wes to the walker set up amongst some plants in the middle of the bunker in an effort to get Wes to see as they do. After confronting Derek about his near-death experience in Tank Town, Wes fights his brother, resulting in Derek's death and rescues his friends using Riley as a hostage.

Escaping into a room filled with embalmed walkers, the group block the door with an axe and begin making their way to an exit on the other side of the room. Al notices a zombified CRM soldier, presumably the source of the CRM maps and checks to make sure that it isn't Isabelle. Alicia puts the woman down and declares that they need to take the Holding down. Al states that embalming fluid is flammable and points out that it is in all of the walkers in the room. As Al retrieves matches from the dead CRM soldier's pocket, Alicia begins slashing the walkers and releasing their embalming fluid on the ground where it begins to spread under the door into the room where several cultists are trying to get at them. Once enough embalming fluid has been released and as the cultists are about to get through the door, Alicia sets the fluid on fire, sending a fire spreading throughout the bunker.

At Valley Town, the group reports on their experiences in the bunker to Morgan and presents him with the recovered maps. Al states that the fire was "bad" and that they aren't sure if Alicia got out or not. Wes reports that some of the cultists survived the fire, but they aren't sure how many got out as all they could see was fire. Luciana is sure that whatever the cult was planning was big since it was going to keep them in the bunker for a long time.

Having survived the fire, Alicia is locked in the badly damaged embalming room where Riley has Harvey prepare her for embalming. Alicia manages to kill Harvey before Teddy arrives to talk to her. Teddy reveals that setting fire to the Holding destroyed everything that the cult had been working towards for years, but he attempts to convince Alicia to join them nonetheless.


The Holding has been abandoned by the cult who move to an abandoned school before finding a new home for themselves. The new bunker, located beneath an abandoned resort hotel, is stated by Riley to be better than the Holding ever was. As a result, Teddy quips to Alicia that "I suppose I should thank you for burning our other place down."

Season 7


After Luciana recognizes Sabrina, Wes explains that they had met the Stalkers as part of the Doomsday Cult while they were at the Holding. Arno later mentions the destruction of the group's previous two homes, blaming it on Alicia Clark and Wes reminds Arno that they were there when the Holding was destroyed too.





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