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This article is about the TV Series settlement. You may be looking for the Comic Series counterpart.

The Kingdom was a walled community in AMC's The Walking Dead, located in Arlington County, Virginia. Originally a U.S. Military fort, it was later established as a community that favored the theatrics of medieval fantasy, led by zookeeper and amateur theater actor Ezekiel Sutton, who took on the title of "King Ezekiel" - accompanied by his pet Bengal tiger, Shiva. The Kingdom was seized by a group of extortionists called the Saviors, in which the Kingdom was forced to provide food for them. During their forced arrangement, King Ezekiel met Paul "Jesus" Rovia, a resident of the Hilltop Colony - a community also occupied by the Saviors. The two created an alliance to support each other against the Saviors.

Jesus introduced the Kingdom to the Alexandria Safe Zone, another community terrorized by the Saviors. The three built an alliance known as the Militia, and later the Coalition, in an effort to defeat the Saviors. The Kingdom saw the most causalities during the war, but the Militia was victorious. After the Savior War, the five communities, including Oceanside, attempted to rebuild a bridge between them, but it was destroyed by Alexandria leader Rick Grimes in an attempt to stop a massive herd. The Coalition dissolved following his disappearance, though the Kingdom maintained their relationship with Hilltop.

Six years later, the Kingdom hosted the Fair of New Beginning in an attempt to reunite the communities. Though successful, the fair was infiltrated by a territorial cult known as the Whisperers. Ten fairgoers, including Ezekiel's son, Henry, were captured and decapitated. Their heads were placed on pikes to mark the border between the Coalition's land and the Whisperer's territory. Several months after the fair massacre, the Kingdom was abandoned due to deteriorating conditions. A hard winter led to the boiler failing, causing several fires which damaged the buildings beyond repair. The residents of Kingdom relocated to Hilltop, Alexandria, and Oceanside. It was one of the few communities that was not rebuilt, along with the Sanctuary and the Hilltop.


Arlington County, Virginia[]

Nothing is known about the Kingdom before the apocalypse. Given the appearance, security, and the "Post Theater" - the Kingdom was likely a military fort. Part of the fort contained a theater, school, and garden built for common recreation and study, according to Ezekiel.[1]


At some point Ezekiel and a few other survivors took over a local school.

Its survivors are often seen wearing armor and riding horses. They have an affinity for melee weapons such as spears, but guards also use firearms. They also have gardens and other agricultural areas and have grown enough to maintain the community. They have at least some electricity. Festive events such as movie nights take place. They have many fields, houses and a theater. Overtime, the Kingdom's population reaches nearly two hundred people.

Deal with the Saviors[]

Unbeknownst to most of the community's residents, the Saviors exact tribute from the Kingdom. However, unlike the situation with the Alexandria Safe Zone, the Saviors seem to allow them to keep firearms. The leader of the small group of Saviors that collects from the Kingdom, Gavin, is a firm but fair leader and treats Ezekiel well, unusual for a Savior. At some point, described as during one of the Kingdom's first skirmishes with the Saviors, a girl was captured who claimed under brutal torture by the Croat that she was a scout for the Kingdom. The girl's torture and murder horrifies Negan who had given a direct order for the girl to be let go unharmed. This incident caused Negan to try to kill the Croat who escaped with his life, but with his right ear blown off by Negan.

At some point after the establishment of this deal, approximately 20 months into the apocalypse, Morgan Jones and Carol Peletier of the Alexandria Safe-Zone are found by a few guards and taken to the Kingdom, where they first meet King Ezekiel. Upon meeting them, Carol acts weak and innocent, a common tactic for the hardened survivor when dealing with new people. After the two settle into the Kingdom, Morgan joins Ezekiel, Richard, and others on an outing to feed pigs with zombies, later offering them to the Saviors for that week's tribute.

When they return, Morgan agrees to teach Benjamin, a youth of the community, Aikido, a martial art in which Morgan specializes.

During an attempt to leave the Kingdom, Carol is caught by Ezekiel and Jerry, Ezekiel's steward and bodyguard. Carol and Ezekiel then have a discussion about him seeing through Carol's façade and how he met Shiva. He suggests that Carol "leave and not leave". He allows her to stay in a cottage just outside the Kingdom.

Rick Grimes' Arrival[]

A short time after these events, Paul "Jesus" Rovia of Hilltop Colony tells Rick Grimes, the leader of the Alexandria Safe-Zone who has with his group fallen under the Saviors' rule, about the Kingdom's existence and they along with other members of Alexandria head to the Kingdom. They meet Ezekiel in the theater and Rick proposes his plan to fight back against the Saviors. While Ezekiel ultimately refuses to join them, he grants Daryl Dixon asylum in the Kingdom where the Saviors won't be able to find and harm him, as Daryl has recently escaped from imprisonment by the Saviors.

The March to War[]

The Kingdom maintains a placid relationship with the Saviors but things soon escalate.

Richard keeps trying to push the Kingdom towards war. He tries to convince Daryl Dixon to help him but he is rejected as his plan includes killing Carol. Richard instead sabotages a drop, by hiding a melon destined for the Saviors, in the hope of getting himself killed. This fails and Benjamin is killed instead. Richard tries to create a new plan but is killed by an enraged Morgan. After these events Ezekiel decides to go to war and a newly determined Carol agrees to join the cause in a bid to avenge of her friends.

Forming the Militia[]

Ezekiel leads a regiment from the Kingdom toward Alexandria. Shiva joins him as well. They reach the blockade of shopping carts previously placed by Richard; it has been rearranged. Morgan appears, still emotionally unstable, and vows to hunt down the Saviors by himself, but Ezekiel convinces him to fight at their side. He joins them as they march towards Alexandria.

When the Saviors come after Alexandria, the Scavengers join with them in a defense at first before its revealed that they made a deal with the Saviors that leads to them betraying Rick. With the Scavengers betrayal, Negan and the Saviors easily overpower the Alexandrians until Sasha Williams emerges from a coffin as a walker. A brief gun battle ensues, but the Saviors win and Jadis wounds Rick.

As Negan prepares to strike Carl with Lucille, Shiva leaps onto and mauls a nearby Scavenger. Ezekiel, Carol and the Kindommers arrive at the head of the Kingdom regiment in an attack, as Maggie arrives with the Hilltop fighters, killing several Saviors and Scavengers. Jadis eventually orders a retreat and Negan does the same. Rick, Maggie and Ezekiel stand on a podium and address the crowd as the leaders of their respective communities: Alexandria, the Hilltop and the Kingdom, united.

All Out War Against the Saviors[]

After Gavin and a large group of Saviors make it out of the Sanctuary, they barge into the Kingdom, demanding the whereabouts of Ezekiel. After searching for him, the Saviors are unable to find him. They round up all of the Kingdom residents, keeping them hostage until Ezekiel is found. Gavin demands to know Ezekiel's whereabouts, but is given no response. Gavin had finally had enough, but before he could do anything drastic, Ezekiel managed to set fire to the community, destroying a partial amount of the Kingdom as a whole, causing the Saviors to panic. The remaining residents managed to flee to a school bus to drive them to safety, while Ezekiel stayed behind and is captured by the Saviors as a sacrifice for his people.

With Ezekiel held prisoner to be transported to the Sanctuary, Carol and Morgan launch a rescue mission into the Kingdom, killing multiple Saviors along the way. Eventually, the survivors retreat into the auditorium where they are ambushed and killed by Carol, Morgan and Ezekiel after he breaks free. Gavin, the last surviving Savior, attempts to hide but is found by Morgan. As Carol and Ezekiel attempt to talk Morgan down from killing Gavin, Gavin is killed from behind by Henry, killing the very last of the Savior invasion force and reclaiming the Kingdom for once. Ironically, as most of the Kingdoms fighters were killed in the attack on Gavin's outpost, there are not enough people to defend the Kingdom, the survivors thus abandoned it and joined up with the Hilltop.

A New Beginning[]

After the war with the Saviors ended, Ezekiel, Carol, Jerry, Dianne, Henry, and the remaining Kingdom soldiers return to the Kingdom. In an alliance with Alexandria, Hilltop, Oceanside, and the Sanctuary, the Kingdom assists in the efforts to rebuild after the war. A regiment of Kingdom laborers join the workforce dedicated to building a bridge between the Kingdom and Hilltop. After the bridge project failed and Rick Grimes was believed to have been lost, the Kingdommers returned home where over time, the communities in the alliance grew apart and isolated.

Six years after Rick's apparent death, the Kingdom buildings and infrastructure has begun falling apart with Jerry, Henry, and other volunteers attempting to keep the machines running. While the Kingdom prepares to host a harvest festival to try and bring their fellow communities back together in a trade network, Carol feels that they may need to evacuate the community if things continue to deteriorate.

Life After the Kingdom[]

The Fall of the Kingdom[]

Several months after the fair massacre, the Kingdom suffers a catastrophic failure as rot spreads, the boiler breaks down, and fires spread across the buildings. There are several casualties and people begin leaving the Kingdom as buildings become uninhabitable and left in ruins. With the Kingdom damaged beyond repair and a hard winter approaching, the decision is made by Kingdom leadership to abandon the town. The remaining fifty Kingdommers load up in a caravan and set for the Hilltop. With the help of people from the Hilltop and Alexandria, the Kingdommers make a dangerous trek through a blinding blizzard and ultimately succeed in reaching their new home at the Hilltop safely.

Life in the Hilltop Colony[]

The nearly forty remaining survivors of the Kingdom moved into the Hilltop having been welcomed into the community after losing their home. With the addition of the Kingdommers, the Hilltop's population boomed and more space was needed to adequately house all of the residents. The decision to expand Hilltop and build new housing was made and construction plans were put into place. Meanwhile, those who could not fit into the Barrington House or any of the other structures set up tents and shacks on the Hilltop grounds. Shortly after the Kingdom joined Hilltop, a number of soldiers and civilians joined the Coalition militia to provide protection to the communities in the charter. A large tree that fell on the Hilltop's walls in a terror attack by the Whisperers was used to provide lumber for new housing as well as repairs to a large barn that was home to several Kingdommers.

Despite living at the Hilltop, the Kingdommers still maintain a sense of identity and unity and are referred to as Kingdommers by several survivors, including Father Gabriel who identifies the Kingdom as one of five forces that are coming together as one to defeat the Whisperers, as told in a pep speech to Alexandrian children Gracie and R.J. Additionally, in a conversation between Hilltop leader Yumiko and councilman Alden, they discuss the Kingdom community at Hilltop and that the wood from the fallen tree should be used to build housing in order to get them out of living in tents and makeshift shelters.

Life in the Alexandria Safe-Zone[]

Less than a dozen Kingdomers were re-located to Alexandria after their initial arrival in Hilltop. Several of the refugees once served as soldiers for the Kingdom and were welcomed into Alexandria's guard and the Coalition militia. Some later returned to the Hilltop after Maggie returned and worked to rebuild the community while others moved to the Commonwealth.

During a supply mission to Oceanside, Aaron, Jerry, Lydia and Elijah came across Ye Old Renaissance Faire which Jerry saw as a potential location to rebuild the Kingdom, even dubbing it Kingdom 2.0. Aaron suggested that instead of being led by King Ezekiel, Kingdom 2.0 could be led by King Jerry and Queen Nabila.

Following the events at the Commonwealth, Ezekiel became the new governor of the Commonwealth and several residents of the Kingdom remained there. However, at least some others returned to live in Alexandria such as Jerry and his family. Jerry presumably never went through with his plans to rebuild the Kingdom at the renaissance faire as he was still living in Alexandria with his family a year later.

Government and Society[]

The Kingdom has an unusual monarchical government. It is headed by its first self declared 'King', King Ezekiel personally. Under him are his knights who work as soldiers, scouts and scavengers. Notably among them is Jerry who also works as his personal bodyguard and steward. Richard also seemed to stand as one of the high ranking members of the guard and may have been Ezekiel's second in command with military matters. Ezekiel is a benevolent, yet flamboyant and charismatic ruler who is well loved by his "subjects". He used his experiences of playing kings in theatre to portray himself in such a manner, talking in a grand Shakespearian manner and often referring to himself in the third person. After Carol Peletier marries Ezekiel and they adopt Henry, Jerry at least considers Carol their queen and Henry their prince, if only in a joking way.

Citizens of the Kingdom live in an almost angelic environment. There is a school system, a choir and a market place. Society seems to be like former world governments compared to other communities with the exception of its governing body. As long as everyone contributes, then people are free to use the facilities as they wish.






  • The Kingdom is described as being much larger than Alexandria with a bigger population. As of Season 7, there are about 40 people living in Alexandria, indicating that more than 50 people live in the Kingdom.[2]
  • The Kingdom appears to be located within the city of Rosslyn, Virginia in Arlington County. Due to its appearance and location, the Kingdom is likely Fort Myer, a historic military installation near Arlington Cemetery.
  • The choir credited in "The Well" is actually a choir from Georgia State University's School of Music.[3][4]
  • From "Mercy" to an unknown episode, the Kingdomers started wearing orange armbands, representing their position in the Militia. The other communities: Alexandria are represented by white armbands and the Hilltop are represented by green armbands.
  • In the comics, the Kingdom is still active, but in the show, it is lost and abandoned.
  • Of all the communities, the Kingdom is the only one to have kept the same leader, Ezekiel, throughout its entire run on the TV series.
  • The Kingdom is the only destroyed community of the Coalition to not have even attempted to be rebuilt after its destruction. Alexandria has been rebuilt several times, including an ongoing effort starting in "Home Sweet Home" after the Whisperer War while Maggie successfully rebuilt the Hilltop following the events of "Rest in Peace".
  • After finding Ye Old Renaissance Faire in "Variant", Jerry considers the idea of rebuilding the Kingdom there as Kingdom 2.0. However, this apparently never comes to pass as Jerry is still living in Alexandria a year after Pamela Milton's defeat.