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"The Lab" is a location seen in Season 1 of AMC's The Walking Dead.


Atlanta, Georgia

Nothing is known about this location prior to the apocalypse.


Season 1


After Glenn resuced Rick from his predicament in the tank, the pair run through the lab before reaching Bradbury's.


In an abandoned office above the department store in Atlanta, Glenn outlines a plan to retrieve Rick's bag of guns on an old whiteboard. Daryl will watch his back from the store's alley, while Rick and T-Dog cover a second alley that is two blocks away. Either way, Glenn says, he'll have a safe place to run. The men agree with his well-constructed plan, and Daryl asks him, "Hey kid, what'd you do before all this?"

"Delivered pizzas," Glenn answers. "Why?"

Back inside the abandoned office building, Rick's looking for answers while a confused T-Dog wonders what they've gotten themselves into. Daryl's still seething over Glenn's kidnapping and getting jumped by Miguel's men. Miguel points out Daryl jumped him first, demanding to know what he did with his brother. Miguel further insults him by saying, "Merle? What kind of a hick name is that? I wouldn't name my dog Merle." Daryl threatens Miguel by throwing Merle's severed hand in his lap, telling him that's what happened to the last guy who crossed him. Miguel cowers and Rick throws Daryl off him. He just wants to know where to find Glenn, and he manages to convince Miguel to take them to him.

Rick and the group retreat back to the office, where Daryl argues that the guns are more valuable than Glenn — but Rick insists he owes more than that to him. "What life I have I owe to him," he says, loading his shotgun while he recalls what Glenn did for him when he was stuck inside the tank. Rick knows how dangerous the mission could be, that he might get killed when he goes back to the factory, and tells Daryl and T-Dog to head back to the campsite. They refuse to let him go alone and also take note that they wouldn't know what to tell his family, so they too load their guns and grab Miguel.


TV Series

Season 1