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"The Last Light" is the tenth and final episode of the second season of AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond. It is the last episode of the series overall. It premiered on December 5, 2021, the same night as "PADRE", the mid-season finale of the seventh season of Fear the Walking Dead. It was written by Matt Negrete, Maya Goldsmith & Carson Moore and directed by Loren Yaconelli.


The remaining members of the group fight back enemies, both living and dead, on their quest to save the future.


In a flashback to Monument Day, Iris and Hope join up with Elton and Silas to sneak out of the Campus Colony and find Dr. Bennett. Elton reminds them to avoid empties if they see one.

Cut to the present day: Iris, Hope, Elton, and Silas slay empties as they make their way to meet Huck at the culling outpost.

Silas asks Iris what she plans to do after they destroy the gas. Iris says she and Percy had talked about going to Portland. Silas consoles Iris about Percy's death.

In a command tent, Jadis orders a dozen vehicles to track down the researchers. She instructs Corporal Pierce to jam all frequencies to disrupt communication between the insurgents.

Huck and Dennis wait for everyone at the outpost. Dennis dreams about starting a new life with Huck, but Huck says they need to tell the Civic Republic what the military has been doing.

Felix joins Leo and the researchers at their truck. Lieutenant Newton shows up with a team of soldiers and calls for everyone to surrender. A shootout ensues.

Iris, Hope, Elton, and Silas join up with Huck and Dennis at the outpost. Silas gives antibiotics to Dennis. Huck unpacks the explosives that they brought and says they should be at least three miles away when the gas explodes. Silas decides to stay with Huck and Dennis.

Corporal Pierce informs Jadis that the explosives used by the insurgents in the tunnels were an older type of explosive. Jadis recalls they are the same explosives used at the culling outpost and realizes Dennis and Huck were colluding. She orders a helicopter to transport her to the outpost immediately.

Hope, Elton, and Iris hug Silas good-bye.

Felix and Leo fight the CRM soldiers. Will joins them after hearing their distress call. Felix draws Newton away from his team, but runs into a gated fence with empties on the other side. Newton corners him.

Back at the truck, Will fights the CRM soldiers and breaks one of their necks.

Newton taunts Felix about his inability to protect the Campus Colony. Felix breaks the lock to the gate, unleashing a stream of empties on Newton.

Huck informs Silas and Dennis that the CRM jammed the remote detonator that she had planned to use with the explosives. She dispatches Silas and Dennis to look for timers at an emergency weapons cache three miles away.

Felix and Newton fight. Felix stabs Newton in the gut and disembowels him. Empties devour Newton's body.

A soldier attacks Will in the woods. Leo guns him down.

Jadis arrives at the outpost in a chopper and fans out with soldiers to search the premises.

Huck ambushes Jadis in the warehouse. Jadis calls Huck a traitor, but Huck says the military's actions were inhumane. Huck accuses Jadis of trading someone's life to get into the CR. Jadis maintains that she told the CRM her human was a "B" to spare him from Elizabeth's lab, but then she started to believe in the future that the CR was building.

Silas and Dennis reach the house where the emergency weapons are stored. Dennis gives Silas a gun.

Jadis informs Huck that the CRM relied on her intel to help wipe out Omaha. She stabs Huck in the gut. Huck falls to the ground and starts telling Jadis about her father's watch. Jadis realizes that Huck had rigged up the watch as a detonator and quickly escapes in the helicopter.

Hope, Iris, and Elton fight empties on the road. Indira and Asha pull up in a jeep and gun down all the remaining empties.

Huck lies on the ground, dying. Nearby, her watch is strapped to a gas canister as the final seconds tick by. The explosives detonate.

Hope's group sees a giant cloud of green smoke in the distance.

Dennis and Silas see the explosion. Dennis quietly leaves the room.

Asha distributes gas masks to the group. An empty sneaks up on Hope and bites Elton on the arm when he leaps to her defense.

Silas tells Dennis that Huck might still be alive, but Dennis says Huck is dead and that he, too, is dying. Dennis reveals that his wound is mortal and that he's dead either way. A CRM chopper tracks them down. Dennis tells Silas to kill him and pretend that he's on the CRM's side. Dennis says it's up to Silas to tell the CR what the military is doing. Silas reluctantly shoots Dennis, promising not to lose himself and surrenders to the CRM.

At the underground mall where Indira's people have been hiding, Elton lies unconscious on a cot after having his arm amputated. Leo tells Will that Elton may die. Will gives Indira the meds that Elton and Silas retrieved from the CRM facility for her.

Iris tells Hope and Leo that she's going to Portland with some of Indira's people to warn them about the CRM. She implores Leo to set up a new research lab at the underground mall using lab equipment from Cornell University, which is nearby. She says that she will return with reinforcements.

Silas meets with Jadis in a conference room. Jadis guesses that Dennis instructed Silas to put on a front, but admires that Silas had the guts to actually go through with killing Dennis. Silas expresses interest in joining the military. Jadis agrees he would make a good soldier.

Jadis joins Elizabeth on a bench and gives her condolences about Huck's death. Elizabeth acknowledges she did monstrous things in the name of rebuilding civilization and now wonders if rebuilding is even possible. Jadis charges Elizabeth with treason for allowing the Bennetts into their community, and for failing to realize that her daughter was a traitor. She says that Major General Beale himself signed her arrest warrant and declares that she will lead the CRM more successfully than Elizabeth.

Iris says good-bye to everyone. Asha runs over to report that Elton is awake.

In the ensuing weeks and months, Hope and Leo establish a new lab and begin researching Hope's yeast theory.

Elizabeth lies in a prison cell.

Silas, now a soldier, observes CRM training before getting called away to the helipad.

Felix joins Will in bed. They are now married and have a dog.

Iris, Elton, and Asha arrive on the outskirts of Portland.

In a flashback, Elton opens the door as they're about to leave the Campus Colony. "So let's see who we really are, shall we?" he says.

Elsewhere, a scientist enters an abandoned lab in France and copies files from a hard drive onto her computer. She watches a video of Dr. Jenner from the CDC. A man holds her at gunpoint and asks where the Primrose team is. She says the team went to a conference in Ohio and was not in the lab when it happened. The man accuses her lab of starting the virus and vows to kill the doctors if they return. He shoots her dead and leaves. In the video, Dr. Jenner says the CDC hasn't seen any of the variants that the French team has described. The scientist reanimates and bolts to the door, then pounds urgently against it and apparently becoming a breed of empty more violent than any seen in the United States.

Other Cast[]



  • Victor Dobro as Tucker
  • John Luterman as Cohen
  • Brandon Rush as Robertson
  • Adrienne Holden as Lowery
  • Delshaun Mcrae as Armadi
  • Kara Reese as Nolan
  • Damien McCall as CRM Soldier
  • Shane Carruth as CRM Soldier
  • William Young as CRM Soldier
  • Steven Adams as CRM Soldier
  • Landon Dufrene as CRM Soldier
  • Pyrion Astorii as CRM Soldier
  • Natasha-Lee Lyoli as Mother
  • Denise Diaz as Daughter
  • Alok Upadhyaya as Senior Scientist
  • John Sicat as Scientist
  • Ryan Price as CRM Drill Instructor
  • Jeffery Orth as CRM Soldier
  • Jon-Michael Stone as CRM Soldier
  • Jessica Ramsaran as CRM Soldier
  • Ariana Dobson as CRM Recruit
  • Ariona Zappaunbulso as CRM Recruit
  • Kijana Horton as CRM Recruit
  • Lamont Gonzalez as CRM Recruit
  • Kate Mullett as CRM Recruit
  • Markuez Moore as CRM Recruit
  • Tyler Harris as CRM Recruit
  • Samuel Lawrence as CRM Recruit
  • Sterling Mitchell as CRM Recruit
  • Kathryn Johnson as CRM Recruit
  • James Machen as CRM Recruit



  • Only appearance (in World Beyond continuity) of Edwin Jenner. (Video Tape)
    • It is also exactly 11 years since his last appearance in "TS-19".
  • Last appearance of Iris Bennett.
  • Last appearance of Hope Bennett.
  • Last appearance of Silas Plaskett.
  • Last appearance of Elton Ortiz.
  • Last appearance of Felix Carlucci.
  • Last appearance of Jennifer Mallick.
  • Last appearance of Leopold Bennett.
  • Last appearance of Will Campbell.
  • Last appearance of Elizabeth Kublek.
  • Last appearance (in World Beyond continuity) of Anne.
  • Last appearance of Dennis Graham.
  • Last appearance of Indira.
  • Last appearance of Asha.
  • Last appearance of Frank Newton.
  • Last appearance of Diane Pierce.
  • Last appearance of Terry Ellis.
  • Last appearance of Dr. Amanda Siegel.
  • Last appearance of Tucker.
  • Last appearance of Cohen.
  • Last appearance of Robertson.
  • Last appearance of Lowery.
  • Last appearance of Armadi.
  • Last appearance of the Civic Republic of Philadelphia.
  • Last appearance of the Campus Colony. (Flashback)
  • Last appearance (in World Beyond continuity) of the Civic Republic Military.
  • The title of the episode, "The Last Light", refers to Jadis reminding Elizabeth that the CRM is the last light of the world, shortly before arresting her.
  • This episode was made available for streaming to subscribers of AMC Premiere on November 28, 2021.
  • This episode is played directly after the mid-season finale of Season 7 of Fear the Walking Dead.
    • Both episodes feature a main character having an arm amputated after being bitten.
  • As of this episode, Natalie Gold (Lyla Belshaw) and Ted Sutherland (Percy) have been removed from the opening credits.
  • This is the last episode of World Beyond.
  • It's revealed that it has been two months since Monument Day and since the Endlings left the Campus Colony.
    • The date is also confirmed from Jennifer's watch, which reveals that it is October 26, 2020, meaning Monument Day is around August 26 as it is unclear if it has been two months exactly or just in general.
  • While talking with Huck, Dennis mentions a missing friend of his from the early days who had a cabin in the Smoky Mountains. This is a reference to Beckett.
  • It's confirmed that the supply drop that Dennis had mentioned in "Blood and Lies" was in fact a cover for the delivery of the Chlorine Gas to the culling facility.
  • Jadis reveals that while she had traded Rick Grimes to the CRM for her place in the Civic Republic, she had lied about him being a "B" in order to spare Rick from becoming one of Lyla's test subjects, feeling that she owed Rick that much to spare him the fate of becoming a test subject.
  • Jadis reveals that Huck indirectly caused the genocide in Omaha and the Campus Colony as the intelligence that she had gathered during her undercover mission showed the CRM where and when to strike.
  • Huck tells Jadis that her mother had always said that her father's watch brought them back together after the world ended. This is a reference to "The Deepest Cut" where Kublek tells her daughter this while trying to get her to take the watch.
  • At the end of the series, the fates of the main characters are as follows:
    • Jennifer is dead.
    • Jadis has a remorseful Kublek arrested to be tried for treason for everything that happened.
    • Silas joins the CRM as a soldier and Jadis takes a personal interest in him. However, Silas has infiltrated the organization and his true intention is to make his way to the right people in the Civic Republic and warn them of what the CRM has done.
    • Leo, Indira, Felix, Will, Hope and the scientists remain behind to continue their research into stopping the empties.
    • Felix and Will have gotten married and have a dog.
    • Elton is bitten in the arm while protecting Hope. His arm is partially amputated and he ultimately survives.
    • Iris, Elton, Asha and many of Indira's people make their way to Portland.
  • An unknown amount of time passes between the departure of the Endlings from the underground mall and the final scene. However, it is presumably months since they have crossed the entire country from New York to Oregon and Silas is a CRM soldier rather than just a cadet.
  • Elton's pictures that he has taken over the course of the series are developed by Hope, particularly the group shot of the Endlings from "The Wrong End of a Telescope".
  • It's revealed that there are variants of the zombie contagion overseas, including one in France that causes a faster, stronger and more aggressive type of zombie.
    • It's also implied that the apocalypse may have started in France, possibly even in la Biomédicine DDMI itself as it has a message that reads "Les Morts Sont Nes Ici" which translates to "The Dead Were Born Here". The man accuses the scientists working in the facility of "starting this" and then making it worse.

Episode Highlights[]