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This article is about the Comic Series characters. You may be looking for the TV Series counterparts.

"You done fucked up, asshole. This here's our road. You gotta pay up."
Craig to Abraham Ford as he holds him up at gun point[src]

The Marauders are a small band of hostile survivors that served as the primary antagonistic group of Volume 10: What We Become.


Nothing is known about the bandits before the apocalypse began. They may have been either friends or brothers (due to similar appearances).


After the apocalypse began, the trio likely formed up and began their criminal spree. Later, as Rick Grimes, Abraham Ford, and Carl Grimes sought shelter under a highway overpass, the trio ambushed Abraham, who was on guard, and began eyeing Carl. As Rick fought one of the bandits, with Abraham at gunpoint, one of the bandits attempted to rape Carl; this would mark an end to the group. As this happened Rick fatally bit the the neck of the Marauder that he was fighting, and Abraham shot the other at close range in the head. The last member of the bandits, in fear, surrendered and begged for his life as he attempted to flee, but was cut down as Rick chased him down and mauled the bandit with his own knife.


Killed Victims

This list shows the victims the Marauders have killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies and unnamed people



Comic Series

Volume 10: What We Become


  • The name 'Marauders' comes from The Walking Dead: Survivors' Guide where the group is introduced.
    • They are additionally the only people in the entire Survivors' Guide who aren't specifically named.
  • After the Saviors are defeated in the TV show, the Saviors who continued Negan’s way of life were referred to as Savior Marauders, led by Jed.
  • They left an emotional mark on Rick, Carl, and Abraham after the ordeal, with Carl recalling their rape attempt after witnessing Rick, Michonne, and Andrea kill a small group of Saviors.
  • The Marauders are similar to the Claimers from the TV show for several reasons:
    • They ambushed Rick and the group in the middle of the road during the night time.
    • One of the members attempted to rape Carl.
    • Rick bit one of the members on the neck, ripping out his jugular.
    • One member was shot in the head by Abraham. In the TV series, two members of the Claimers were shot in the head by Michonne.
    • Rick stabbed the attempted rapist to death.