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The Mobjack was a former passenger ferry turned survivor camp featured in The Walking Dead: Michonne's "In Too Deep", but had since become abandoned prior to the episode.


Nothing is known about the Mobjack prior to the outbreak, though it can be assumed it was just used as a typical passenger ferry.


Sometime after the outbreak, a group of survivors set up inside the Mobjack and turned it into a small waterborne camp. The ferry was likely transitory to begin with as Pete mentions it not being where it was seen last time he sailed through the area.

At some point, within about a year before the events of "In Too Deep," the Mobjack was fixed into place using supports beneath the water in Chesapeake Bay by its inhabitants. These survivors were known to actively trade with others who came by, such as Samantha Fairbanks.

The family of Rashid, which included his wife Vanessa and their two daughters, who had been surviving in the Chesapeake area for quite some time beforehand, came into contact with the Mobjack's inhabitants. The circumstances of their meeting is unclear, though it is possible the family may have joined up with the group or began to trade with them, as both parties where mentioned to be open to trading. During their time in Chesapeake, the Mobjack's inhabitants were attacked, tied up and executed by members of a nearby community called Monroe led by Randall so that they could steal their supplies. On the day of the massacre, for whatever reason, Rashid and Vanessa had been present on the ferry, becoming among the number of casualties there. Whether the couple's children were present too is implied, but not confirmed.

Following the raid, all known inhabitants were either killed or reanimated and the vessel was left partially destroyed.

"In Too Deep"

The Mobjack can be first seen from a distance whilst Michonne is on the decks of The Companion. Michonne and Pete decide to investigate the ship in search of Rashid and Vanessa, as well as collecting some supplies to mend the grounded Companion.

After a close call with some walkers, Pete and Michonne enter the boat either through the window or using a ladder placed up the side of the Mobjack. Once inside, the two discover the boat has recently been the scene of a massacre. They bypass the corpses in order to enter the Café, having to kill a single walker hung against the door. Once inside the two are ambushed by Sam and her brother Greg, who had taken a duffel bag of supplies from Monroe. After another close call with some walkers, the group are found out by Randall and his group. He then proceeds to take Michonne, Pete, Samantha and Greg back to Monroe as prisoners.

"Give No Shelter"

The Mobjack can be determinately mentioned by Norma, should Michonne chose to either answer the walkie-talkie herself or let Randall respond, but then answered herself after taking it away from him. When Norma asks for Michonne to tell her the condition of her brother, assuming the dialogue choice time is left running for long enough, she will threaten Michonne by telling her she will make what she and her people did to the Mobjack's inhabitants look like a picnic in comparison to what she will do to them if they hurt him.

"What We Deserve"

If Michonne witnessed the corpse of the unnamed dead girl onboard the Mobjack by going through the window route in "In Too Deep" and Randall was spared in "Give No Shelter," when the latter attempts to guilt the former about the children of Monroe she has now forced onto the dangerous overrun mainland, Michonne has the option to counter by saying Monroe likewise showed no mercy to the children on the ferry.


  • Rashid - Possibly shot by Randall or another Monroe Colonist, likely on the orders of Norma (Confirmed Fate)
  • Vanessa - Possibly shot by Randall or another Monroe Colonist, likely on the orders of Norma (Confirmed Fate)
  • All known inhabitants onboard - Shot, usually in the head, by Randall or another Monroe Colonist, likely on the orders of Norma


Michonne Mini-Series


  • Though they appear nowhere on the ship, Kent Mudle confirmed that Rashid and Vanessa, Pete's friends, were among the casualties of the Mobjack's inhabitants. The fates of the couple's two daughters is left unknown, other than a photograph of the two found on the ferry, if Michonne chose to enter via the ladder. The whereabouts of Rashid and Vanessa's corpses is unclear, though they may have somehow ended up in the surrounding ocean, which would explain why they could not be found onboard. It is also possible their brains were not destroyed, and as a result, they may have reanimated into zombies and simply left the area underwater.
  • In "In Too Deep," the episode in which the Mobjack appears, a definitive explanation for what happened there is never given and two conflicting stories can be heard. Sam first claimed to Michonne that Randall and the Monroe Colonists killed everyone there to loot their supplies. On the other hand, if Michonne choses to bring it up, Norma claims that the Mobjack's inhabitants where killed by scavengers; said scavengers then proceeded to take the ferry over for themselves. In response, Monroe soon sent Randall and a group of other members over to the ferry to dispatch justice on its new occupants, by killing them all; meaning that the bodies found onboard were likely of both parties. However, after consideration of Norma's story, and determinant dialogue in later episodes, evidence confirming that Sam's version of events being the truth can be discovered.
    • Firstly, every corpse found onboard the ferry was zip tied and executed via gunshot to the head, so the "scavengers" just happened to use the same tactic of zip tying their enemies as Monroe, which is very unlikely.
    • The clearest piece of evidence can be found in "What We Deserve"; if Randall was spared in the previous episode, he can openly admit to the massacre of the innocent survivors, should Michonne use it as a justification for destroying Monroe. (The dialogue option will only be available if Michonne chose to enter the Mobjack via the window route during "In Too Deep" to witness the full extent of the massacre.)
    • Finally, if Michonne choses to answer the walkie-talkie in "Give No Shelter," it is hinted that Norma was fully aware of what happened, possibly giving the order herself, and was not just lied to by her brother. Nearing the end of the answer time for the final dialogue tree, Norma can threaten her by saying she "will make what happened on the Mobjack look like a fucking picnic!". When combined with Randall's confession, suggests that she knew what really happened.
    • Also, when Kent Mudle confirmed Rashid and Vanessa's deaths on the ferry, his wording implies that the massacre there was one whole incident, which means that Norma's story could not be true.
  • Logan's locker from Crawford in "Around Every Corner" appears on the Mobjack, though this was likely an oversight or just a reused asset.
  • The canned peaches appears in the duffel bag on the Mobjack shares the same brand with its counterpart in "A House Divided". Michonne will fondly mention that she used to eat the brand frequently when she was a child.
  • If the player chooses to enter the Mobjack by climbing the ladder, they will find two corpses inside. One of these corpses will have the same character model as Pete from Season 2 of the video game.
  • Some corpses found on board have models of zombies, but more human like.
  • In the Mobjack, the room with the duffel bag contains a bottle of Banang, an easter egg to the Telltale game series Sam & Max.
    • A bottle of Banang can also be seen on the Companion.