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"The Night the World Ended" is a short story written by Lauren Mee[1]. The story gives the backstory of James and his boyfriend, Charlie from The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series - The Final Season, during the first night of the zombie outbreak and prior to them joining The Whisperers. The story was published on Tumblr in May 2019.

Plot Synopsis[]

When the apocalypse first started to break out, James was sitting with his boyfriend, Charlie, on the cold metal fire escape just outside Charlie's bedroom window. They cuddle together, absent minded, passing a can of Four Loko in a brown paper bag back and forth. Charlie snuck it, and a tin of sour cream and onion Pringles (James' favorite), from his family's bodega downstairs. The two chat, laughing and prodding at each other as they get tipsy and watch the sun set.

The sky is pink. Crickets chirp. The familiar din of the city hums distantly.

They have a small FM radio perched beside them, playing some grainy pop music they weren't listening to anyway.

Then flashes of red and blue light up the alleyways in the distance, an alarm blares. The two think nothing of it. It's just part of the ambiance. But then comes another. And another.

The two start coming up with stories of what could have happened. Maybe there was a big fire? Or someone robbed a bank? Then someone screams. The music stops. Static crackles pensively. Are more people screaming? Charlie tells James to hang on a second, he climbs through his bedroom window and back inside. James sits alone, his legs dangling, eyes locked on the flashing skyline. The static finally turns to words- An emergency message. The city is going on lock down.

James calls out for Charlie. Silence. He swallows hard, his heart starting to race. He looks back into the room. The lights are on, but no one's there. Gun shots ring out. He pulls up his legs.

What the hell is going on? James crawls into the window. He calls out for Charlie again, warning him of the emergency notice.

But there is only silence.



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