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The Outcasts are a group of survivors introduced in Season 6 of AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. They consist of people who weren't good enough to join the Pioneers according to Virginia's standards, or were in some way harmed by the Pioneers. The group's singular mission is to bring Virginia down. With Virginia's death, the group continued to reside at the skate park somewhere in Texas, forming an alliance with both Valley Town and Lawton.


Nothing is known about the individual members of the group before or as the outbreak began.


Season 6


The Outcasts will appear in this episode.

"Things Left to Do"

The Outcasts arrive in the SWAT truck, where they pursue Morgan and Virginia. Sherry corners Virginia, but Morgan stops her from killing her, and warns her that his friends will die if she kills Virginia. She ignores this and Morgan overpowers Sherry and escapes with Virginia. Sherry's group, along with Strand's group arrive at Morgan's community, where everyone outside wants to get their hands on Virginia, demanding justice. Morgan announces that he wants the killing to stop, despite Sherry's demand that they hand Virginia over.

It is decided that Virginia would be executed in front of the three communities as a means of ending her reign of brutality on everyone. However, Morgan has a change of heart and brings Virginia back into the dam community, much to the anger of Sherry, Strand and their followers. Morgan tells the whole group that killing Virginia would not stop this and that there are better options, but Sherry once again omits Morgan and Dwight manages to calm her down and he asks her to join the community, but Sherry says she wouldn't find what she is looking for with his people. She leaves with her group in the SWAT truck.

"Handle With Care"

The Outcasts pull up in the SWAT truck. Sarah, Strand, and Samuels arrive on horseback and the latter reveals empty spray paint canisters that they found in the area. Strand worries that the people who destroyed Tank Town are still on the loose. Morgan proposes they work together to track down the enemy. Strand and Sherry's groups hand their weapons to Daniel at the weapons depot. In a voiceover, Daniel explains that each weapon was logged and locked away, and that only he and Morgan had the keys.

"USS Pennsylvania"

At some point, Sherry and Rollie depart the Outcast for unknown reasons. The Outcasts' fate are left unknown following the doomsday cult's launch of warheads that caused major destruction throughout the state of Texas. Rollie is executed by Daniel Salazar after Daniel realizes that Rollie is a spy for the cult. Riley reveals that Rollie had lost his faith after the events of "Handle With Care" and switched sides.


  • Oswald
  • At least 12 unnamed members


Killed Victims

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies and unnamed people


  • None


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