The Reapers are a group of hostile survivors introduced in Season 10 of AMC's The Walking Dead. They serve as the primary antagonistic group of the episode "Home Sweet Home" and the first half of Season 11.


Nothing is known about the individual members of the Reapers prior to or as the outbreak began. It is likely that some members had military training given their efficiency in combat and stealth. It is possible that some members knew each other before the apocalypse.


At some point following the outbreak, the Reapers were formed by a person known as Pope and gradually began attacking survivor settlements and slaughtering innocent survivors on Pope's orders, despite these groups having done nothing to the Reapers. The group was heavily armed with military-grade weaponry and utilized stealth and ambush tactics in attacking and hunting their victims. At some point, the Reapers attacked Maggie's group, despite having no previous conflicts with her group, forcing her and her surviving group members to flee back to Virginia, in which the Reapers followed them to finish them off due to being "marked" by Pope.

Season 10

"Home Sweet Home"

The Reapers will appear in this episode.

Season 11

The Reapers will appear in this season.


Killed Victims

The following is a list of victims the Reapers have killed:


  • Reaper
  • Possibly numerous unnamed members


TV Series

Season 10

Season 11


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