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The Stalkers are a group of hostile survivors introduced in Season 7 of AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. After the abandonment of the Franklin Hotel's bunker, Teddy's Doomsday Cult led by Alicia Clark split into two divided groups due to unknown reasons. Alicia's former second-in-command, Arnold, remained in control over the half of the cult, forming this group that decided to follow him instead of her. They serve as the secondary antagonistic group for the whole of Season 7.




Season 7

"The Beacon"

At night, Will witnesses a group of Stalkers outside of his hideout attacking several walkers. In the morning, Will finds the Stalkers gone and all of the walkers stripped of their clothes.

Will later tells Victor Strand and Howard about the Stalkers, stating that he'd seen them sneaking up on the dead a few times, but aside from the fact that they strip the dead's clothes, he doesn't know what they're up to or who they are.

Later, when Will returns to his hideout with Strand and three of his Rangers, five Stalkers attack them, instigating a gunfight that kills two of the Stalkers and draws another herd that kills the three Rangers. As Strand's men are devoured and the herd approaches them, the three surviving Stalkers retreat.

"Cindy Hawkins"

After emerging from Teddy's Secret Bunker due to his hallucinations of Cindy Hawkins, John Dorie Sr. spots three Stalkers nearby who had found the bunker due to John's repeated radio messages from it. When June turns on the radio, one of the Stalkers tells the two that they know the two are there and that the bunker won't last much longer. The Stalkers demand that the two come out and surrender. While John wants to fight them, June refuses to leave, stating that in John's state, he is in no shape to fight.

After being driven to leave the bunker in order to find Cindy's body, John spots the three Stalkers getting the hatch open and preparing to enter. Despite his hallucination's pleas and his own shaking hands, John opens fire on the Stalkers, missing on the first shot. John and the Stalkers exchange fire with John eventually managing to kill two of them. The third makes a successful run for the bunker while John becomes distracted by his first his hallucinations and then a small herd. The third Stalker locates June and raises a gun at her, but John shoots him dead from behind and saves June.

When Morgan Jones arrives at the bunker in search of his friends days later, he finds out that one of the Stalkers, who had been shot in the chest by John, has reanimated. Morgan puts the man down with his staff before digging into the collapsed bunker in a desperate attempt to reach his friends.

"Breathe With Me"

While looking for Wendell, Rufus leads Sarah and Josiah LaRoux to Sage, a young Stalker who is pulling a cart full of walkers. At gunpoint, the two demand to know why Sage is stripping the walkers and he tells them that he's been ordered to disperse the walkers around the area. With the radiation levels safe, Josiah forces Sage to undress down to his underwear and Rufus finds Wendell's scent on a scarf that Sage was wearing. Sage leads the two to a barn where he has corralled hundreds of walkers. After finding Wendell's wheelchair amongst the walkers, Sarah attacks Sage who opens the gates holding the walkers back and runs off.

Later, Sage encounters more Stalkers on the road and demands to see Arnold. Sage excitedly reveals that he's found something that could give the Stalkers everything that they want - an unexploded nuclear warhead that is cracked and leaking radiation all over the place.

"The Portrait"

The Stalkers will appear in this episode.


The Stalkers will appear in this episode.



  • Sage
  • Many unnamed members (1 Alive and Zombified)

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims the Stalkers have killed:

  • 6 unnamed Tower residents (3 Indirectly Caused, 3 Directly Caused)
  • Numerous counts of zombies and possibly unnamed people


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