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The "Tower" is location in AMC's The Walking Dead. It is an abandoned hospital near the Alexandria Safe-Zone that serves as a rendezvous and temporary camp for the Coalition following the various attacks on their settlements.

Initially the surviving residents of the Hilltop Colony began to temporarily reside here following the destruction of their home, however Alexandria was soon overrun, and with Oceanside likely to follow, the residents of both communities evacuated and fled to the abandoned hospital, in which they nicknamed "The Tower". The Tower became the site of the final battle with the Whisperers after they were able to locate and lay siege to the old hospital. Following the defeat of the Whisperers, the Tower was abandoned as the survivors reoccupied their old communities.


Prior to the outbreak, this building was a hospital.


Season 10

"The Tower"

The survivors, have taken shelter at an abandoned hospital, referred to as "the Tower". Luke is fiddling around with some wires, stressed that everybody is counting on him, while Jules encourages him. Luke then announces that he needs someone to run an errand for him, for which Carol volunteers.

Judith approaches Lydia, who is petting a cat. Judith offers condolences for her mother's death, but Lydia tells her she doesn't have to do that. When asked, Lydia denies that she misses her mother, and tells Judith that not everyone gets to have a mom like hers. As Judith leaves, Negan observes from a distance. Downstairs, Carol and Kelly retrieve some horses from Marco for their supply run.

Lydia is petting Dog when Negan comes over and offers her something to eat. Lydia, however, claims she isn't hungry. Negan asks if she is avoiding him, and Lydia bluntly confirms. Negan is taken aback by her honesty, to which Lydia bitterly asks if he wants her to lie to make him feel better. Negan denies this, and goes on to state that he liked her mother despite her inexcusable crimes, wishing that he didn't have to kill her. Still, he encourages Lydia to say whatever she has to say to him. Lydia coldly replies that most of them wish that Negan had died as well, before taking her leave.

Lydia angrily approaches Negan and declares that he can't tell her what to do. Negan calmly acknowledges this, and invites Lydia to hit him, as it will make her feel better. Lydia claims that she feels fine, but Negan is adamant that she has to mourn her mother, or it will continue to eat her up on the inside. Despite everything, Negan claims, Alpha was still her mother, and if she doesn't let it all out, she will drift further away from the other survivors, which Negan is certain Lydia don't wants. Lydia rhetorically asks what Negan knows about what she wants, and calls him a selfish asshole, believing he only killed Alpha so that people believe that he's a hero, but the people will never see him as such, since he only cares about himself. Lydia believes that him trying to get her to open up is also for selfish reasons, and wonders how he could have ever liked her mother. She is adamant that she hated her mother, or wants to hate her in any case, and yells at Negan for saying she can't even do that. Despite this, Negan tells her it's okay, prompting Lydia to break down in anger and tears as Negan embraces her.

Beta has finally reached the Tower with the horde. He begins to chant, and hallucinates the walkers doing so, too.

"A Certain Doom"

The group outside quickly rushes inside, killing a walker that gets in. Daryl sets explosive traps on the steps for when the Whisperers get in to buy some time. With the Tower surrounded, the survivors decide that they must still enact their plan to draw the horde away so as to buy time for an evacuation. A plan is devised to have four groups of two make their way out covered in walker guts to slip through the horde with one person protecting the other and the second person carrying a piece of equipment for the sound system that Luke has built. Rachel and Beatrice refuse to work with Lydia however and Negan refuses to join the mission despite having the most experience.

Daryl leads Kelly, Jerry, Luke, Jules, Magna, Marco, Oscar, Carol and Beatrice out through the horde with Dianne targeting Whisperers picked out by Lydia with arrows from the hospital window. Noticing this, Beta turns the horde, making it impossible for the group inside to pick out the Whisperers from their own people. Negan presents Lydia with Alpha's mask and suggests that they both make a run for it using their ability to blend in while Lydia wants to stay and help. Negan exits through an elevator shaft set up as an escape route followed by Lydia.

Though most of the group makes it safely through, Beatrice is wounded by a Whisperer and devoured by the horde. Lydia picks up the backpack that Beatrice was carrying and Daryl's group is able to make it to the wagon and set up Luke's sound system. Blaring loud music, the group begins slowly leading the horde away from the hospital.

With the horde being drawn away, the rest of the survivors begin evacuating through the elevator shaft, but Whisperers break in, killing two Oceanside members. Barricading the room with the elevator shaft, Gabriel decides to stay behind to keep the Whisperers from cutting the rope as the last of the survivors escape. Gabriel is overpowered and nearly killed, but is rescued by a masked survivor and Maggie Rhee.

At nighttime on the road nearby, the Whisperers attack the wagon, suffering heavy casualties, but killing Oscar and destroying the wagon and sound system. The Whisperers turn the horde back towards the undefended hospital, causing Daryl to lead his group into the horde to assassinate the Whisperers one by one. As Lydia begins turning the horde again, Beta starts to go after her, only to confronted by Negan. As Beta attempts to kill Negan, he is stabbed through both eyes by Daryl and then devoured by the walkers. With the Whisperers dead, Carol and Lydia successfully lead the horde off of a cliff, ending its threat forever.

With the Whisperers and the horde gone, the survivors are able to safely evacuate the Tower which is left abandoned once again and reunite in the woods nearby.





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