The Walking Dead: A Decade of Dead is a 22-minute documentary created by Skybound, Hyundai, Future US, and The Hero Initiative that celebrates the ten-year anniversary of The Walking Dead. The documentary details the history of TV series and comics.[1]


The Walking Dead: A Decade of Dead takes a rare glimpse into the comic book's creation and how it has gone from indie comic to worldwide phenomenon in ten short years.


  • Written & directed by: Lex Halaby
  • Producer: Heather Frank
  • Director of photography: Eli Born
  • Editor: Gabriel Britz
  • Creative consultant: Sina Grace
  • Casting: Sina Grace, Heather Frank
  • Featuring: (in order of appearance)
  • Cosplayers & fans:
    • Robert Swathwood
    • Jay Justice
    • Christina Tellifson
    • Bill Dink
    • Willie T. Bates
    • PJ Martinez
    • Kristl Buluran
    • Wendy Parks
    • David Schoelen
    • Paul Baum
    • Lisa Kruis
  • Production manager: William Chesney, Mark Staubach
  • Production sound: Joesh Wright, TK Broderick, Anton Herbert, Jeff Cools, Bob Miller, Jared Simmons
  • Archival photos: Chris Piers
  • Second cinematographers: Kevin Phillips
  • Additional photography: Mark Levy, Ina Bagne, Brett Putman
  • Graffer: Chris Williams
  • Production assistant: Rachel Romoutar
  • Sound design & mix: Milos Zivkovic
  • Music: Beyond Music, Diner Music, Killer Tracks, Alibi Music, APM Music
Rock Paper Scissors
  • Executive producers: Carol Lynn Weaver, Linda Carlson
  • Producer: Alexandra Zickerwick
  • Editor: Gabriel Britz
  • Assitant editor: Lauren Dellara
Coyote Post
  • Colorist: Robert Curreri
  • Color assistant: Zachary Rogers
  • Visual effects artists: Adam Petke, Chris Friend
Skybound Entertainment
  • CEO: Robert Kirkman
  • Director of business development: Shawn Kirkham
  • Online editorial director: Brian Huntington
  • Administrative assistant: Elizabeth Iverson
  • President: J.J. Didde
  • Editorial director: Sean Mackiewicz
  • Office manager: Helen Leigh
  • Warehouse manager: Dan Petersen
  • Logistics manager: Nick Palmer
Future US Inc
  • Executive producer: Heather Frank
  • Director of partnership: Isaac Ugay
  • VP of marketing and sales dev: Rhoda Bueno
  • General counsel: Anne Ortel
  • VP account director: Omara Hernandez
  • Account director: Jason Croddy
  • VP of marketing: Steve Shannon
  • Dir of marketing communications: David Matathia
Special thanks
  • AMC
  • Brandee Brooks
  • Image Comics
  • San Diego Comic Con
  • Meltdown Comics
  • House of Secrets
  • Telltale Games
  • Spike TV
  • Microsoft
  • Pixipixel
  • Isotope Comics
  • Stray Angel Films
  • Hollywood Rentals
  • Avon Rentals
  • Light It Up Grip & Lighting
  • Kentucky Lighting and Supply
  • The Camera Department
  • Trew Audio
  • George Romero


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