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The Walking Dead: All-Stars is a mobile game based on the survival horror world of The Walking Dead. Available worldwide via the App Store and Google Play Store, The Walking Dead: All-Stars is raising the bar for immersive interactive storytelling. The game was published by Com2us Holdings and officially licensed by Skybound. The Walking Dead: All-Stars has joined grand-scale offline events such as New York Comic Con 2022 and Pax West 2022, proving its game quality and artwork to the world.

Game Features[]

The Walking Dead: All Stars tells a captivating story about various groups of survivors who settled down in Asyl located in Buffalo, New York. Asyl, also known as the "Town", is the sanctuary of many in The Walking Dead: All-Stars. Survivors settled down here to stay safe from all sorts of dangers lurking outside. Get immersed in the breathtaking story-line and the vivid surroundings as you journey through each unique stage.

Assemble Classic The Walking Dead Characters

Build your own team with The Walking Dead heroes such as Rick, Glenn, Michonne, and other beloved characters!

Stunning visuals and artwork bring the world of The Walking Dead: All-Stars to life - meet over 70 mythical survivors to form your own dream team.

Explore the Darkness

Search for supplies in the unknown wilderness, finding anything that can extend your state of survival!

Defend against the Evil and the Undead

Bloodthirsty walkers are surely threatening in The Walking Dead: All-Stars. However, beware of hostile groups of survivors, lurking around to break into your camp.

Socialize and cooperate to defend your town

Join a Community! Give and receive all kinds of support through a full suite of in-game features. Together with other members, defeat special bosses in Joint Combat, Total War and save your supplies for survival.

Battle and Survive in Competitive Environments

Are you prepared for some brutal PvP combat? Play the Borderlands against other survivors from all over the world. Dive into more PVP game modes like Last Man Standing to experience the All-Stars world's atmosphere!

The Walking Dead: All-Stars represents themes of fear, betrayal, sacrifice, hope, leadership, and the conflict between good and bad. Can you maintain humanity to achieve your ultimate goal, survival? If yes, we need you now in The Walking Dead: All-Stars - download today! Visit the official pages for events, game coupons, and more.



  • Despite adapting many characters from the comics, there are several discrepancies between the version seen in the game compared to their comic counterparts.
    • Ezekiel and Shiva are implied to have originated from New York instead of Virginia.
    • Negan finds Dwight, Sherry, and Oliver and allows them to join The Saviors.
      • Furthermore, Oliver is an All-Stars original character.
      • The leader of Sherry and Dwight's Pre-Savior group is led by Sherry instead of Dwight.
    • Christina Haben is forced to kill Mike, something that presumebly didn't happen in the comics.
      • Furthermore, there was a third News Employee that wasn't there in the comics and neither Christina or Mike reanimated in this game unlike their counterparts.
      • Caesar Martínez is not present with The Governor when he's found.
      • Mike's body was not taken nor decapitated after he was killed.
        • Despite this, when Brian wins a battle, he is seen taking out Mike's decapitated head to celebrate his victory.
    • Gabriel Stokes decided not to join the survivors after they left the church and instead arrived at Alexandria by himself.
    • Hershel Greene told Glenn Rhee about the gun store, who in turn told Shane Walsh who then told Rick Grimes about it.
      • Furthermore, as opposed to their comic counterparts, Andrea and Dale go on this run as well.
    • Hershel decides to give Axel his shot gun.
    • Dale lost his leg while on the Greene Family Farm as opposed to Meriwether County Correctional Facility.
    • The origins of Alpha's mask is explained.
    • Dante and Mercer are shown interacting, something that doesn't happen with their counterparts.
    • Negan is shown to be free and working with both Rick Grimes and Paul Monroe.
      • Furthermore, there's no indication that there was a war between the communities,
        • Despite this, there is noted tension between The Saviors and The Kingdom as William and Richard discuss how Ezekiel should find a way to deal with The Saviors.
        • Glenn and Shiva are still confirmed to have died, however it's unknown how they died.
      • Because Negan was never ousted from his position of leader of The Saviors, as revealed in the Story Preview, it's unknown if Sherry or John ever became the leader of The Saviors.
    • Yumiko is rescued by Magna's Group from The Cannibals, as opposed to already being part of her group from back when they were at the Slade County Retirement Home.
      • Matt is an original character who is also part of Magna's Group
      • Connie and Kelly are not mentioned nor indicated to be part of the group.
    • At some point while at The Prison, Michonne Hawthorne attempts to cure a sick girl.
    • Eugene makes a special gun just for Carl.
    • Eugene and Rosita make a flamethrower and call it Dragon Breath.
    • Unlike his comic counterpart, there's no indication that this iteration of Morgan ever met Rick or his group before he reached the Alexandria Safe-Zone.
      • Furthermore, aside from his character's sprite appearing at the Alexandria Safe-Zone, there's no indication that Morgan even actually joined the community.
    • Unlike her comic counterpart, there's no indication that this iteration of Elodie Hawthorne ever made it to The Commonwealth.
    • George's life before the apocalypse is explored.
    • The iteration of Rick's Horse that appears in the game is actually a horse from Alexandria instead of the usual horse that Rick finds on his way to Atlanta.
      • Promo material does show a horse that more closely resembles the comic counterpart.
    • Glenn's group before he met up with Rick's Group is not the Motel Survivors, but instead another group.
    • There are several characters who's fates are either stated to be or implied to deviate from their comic counterpart.
      • Rick Grimes is implied to still be alive due to Sebastian Milton not having been introduced in the game.
        • However, by the time of "A New World", he is stated to be dead.
      • Denise Cloyd is implied to still be alive since the events of All Out War never occured.
        • Furthermore, she survived long enough to be able to trade with the The Hunting Club who are associated with Asyl.
      • George is still shown to be alive and is activley trading supplies between The Commonwealth and Asyl.
      • Morgan Jones' status is unknown as it's never truly confirmed if he ever made it to Alexandria.
      • Andrea Grimes is implied to still be alive, at least up until the point where Kate moves to Alexandria.
      • Siddiq is implied to still be alive and be living in Alexandria.
      • Dante is implied to still be alive and possibly be living at The Commonwealth.
      • Gabriel Stokes is implied to still be alive as he managed to meet Scott.
      • Sherry's ultimate fate is unknown as Negan was still the leader of The Saviors after the war.
      • Abraham Ford is implied to still be alive since the events of All Out War never occured.
      • Richard is implied to still be alive since the events of All Out War never occured.
      • Dwight's status is unknown as there is no indication that there was a rebellion within The Commonwealth.
      • Carson is implied to still be alive as he is not seen with the rest of the pike victims, as shown on promotional material for Beta.
      • Since the events of All Out War never occured, it's unknown if Mike and Gary are still alive.
      • Since it's unconfirmed if Magna's Group ever reached Alexandria, it indirectly implies that Luke was never killed by The Whisperers.
  • The game gets updated on a bi-weekly basis.
    • Furthermore, the character featured on the game's logo changes every few months.
    • Originally, with some exception, a new character would be introduced with every updated on a bi-weekly basis. However; starting with Stefan, a new character is now only introduced on a monthly basis.
  • Oddly enough, for any of the Japanese characters who's full names are known, their names are shown to be in the wrong order. A Japanese citizen would have their family name first followed by their given name; however, in the game a character is usually named with their given name first followed by their family name.
  • Because of the game's international expansion where a new country is explored every few months, something which first started with South Korea, this game has the most countries featured in it across any property in The Walking Dead Franchise with 7 countries and counting.
  • Because of the nature of the game, every playable character is the protagonist of their own personal backstory.
  • Although there are no plans to do so, the game developers are open to the idea of incorporating characters from the larger Comic Universe.
  • The games story takes place shortly after Volume 20 of the comic series.
    • Despite this, it's known that the events of All Out War did not actually happen in the All-Stars universe.