Twd assault
Bonus Objective

In every chapter of The Walking Dead: Assault, there are bonus objectives that needs accomplishment, with corresponding rewards.

These rewards can be unlocked by trading 350 supplies.

Unlock Rewards TWD-A

Bonus Objectives

Objective One:

Location: Main St.

Objective: Don't let Clara die from the walkers.

TWD Assault

Objective Two:

Location: The Crossroads

Objective: Finish the mission under the fourth minute.

TWD Assault Running man

Objective Three:

Location: The Tank

Objective: Finish the Chapter: The Tank, without using your selected party's special skills and environmental distractions.

Twd Assault Back to Basics

Objective Four:

Location: The Car Park

Objective: Reunite Ted and Scott.

Twd assault Protect&Serve

Objective Five:

Location: The Helipad

Objective: Do not kill all The Hunters.

Twd assault Ceasefire

Objective Six:

Location: The Helipad

Objective: Use the undead to kill all the hunters.

Twd assault manageable threat

Objective Seven:

Location: The Warehouse

Objective: Rescue Abigail and finish the chapter before the fourth minute.

TWDA Swift getaway

Objective Eight:

Location: Industrial Area

Objective: Finish the Chapter without using any of the party's special skills and environmental distractions.

TWD-A look but don't touch

Objective Nine:

Location: Gun Shop Alley

Objective: Finish the Chapter before the fifth minute.

TWD-A Swift Wind

Objective Ten:

Location: The Forest

Objective: Rescue Jim

TWD-A WoodlandStranger

Objective Eleven:

Location: The Camp

Objective: All characters in your party must survive.

TWD-A Never look back


Once a bonus objective is achieved an artwork will unlock that will serve as your reward, all of it came from the comics.

The following images are those rewards:

Beating the Game

Objective One:

Objective: Complete Episode 001 in Normal Difficulty.

TWDAAW Image 006

Objective Two:

Objective: Complete Episode 01 in Hard Difficulty.

TWDAAW Image 002

Objective Three:

Objective: Complete Episode 01 in Brutal Difficulty.

TWDAAW Image 004


Certain artworks are being unlocked as rewards once the player finishes the game depending on the difficulty.

The following images are those rewards:

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