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The Walking Dead: Cutting Room Floor is a behind-the-scenes look at Robert Kirkman's original, hand-written plot lines for the issues of The Walking Dead. The collection includes commentaries on Kirkman's original plots with never-before-seen material. Additions are included in the back of each issue of The Walking Dead: Deluxe.

Notable Letters and Information[]

Volume 1: Days Gone Bye[]

Issue Note(s)
  • The bicycle zombie was originally intended to be a kid.
  • The page with the zombies in the cafeteria was originally going to be two-page spread.
  • Rick was originally going to be in Morgan's house on page 17, but instead happened two pages earlier.
  • Rick was originally going to take a brief stop on his way to Atlanta, sleeping in a abandoned car with the horse tied to it.
  • Atlanta was originally going to be a bombed-out wasteland.
  • Rick breaking down over Lori and Carl after meeting Glenn was added in after the plot was done.
  • Originally, Rick and Shane were going to bring the deer Front was eating back to camp and eat it. It was decided against because it was "too gross".
  • After making it out of Atlanta, Rick and Glenn were originally going to strip down to their underwear because they got so gross from the camouflage.
  • Page 6 was originally going to feature Rick and Carl bonding with Carl responding "I don't wanna shoot no dead people".
  • Page 7 was going to have Donna gossiping about Andrea, Amy and Dale.
  • Shane was originally not in the scene with Rick and Dale chopping wood.
  • Everyone discussing their previous lives was originally going to be only a page long.
  • Andrea was originally going to die instead of Amy.
  • On page 5, Donna originally talked to Lori instead of Allen.
  • Page 7 featured Shane wondering if the camp attack was his fault instead of having an argument with Rick over it.
  • Page 11 was supposed to feature a lengthy goodbye between Jim and the other characters.
  • In the final cut, two extra pages were added for the scene where Shane punches Rick.
  • Rick and Shane were originally going to have a much less heated argument while hunting, with Shane pointing a gun at Rick without the latter realizing it, while Rick was aiming at another animal.
  • Shane's death scene was going to be longer.

Volume 2: Miles Behind Us[]

Issue Note(s)
  • Rick was originally still injured from his fight with Shane.
  • Page 8 was supposed to feature Allen siphoning gas from a car. There was also another scene of characters siphoning gas.
  • Another frozen zombie was supposed to appear in Wiltshire Estates, which Carol and Sophia would walk by it without noticing.
  • The scene where Donna and Allen talk about Andrea's state of mind was supposed to be longer.
  • The group had to fight more zombies.
  • The last scene was supposed to feature leaves blowing off the "ALL DEAD DO NOT ENTER" sign instead of snow melting off it.
  • Allen originally thanked Rick for talking him out of suicide after they escaped Wiltshire Estates.
  • Ben and Billy only found out about their mother's death a day after the escape.
  • Hershel's wife was still alive and living on the farm with her family.
  • Tyreese's conversation with Chris and Julie happened before Glenn and Maggie's conversation.
  • Glenn was originally going to start a relationship with Lacey instead of Maggie.
  • Hershel's infamous last line about the barn was going to mention "sick ones" instead of "dead ones".
  • Kirkman considered having Allen killed by the barn zombies instead of Lacey.
  • Allen was going to be dismissive when Rick asked him if he was okay.
  • Maggie and Hershel were originally going to talk about being out of food, giving Hershel another reason to kick the Survivors out.
  • The argument between Rick and Hershel was originally going to be longer and more drawn out.
    • The scene with Hershel talking to Otis originally didn't exist.
  • Glenn wasn't originally going to stay on the farm.

Volume 3: Safety Behind Bars[]

Issue Note(s)
  • Dale was originally going to help Rick and Tyreese clear out the Prison instead of Andrea.
  • Allen was going to play with Ben and Billy and talk to them about Donna's death inappropriately.
  • Rick and Tyreese were going to spend more time exploring the prison before they stumbled across the cafeteria.
  • Chris was originally going to be the one to die instead of Julie.
  • Rick originally didn't explain the state of the world to the prisoners.
  • After killing Chris, Tyreese was originally going to say "Leave. I want another shot at this kid."
  • While trying to sleep, Rick was going to tell himself there is something he needs to do.
  • Originally, there was no dialogue between Rick and the undead Shane.
  • Michonne was originally going to be introduced in this issue.
  • The shower scene was originally absent.
  • Thomas was originally going to lock himself with Andrea in a cell at the start of the issue.
  • Rick was going to talk to Lori about Shane more.
  • Andrea was originally going to lose her entire ear to Thomas' attack.
  • Rick was going to hit Lori when she tried to stop him from beating Thomas.
  • Lori was originally still present in the prison yard for Rick's announcement that they would hang Thomas, and was going to respond with "Like hell you are!"
  • The scene right after when Rick goes to visit his family was going to be more heated, with Lori not wanting Rick to see Carl since the latter was too afraid of him.
  • There was going to be a scene explaining how Patricia got ahold of the key to Thomas' cell.
  • Thomas was originally going to be hanged like was shown on the cover.
  • The cliffhanger of the issue was going to be Lori telling Rick she wants a divorce.
    • Once this was scrapped, the issue was supposed to end with Dexter and Andrew voluntarily leaving the prison.

Volume 4: The Heart's Desire[]

Issue Note(s)
  • The issue was originally going to be devoted to Rick reeling over the fact that Lori wanted a divorce and Michonne's introduction.
  • Rick and Tyreese's conversation at the end of the issue was going to be different.
  • The first scene of the issue was going to be Glenn killing zombies.
  • After Andrea's meeting, Rick and Tyreese were going to talk.
  • There was going to be a scene featuring Lori and Carl.
  • Kirkman originally planned for the comic to adopt a Mad Max-like esthetic, with people forced to make their own clothes out of scraps, and thus had Andrea volunteer to do this during her meeting. However, he later realized that, with so few survivors, the characters would realistically never run out of fresh clothes, so they kept wearing regular clothes for the most part.


  • Rick getting his hand checked was originally going to be in his cell and Lori waking up instead of Andrea.
  • There was originally going to be a cafeteria meeting, but it was cut in order to make room for Carol's suicide attempt.
  • The scene with Dale, Andrea, and the twins was going to be them bonding with each other.
  • A scene of Tyreese and Andrea fighting was cut.
  • A scene of Rick and Tyreese going to A block was cut.
  • A scene of Glenn and Billy cleaning off the fence was cut.
  • Scenes of Lori and Carol watching the kids and Rick and Tyreese talking were cut for the Carol's suicide attempt.
  • Everyone was originally going to be watch Rick and Tyreese fight.
  • Tyreese was originally going to purposefully fling Rick off the railing.
  • Dale, Otis, and Patricia were originally going to show up after Lori.
  • The issue was originally going to end with Lori revealing to someone her baby was not Rick's.

Volume 5: The Best Defense[]

Issue Note(s)
  • Kirkman considered having this issue introduce a whole new cast of characters and have them eventually run into Rick's Group, hence why the Volume 5 covers have all characters in riot gear.
  • Carl was originally going to have a big part in luring the zombies from the gate.
  • Originally, the plan to get gas was more frantic and action packed.
  • This issue was originally going to end with Lori saying she's bleeding.
  • This issue originally started with a zombie attack on page 1 but was instead moved up to page 2.
  • Tyreese was originally going to ask where the helicopter was instead of if it was the military.
  • Volume 7 was originally going to be titled "Those We Adore," while Volume 6 and Volume 8 had their titles switched.
  • Brian Blake was originally going to be named "Noah."
  • The issue was originally going to start in Woodbury, where the helicopter crew would be interrogated and fed to zombies by the Governor.
  • The Governor was originally going to be referred to as "The President".
  • There was originally a scene with Otis and Patricia where Otis tells Patricia he's not a racist.
  • During Tyreese and Axel's conversation, Tyreese tells Axel that Lori is going to take Rick to "Fist City" when he gets back.
  • Rick was going to get his hand cut off in a splash page earlier in the issue.
  • Originally, Glenn was going to fight in the Woodbury Arena and lose a tooth or two.
  • There was going to be a splash page of a generator, before Kirkman remembered he ended an issue with Dale finding a generator.
  • The severed were just going to be sitting on a shelf, as opposed to a fish tank.
  • The issue was originally going to end with dialogue between Rick and Glenn, presumably after Glenn's fight in the arena.
  • Tyreese was originally going to be revealed as the person in the armor on page 5.
  • The scene with Otis and Billy was originally going to be between Otis and Patricia.
  • Originally, there was going to be a fight between Otis and Axel over Patricia until Tyreese arrived.
  • The scene with The Governor was going to be two pages longer.

Volume 6: This Sorrowful Life[]

Issue Note(s)
  • Martinez's name was originally Miguel.
  • There was originally an extra scene with either The Governor, Michonne, Glenn, or Penny instead of the scene with Rick and Alice.
  • Martínez was originally going to be ordered by the Governor to kill Glenn, but refuse.
  • Michonne was originally going to attack Rick and the others when they try to free her, not recognizing them at first.
  • The group was going to have to fight more guards.
  • The group was going to originally retrieve Stevens from his house, instead of bumping into him in the hallway.
  • Michonne was originally going to talk to Bob Stookey before going to the Governor's apartment.
  • Michonne was originally going to discover the Governor's fish tanks at the end of the issue.
  • The fight between Michonne and the Governor was going to be shorter.
    • Originally, after Michonne kicks him in the groin and grabs her sword, the Governor would ask "So, is this it?", to which Michonne would reply "Not even close." after knocking him out.
  • At the end of the issue, when Rick asks Michonne if she killed the Governor, she was originally going to reply "I hope not."
  • There was supposed to be a speech related to sleep or a dream, but the context of it is unknown.
  • Alice's origin story was going to be further explored.
  • Glenn wasn't originally going to be injured in the car crash.
  • Instead of Rick and the others fighting their way into the prison, the other survivors would come outside and join the fight.
  • There was going to be an extra introduction scene with Alice.
  • Originally, Rick and Carl were going to talk about the baby and other topics instead of Carl being scared to be in the yard.
  • Alice was originally going to betray the group instead of Martínez.

Volume 7: The Calm Before[]

Issue Note(s)


  • Dale was originally supposed to accompany Tyreese's group in the RV.
  • The group was supposed to eat breakfast after spending a night in the RV.
  • Glenn was to originally spot the sign pointing to the national guard station.
  • Axel was supposed to stay behind at the prison
    • There was a gag where someone was concerned about having the children around Axel, to which Axel would reply: "I was there for armed robbery, as long as your kids aren't a liquor store, they're safe."
  • Billy originally spilled the gas he and Dale scavenged when he tripped.
  • Originally, Glenn was not meant to get shot, the group was going to get their "asses kicked" until Andrea saved the day.
  • Tyreese was originally going to say "Those were real people you killed" and Andrea would reply "What's the difference".
  • There was going to be a scene of Carol putting Carl and Sophia to bed.
  • Dale was to use a cane instead of crutches.
  • Dale was supposed to talk to someone while watching Andrea and Tyreese play basketball.
  • There was a scene showing Andrea and Tyreese making Dale's prosthetic leg.
  • There was a scene with the group harvesting crops, which was cut in favor of the basketball scene.
  • The Woodbury soldiers were to originally line up in front of the prison in preparation for their attack, but Kirkman realized Rick's group would probably notice them.
  • The Governor was supposed to issue his "KILL THEM ALL!" order with a megaphone.

Volume 8: Made To Suffer[]

Issue Note(s)
  • The Governor was not only originally going to win the battle for the prison, but occupy it while the Survivors were scattered around the prison. He was also supposed to disembowel someone, presumably Hershel.
  • There was to be a scene of Woodbury soldiers looking for Martínez.
  • There was originally a funeral for the Woodbury soldiers killed at the Wal-Mart.


  • Originally, Axel was going to be type O-negative and be the one to volunteer donating his blood to Rick instead of Patricia. Additionally, he would be offended when asked if he was "clean."
  • The blood transfusion was going to be shown.
  • The issue was going to end with the Governor pulling up to the prison in a pickup truck and decapitating Tyreese.


  • Axel's head was originally going to explode when he was shot.
  • Patricia, Billy, Hershel, and Lori were all supposed to die in this issue, but their deaths were pushed back to the next issue.
    • Additionally, Patricia was supposed to be killed while shooting from underneath the car barricade.


Volume 9: Here We Remain[]

Issue Note(s)
  • The scene where Rick needs Carl's help to open a can was originally more elaborate, with the pair having to heat up the can while utilizing a shirt and a pair of tongs. Additionally, the can was supposed to be leaking due to being shot.
  • Carl was supposed to lash out at Rick more, but this was pushed back an issue.
  • The pair was to encounter a stray dog.
  • Rick was possibly supposed to defeat the zombie at the convenience store by twisting its head off once his hatchet failed to penetrate the skull.
  • Rick and Carl were going to drink toilet water after boiling it.
  • Carl was originally going to climb upstairs and exit the house through a second-floor window to better fool the zombies.
  • Rick was going to throw up.
  • The issue had two scrapped endings. The first ending had Carl cooking for Rick when he wakes up, now completely self-sufficient. The second had Carl tell Rick "you always come back to me, dad--always."
  • Carl was originally supposed to be angry at Rick for talking to another woman on the phone soon after Lori's death.
  • On pages 17-18, the scene where Rick is talking to the phone was meant to be two pages earlier.
    • Rick would have than realized the phone line wasn't plugged into the wall instead of unplugging it himself.
  • Rick and Carl were supposed to get out of the car immediately after hitting a zombie.
  • Glenn and Maggie were supposed to take Rick, Carl, and Michonne back to the farm towards the middle of the issue, but this was pushed back to the following issue.
  • Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene were supposed to be introduced at the end of this issue.
  • Abraham was originally going to be named Greg, and then Samuel.
    • Eugene was going to be named Dr. Sampson or Simpson.
  • The issue originally ended with Abraham threatening to take the survivors' supplies by force.


Volume 10: What We Become[]

Issue Note(s)


  • Abraham was originally going to accidentally hit Rosita in his sleep due to his mental trauma, hurting her in the process.
    • After this scene, Rosita would calm Abraham down by placing a hand on his shoulder.
  • Eugene was to check for a signal with his radio while the group was on the road.






  • Rick's decision to stop running from the herd was originally influenced by a road sign.

Volume 11: Fear The Hunters[]

Issue Note(s)
  • There was going to be a scene of Ben killing Billy.
  • Carl sneaking out and killing Ben was originally going to happen off-panel.
  • In a future issue, Rick was going to kill Gabriel due to believing that he was working for the Hunters. In his final moments, Gabriel would forgive Rick, believing God sent him to punish Gabriel for the deaths he caused by locking people out of his church.




  • Page 18 got moved to page 16.
  • The whole "They're watching us moment" and Glenn being shot wasn't originally there.
  • Kirkman originally planned to kill Dale and Eugene in this comic.
  • Instead of Rick just walking up to Chris alone, it was originally supposed to be Rick and the rest of his crew until it was changed.
  • Andrea was supposed to shoot Greg's head off instead of his ear.
  • Abraham, Michonne, and Andrea were supposed to appear a page earlier (Page 21 instead of 22)
  • There was a scene where Michonne wiped her sword after the massacre of the Hunters.
  • After they were finished talking, Dale was going to tell Rick: "Send Andrea in... and don't look so sad... I've got a few more days in me."
  • Eugene was supposed to die, with the group deciding to carry on to DC without him.

Volume 12: Life Among Them[]

Issue Note(s)













  • The release was postponed multiple times. It was originally scheduled to be released in February of 2012, then 2013 and 2014.