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The Walking Dead: Empires is an MMORPG based on AMC's The Walking Dead. It was announced on December 12, 2021 at Gala Games' Into the Galaverse.[1]

Survive in this harsh reality by doing whatever it takes. Scavenge for supplies and construct your new home. Team up with allies, compete against maniacal foes, and always beware the dead.


Battle: Craft weapons and fight for survival... or domination. Defend what's yours or take from others in a world where anything goes. What will you choose?

Create: Construct a base on your land. Build defenses to keep you safe... not only from the walkers, but from those who want to take what you've got.

Collaborate: Invite others to settle on your land, and reap the benefits of what they bring and build. Grow together, fight together, and maybe you'll survive together.


The characters featured in The Walking Dead: Empires are as they appear in AMC's The Walking Dead.

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The Walking Dead Empires Survival MMORPG (Play to Earn Crypto NFT Game The Walking Dead Empires)

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