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The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is a VR video game that officially launched on January 23, 2020 for PC, Oculus Rift, Steam. May 5, 2020 for PlayStation VR. October 13, 2020 for Oculus Quest.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners was released physically for PlayStation VR on November 3, 2020.

The Soundtrack to the game was released on CD on October 16, 2020 and a Vinyl Record version of the Soundtrack was released on December 4, 2020.

The game is developed and published by Skydance Interactive in partnership with Skybound Entertainment.

A free update, which continues the campaign, titled "Aftershocks" was released on September 23, 2021.


"Set in the flooded remains of New Orleans, the game will challenge players to make their way through the iconic quarters, as they explore what has become a brutal, unforgiving wasteland. Players will have to deal with others struggling to survive in what remains of this once vibrant city. In the world of The Walking Dead, the walkers are the least of your problems. Will you choose the path of a saint, or that of a sinner? You have watched and played in the world of The Walking Dead, now, get ready to Live it."[1]




  • The Tourist Edition (The Sheriff, The Judge, The National Guard, 7 Collectable Dolls)
  • The Meat Grinder Update (Difficulty Modes, The Trials, The Absolution)
  • The free Aftershocks DLC which has you chase down the remnants of the reserve (UV flashlight and lost more supplies after the main story)

Different Editions

Digital Editions

Standard Edition

  • Full Game

Tourist Edition

  • Full Game
  • Weapon Crafting Recipes (The Sheriff, The Judge, The National Guard)
  • 7 "Bustomization" Voodoo Dolls
  • Podcasts (PC Only)
  • Trailer Song (PC Only)
  • Game Soundtrack (PC Only)
  • 2 PS Themes (PlayStation VR Only)

Tower Edition

  • Full Game
  • Weapon Crafting Recipes (The Sheriff, The Judge, The National Guard)
  • 7 "Bustomization" Voodoo Dolls
  • Podcasts (PC Only)
  • Trailer Song (PC Only)
  • Game Soundtrack (PC Only)
  • Reversible Backpack (Physical Item)
  • Magnetic Camping Lantern (Physical Item)
  • Collector's Challenge Coin (Physical Item)
  • Concept Art Stash (Physical Item)
  • Buttons / Pins (Physical Item)
  • Postcard (Physical Item)
  • 16GB "Thumb" Drive (Physical Item)

Physical Editions

Complete Edition (PlayStation VR Only)



The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners (Original Soundtrack / Complete Collection)

  • Tune In To The Reclaimed - Michael David Peter, Janell Lenfert
  • Stir The Herd - Michael David Peter
  • Who Are You? - Michael David Peter
  • Braining 101 - Michael David Peter
  • Legend Of The Reserve - Michael David Peter
  • Fifty Fifty Still Stands - Michael David Peter
  • Charlie Boy - Michael David Peter, Myk Watford
  • Bayou Story Time - Joshua Mosley
  • The Resting Place (Night) - Michael David Peter
  • What Is A Beast? - Michael David Peter, Myk Watford
  • In The Pines - Joshua Mosley
  • Make Contact - Michael David Peter
  • Where The Jazz Men Play - Michael David Peter
  • The Tomb And The Tower - Michael David Peter, Morla Gorrondona
  • Gumbo Groove - Joshua Mosley
  • Memorial Lane - Michael David Peter
  • May Benoit Is A Traitor - Michael David Peter, Debra Wilson
  • My Brother's Keeper - Michael David Peter
  • A Gift From The Reclaimed - Michael David Peter
  • The Kindness Of Strangers - Michael David Peter
  • Where Is She? - Michael David Peter, Myk Watford
  • BBQ & Jam - Joshua Mosley
  • The Most Wanted Woman In NOLA - Michael David Peter
  • The Blue Palace - Michael David Peter
  • Humble Beginnings - Michael David Peter, Debra Wilson
  • The Bells - Michael David Peter
  • The Most Wonderous Dream . Michael David Peter, Myk Watford
  • Bourbon Break - Joshua Mosley
  • Halfway There - Joshua Mosley
  • Bywater - Michael David Peter
  • Forbidden Love - Michael David Peter
  • Forty-Five Talk, Forty-Eight Strong - Michael David Peter, Debra Wilson
  • The House Of The Rising Sun - Joshua Mosley
  • Carriage Ride - Joshua Mosley
  • The Tic - Michael David Peter, Myk Watford
  • When The Levee Breaks - Joshua Mosley
  • Rampart High - Michael David Peter
  • Alone Together - Michael David Peter
  • Soul Food - Joshua Mosley
  • The Climb To A Brighter Future - Michael David Peter, Debra Wilson
  • One Of Those NOLA Nights - Michael David Peter
  • The Tourist And The Prophet - Michael David Peter, Myk Watford
  • When The Saints Go Marching In - Joshua Mosley
  • Hills And Valleys - Joshua Mosley
  • The Pumps - Michael David Peter
  • Lights In The Sky - Michael David Peter
  • Our Resident Picasso - Michael David Peter
  • Battle For The Reserve - Michael David Peter
  • Saint Vincent's - Michael David Peter
  • Waterfall - Michael David Peter
  • The Nave - Michael David Peter
  • The Reserve - Michael David Peter
  • The House Of The Rising Sun (Reprise Version) - Michael David Peter


At San Diego Comic-Con 2018, Skydance Interactive, a division of Skydance Media, unveiled The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, the first official VR title set in the expansive universe of The Walking Dead. Skydance Interactive and Skybound Entertainment showcased the teaser art for the game in a come-to-life setting at the Harbor House Restaurant from July 19 to July 21. The event featured more art and panels for fans of The Walking Dead. The teaser was also discussed during Skybound’s The Walking Dead livestream.

The Apocalypse Games

The Apocalypse Games was The Walking Dead's answer to the Olympics due to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics being cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Taking place in Saints & Sinners and featuring eight of Twitch and YouTube’s best influencers competing in a series of competitions to become the apoc-olympian champion! The event took place on August 12, 2020, this can be viewed on Skybound’s YouTube page and participating influencer’s individual channels. The event was hosted by Kristian Harloff.[2]

The Apocalypse Games consist of the below competitions:

  • ARCHERY: The most focused and precise apoc-olympians must survive armed with only a bow and arrows. The highest number of arrow kills takes the gold. A tiebreaker is determined by highest score.
  • WALKER BASKETBALL: The sport that’s one part decapathon and nothing is out of bounds! At the gymnasium, each competitor has 5 minutes to collect and throw as many walker heads through the basketball hoop as they can. 1 point per head.
  • MARATHON: Apoc-olympians will attempt to survive to wave 20 in the Trial. Whoever fights through the pain, sweat, and bladder control to cross the finish line at the highest wave takes home the gold. Highest score breaks the tie.
  • FIGURE SLAYING: Slayers will attempt to rack up the most points with stylish and difficult kills in the Trial before being chowed down in walker town. In the event of a tie, highest kill total wins the gold.

The streamers involved were The Shish (Trisha Hershberger), Shirtless (Greg Miller), Walker Stalker (NukemDukem), Swashbuckler (Otter Worldly), Chairman (Berleezy), The Scream (Poiised), The Craftsman (Parker Games), and Big D (CerberusArms).

  • Poiised defeated Berleezy in "Walker Basketball" by 7-1.
  • Greg Miller defeated Trisha Hershberger in "Marathon" by reaching wave 6, while Trisha only reached wave 4.
  • CerberusArms defeated ParkerGames in "Figure Slaying" by 2422-316.
  • NukemDukem defeated Otter Worldly in "Archery" by 84-60.

Promotional Material


Sneak Peak


The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners received "generally favorable" reviews on Metacritic getting a metascore of 81/100 on PC[3] and 79/100 on PS4.[4]


  • The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners marks the first time a The Walking Dead story takes place in Louisiana.
  • The game is based on the player's decisions, and their character can be a saint or a sinner, hence the title "Saints & Sinners".
  • The story is 15 hours long.[5]
  • The game takes place about a year into the apocalypse, meaning the game would take place between Volume 15 and Volume 16 of the Comic Series.[6]
  • Several easter eggs relating to the Comic universe can be found in the game, such as:
    • A pamphlet from Ericson's Boarding School.[7]
    • A piece of armor from the Commonwealth Army.[8]
    • A Whisperer mask.[9]
    • Jeffrey Grimes' panda bag from The Walking Dead: The Alien.[10]
    • A toy model of the train from Issue 193.[11]
    • A King County sheriff badge from the TV Series.
    • Killing the tutorial guy multiple times gives you a message saying "Tutorial Guy will remember this".
    • And Sarah Bennett's radio from The Supernatural Skeptic's Guide to New Orleans.[12]
    • Survivors will talk about what it would be like to live in a prison. A reference to how in the Comic Series the survivors lived in a prison.
    • Survivors will talk about possibly keeping a walker as a Pet. A reference to Michonne Hawthorne.
    • Survivors will mention an ammo factory in D.C. A reference to Eugene.
    • Survivors will talk about a community in Ohio that has concerts and sports games. A reference to the Commonwealth.
    • Survivors will mention a group that skins walkers. A reference to the Whisperers.
    • Survivors will mention the Governor (Brian Blake).
  • A few weapons from The Walking Dead franchise appear in the game. These include:
    • The Judge - Which is based on Negan's baseball bat wrapped in barbwire which is named Lucille. It is his main weapon of choice from the Comic Series and Original Television Series.
    • The Sheriff - Which is based on Rick Grimes' Colt Python. It is his main weapon of choice from the Original Television Series.
    • The National Guard - Which is based on Clementine's knife. It is her main weapon of choice from seasons three and four of Telltale's Video Game Series.
    • The Absolution - Which is based on Michonne Hawthorne's katana. It is her main weapon of choice from the Comic Series and Original Television Series. Although the design of the katana closely resembles her katana in the Comic Series.


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