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The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is a VR video game that officially launched on January 23, 2020 for PC, Oculus Rift, Steam. May 5, 2020 for PlayStation VR. October 13, 2020 for Oculus Quest.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners was released physically for PlayStation VR on November 3, 2020.

The Soundtrack to the game was released on CD on October 16, 2020 and a Vinyl Record version of the Soundtrack was released on December 4, 2020.

The game is developed and published by Skydance Interactive in partnership with Skybound Entertainment.

A free update, which continues the campaign, titled "Aftershocks" was released on September 23, 2021.


"Set in the flooded remains of New Orleans, the game will challenge players to make their way through the iconic quarters, as they explore what has become a brutal, unforgiving wasteland. Players will have to deal with others struggling to survive in what remains of this once vibrant city. In the world of The Walking Dead, the walkers are the least of your problems. Will you choose the path of a saint, or that of a sinner? You have watched and played in the world of The Walking Dead, now, get ready to Live it."[1]

Prior to the fall of civilization as a result of the walker apocalypse, the city of New Orleans, Louisiana had been decimated by a large hurricane, flooding many areas of the city and leaving multiple people stranded and in need of government aid. A hidden supply bunker filled with a city's worth of food, medicine, and military-grade weapons and ammunition (colloquially known as "the Reserve") had supposedly been constructed years prior and stocked fully in the event of such an emergency, but due to government incompetence, was never located or opened. When the outbreak occurred, the US government quickly became overwhelmed, and the Reserve was left untouched as the entire nation fell into disarray. Thought to be a myth by some and a veritable treasure trove by others, the bunker has since been hunted down by survivors throughout the desecrated and submerged remains of New Orleans, to no avail.

Simultaneously, an authoritarian group of survivors known as The Tower, lead by a woman named Mama, was formed in response to the apocalypse, and took occupancy in a massive skyscraper in the center of the city after clearing its many floors of the undead. As time went on, the Tower became populated with hundreds of survivors, many of which fanatically loyal to the group and its regime, and grew to be impressively stocked, even without the aid of the Reserve. However, due to the Tower's fervency at banishing any rule-breakers or people seen as unable to properly contribute to fend for themselves into the deadly streets of the city, and their employment of extreme corporal punishment (namely, making people walk off of the roof of the skyscraper while at gunpoint), a second group predominantly composed of Tower exiles was founded across the city by an ex-Tower member named Jean-Baptiste, referred to by others as "J.B." The group, known as The Reclaimed, began revering J.B. and his words (broadcasted daily on a local radio frequency) with cultish fanaticism, similarly grew both in number and power whilst employing a voodoo-inspired motif combined with brutal, guerrilla warfare tactics, all with the intent of overthrowing the Tower and replacing them as the controlling force of the city.

One year into the outbreak, an unnamed survivor know only as "The Tourist" meets an old man named Henri in the bayous, who has heard about the Tourist's past escapades. The two sit together, and Henri informs them about the state of the city, its post-apocalyptic political landscape, and the Reserve. Henri warns the Tourist that the city is on the brink of an all-out war between the Tower and the Reclaimed, with the two groups' increasingly desperate attempts at locating the Reserve and its contents leading to an inevitable, final, catastrophic conflict between the two. Henri tells the Tourist that he has been getting close to finding the exact whereabouts of the Reserve, and is willing to provide them with a fifty-fifty split of all the supplies inside if they help him locate and access it before either the Tower or the Reclaimed manage to.

One week after meeting with Henri, The Tourist makes their way into the city by boat through the flooded streets, but is swarmed by walkers in the water, and is forced to abandon the vehicle. They make their way ashore and find their way into an old cemetery where Henri told them he has been holing up in and would meet up with them at. Walking through the cemetery, the Tourist finds several notes on dead Tower soldiers that indicate a "traitor" and her daughter, who are in possession of a 'key', are imperative to finding and accessing the Reserve. The Tourist also comes across a marked photo of a statue located in the cemetery and continues forward, getting to the center of the cemetery, where Henri's base - an abandoned but well-stocked bus - is located,

However, by the time they arrive, they find Henri having been strung up by the Reclaimed, still alive but brutally tortured and on the verge of death. In his final moments, Henri tells the tourist that the Tower and the Reclaimed soldiers who both came to get the location of the Reserve from him wound up killing one another in a massive firefight. Henri encourages the Tourist to finish his work and to find the Reserve, and that he wants his half of the supplies inside to go to an unspecified woman and her daughter in his stead. As he asks for the Tourist to save the two of them and let both factions perish, he succumbs to his wounds, and gives one final message: "waterfall." Upon his death, the player is given the choice to put Henri down before reanimation, after reanimation, or to leave him tied up as a walker.

Inside of the bus, the Tourist finds a two-way radio set up with personal encryption installed by Henri, but with a microphone missing. Reading through Henri's notes, the Tourist finds out he was attempting to contact 'Frequency 61' with the callsign 'Waterfall', as per a lead found in an old US Army handbook about military command-and-control procedure. Following where Henri left off in his notes, the Tourist takes Henri's handmade skiff through the flooded New Orleans streets to the Garden District to locate and retrieve a radio microphone, with which Henri used to record music before the outbreak.

Exploring the Garden District, now referred to as "The Shallows" by the residents of the city, the Tourist comes across multiple walkers, a few survivors, and multiple fliers set up by the Tower soldiers. The fliers detail the aforementioned "traitor", the woman that Henri had spoken about before dying, named May Benoit, and her daughter, Ambre. The two, who had been previous members of the Tower, enlisted the aid of Henri to help them escape the fascist reign of Mama and her second-in -command, Georgia. After leaving the Tower, May rejected joining the Reclaimed, instead opting to gather sufficient supplies from the Reserve to escape the city and survive elsewhere with her daughter, thus being seen as an enemy and renegade by both factions.

After successfully retrieving the microphone and going back to the cemetery, the Tourist tunes to Frequency 61 and uses the callsign "waterfall", receiving a reply in the process. The man on the other end, however, is paranoid and doubtful, and remains unwilling to share any information regarding himself or the Reserve with the Tourist, but lets slip that he doesn't know what's going on "up there." Suddenly, a lantern attached to a streetlamp turns on in the distance, prompting the Tourist to investigate. The Tourist comes across a collection of information left in a tomb near the lantern, including a message addressed to Henri from May, who had been working with him locating, and aiding Tower exiles. The message directs the Tourist to the location of a Tower supply cache, which the Tourist heads to in the morning.

After either sneaking around and/or killing the Tower guards present at the location of the supply cache, the Tourist grabs the supplies, including a manual full of tower intel. The intel reveals that May is in possession of a "waterfall key" - which May had to nearly kill a close friend of hers in the Tower to retrieve. After returning to the bus, the Tourist finds a note by May, telling them that she knows Henri is dead, but that she is willing to work with them in his absence. The note directs them to a nearby church outside the cemetery. Upon meeting May face-to-face, the player is given to option to either kill May and take the waterfall key from her corpse, or work with her on retrieving Tower supply caches (more specifically, the classified intel inside of them) in exchange for access to their share of the Reserve's supplies.

The next morning, the man on the radio reaches out to the Tourist. He apologizes for his neurotic and abrasive attitude yesterday, and requests that they retrieve a pump flow regulator from the city in exchange for further information about the Reserve. After the Tourist brings the regulator back, the man, named Casey, tells the Tourist that the Reserve is real - and that he's currently trapped inside of it. Casey goes on to explain that the Reserve was constructed decades ago as a means of distributing supplies to civilians in the event of a natural disaster, and that the national guard was sent in after the flood to pass out the materials inside. However, when the outbreak occurred, the military was overrun, and Casey sought shelter inside of the Reserve. In spite of his efforts at surviving, the excess floodwater above ground has since overwhelmed the facility's current pump system, and placed the entrances and exits on external lockdown.

The interior is slowly flooding while Casey is left locked inside the comms room, with the Tourist left as his only chance of escaping with his life, and with saving Casey from the flooding simultaneously being the Tourist's only chance at gaining entry to the locked-down Reserve. With the help of Casey reading instructions from a manual, the Tourist successfully calibrates and installs the pump regulator into a pumping system located near the church where May first met with them, and awaits further messages from Casey about other pump flow regulators locations that he picks up on from listening in on Tower radio broadcasts.

Over the next few days, the Tourist continues to go into the city to hunt down Tower supply caches for May (if she was not killed during their first meeting) and to retrieve pump flow regulators for Casey, whom the player is given the option to bond with over casual conversation after each successful pump installment. During the Tourist's expeditions into the various areas of post-apocalyptic NOLA, they come across numerous NPCs both hostile and friendly, and the player is given multiple choices with engaging in conflicts between the Tower and the Reclaimed, many of which lead directly to the locations of Tower supply caches and intel or pump regulators.

As Casey attempts to locate a final pump regulator, he asks the Tourist to do him a favor. Days ago, the rest of his squad who had taken shelter in the Reserve with him went out in search of a means to fix the pumps themselves, but never returned. Casey directs the Tourist the abandoned high school where they were headed when they left, and specifies that he look for an individual named Kenneth, who was the only person in the squad Casey thought highly of. Upon reaching the high school, the Tourist finds three of the four squad members dead: Foster, Jess, and Trent, with notes on their bodies talking about a massacre of civilians at the Reserve at their hands and voicing their disdain for Casey. The Tourist manages to find Kenneth, alive but heavily wounded and trapped under fallen debris. Kenneth explains that at the start of the outbreak, dozens of innocent people tried to enter the Reserve in the hopes of escaping the undead. Having been given orders to not let anyone into the Reserve, the five of them, including Casey, opened fire on them, and killed them all.

Kenneth tells the Tourist to relay a message to his friend: that he set things right by killing Foster, Jess, and Trent, and that what happened at the Reserve was not Casey's fault. Before dying, Kenneth implores the Tourist to shoot him in the head and prevent reanimation. The player, once again, is given a choice: destroy Kenneth's brain before he dies, after he dies, after he reanimates, or leave him as a walker.

Returning to the cemetery, the Tourist gives Casey the news about his squad's fate, and Casey explains exactly what happened. While Foster, Jess, and Trent were adamant about turning away the unarmed civilians trying to get into the Reserve, Casey and Kenneth attempted to give them supplies. As things became heated, guns began firing, and Casey instinctively fired a few shots blindly; when he looked back, all of the civilians had been massacred. Casey laments that, having looked away in the moment, he'll never know whether or not he directly caused any of those people to die, and that the uncertainty and guilt of the notion has been eating away at his mind.

As the Tourist continues to collect Tower intel for May, whose waterfall key is the only access to the Reserve, even if the flooding lockdown procedure is overridden, they find out that Georgia plans on killing any dissenters instead of exiling them, so as to deny J.B. potential new recruits from the Reclaimed, with a growing list of dozens of individuals already scheduled for execution. Meeting with May once more with the intel, the Tourist is offered a deal with her. She intends on using the Tower and the Reclaimed's obsession over the Reserve against both groups, and leaves the waterfall key in a nearby tomb for the Tourist, which will become usable with the installation of one final pump flow regulator. May speculates that, once the Reserve is opened and its location is revealed, the unavoidable battle between the Tower and the Reclaimed over the contents of the bunker will provide her with a distraction big enough to rescue the people currently in the Tower's crosshairs. She goes on to say that she intends to give her share of the supplies to the people she manages to rescue as well, as she has lost interest in trying to just save herself and her daughter.

Later, Casey reaches out the the Tourist, informing them that he's located a final pump regulator in Bastion - a no man's land area of conflict between the Tower and the Reclaimed. Upon entering the house where Casey's information says the regulator is in, the tourist comes face-to-face with a man, sitting in a chair with the regulator on the floor in front of him. The man introduces himself as Jean-Baptiste, the leader of the Reclaimed, and offers the tourist the pump regulator as a "gift", knowing it is of use to them. J.B. proceeds to tell the Tourist that, if they listen to his proposal, he will provide them with the missing dial for it that he has held onto, which is required to operate the device.

The player can either kill J.B. and take the dial, or hear him out and ask him about his group and beliefs. J.B. explains that he views humanity's ability to create and build as a monument to its ingenuity and artistry. As such, he views pure survivalism as an obstacle in humanity's path to rebuild, as it leads to an endless cycle of scavenging and hoarding finite supplies. And the Reserve, if accessed, will only prolong this mentality of materialism and help to bring about an unseemly, dwindling end to the human race. J.B. agrees to give the Tourist the missing dial in exchange for one thing: when they locate the Reserve, they must use a four digit code found on one of Casey's dead squad-mates to flood the bunker and destroy the contents inside.

The player is given the choice to either kill J.B. or leave the house. Regardless, once they exit, they are confronted by a woman and a group of armed Tower soldiers. The woman introduces herself as Georgia, Mama's second-in-command, and offers a deal with the Tourist: they can either go back into the house and kill J.B. for them, or they can kill the Tourist. Having tracked their rivals' leader down to this location, they seek to permanently cripple the Reclaimed's forces by cutting off the head of the beast, and are willing to have future Tower patrols leave the Tourist alone if they agree to execute J.B. on their behalf. The player can either refuse, engaging in an outnumbered firefight with the Tower, or agree and head back in, and then proceed to either kill J.B. or warn him of the Tower's presence. If the latter is chosen, J.B. will offer to fight alongside the Tourist in killing Georgia and her men, and (similarly to Georgia's proposal) will have Reclaimed patrols cease any animosity to the Tourist in the future. Regardless of the outcome of the player's choices, at least one of the factions' major figures will be left dead - or undead - and the Tourist leaves for the cemetery with the final pump regulator.




  • The Tourist Edition (The Sheriff, The Judge, The National Guard, 7 Collectable Dolls)
  • The Meat Grinder Update (Difficulty Modes, The Trials, The Absolution)
  • The free Aftershocks DLC which has you chase down the remnants of the reserve (UV flashlight and lots more supplies after the main story)

Different Editions[]

Digital Editions[]

Standard Edition[]

  • Full Game

Tourist Edition[]

  • Full Game
  • Weapon Crafting Recipes (The Sheriff, The Judge, The National Guard)
  • 7 "Bustomization" Voodoo Dolls
  • Podcasts (PC Only)
  • Trailer Song (PC Only)
  • Game Soundtrack (PC Only)
  • 2 PS Themes (PlayStation VR Only)

Tower Edition[]

  • Full Game
  • Weapon Crafting Recipes (The Sheriff, The Judge, The National Guard)
  • 7 "Bustomization" Voodoo Dolls
  • Podcasts (PC Only)
  • Trailer Song (PC Only)
  • Game Soundtrack (PC Only)
  • Reversible Backpack (Physical Item)
  • Magnetic Camping Lantern (Physical Item)
  • Collector's Challenge Coin (Physical Item)
  • Concept Art Stash (Physical Item)
  • Buttons / Pins (Physical Item)
  • Postcard (Physical Item)
  • 16GB "Thumb" Drive (Physical Item)

Physical Editions[]

Complete Edition (PlayStation VR Only)[]



The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners (Original Soundtrack / Complete Collection)[]

  • Tune In To The Reclaimed - Michael David Peter, Janell Lenfert
  • Stir The Herd - Michael David Peter
  • Who Are You? - Michael David Peter
  • Braining 101 - Michael David Peter
  • Legend Of The Reserve - Michael David Peter
  • Fifty Fifty Still Stands - Michael David Peter
  • Charlie Boy - Michael David Peter, Myk Watford
  • Bayou Story Time - Joshua Mosley
  • The Resting Place (Night) - Michael David Peter
  • What Is A Beast? - Michael David Peter, Myk Watford
  • In The Pines - Joshua Mosley
  • Make Contact - Michael David Peter
  • Where The Jazz Men Play - Michael David Peter
  • The Tomb And The Tower - Michael David Peter, Morla Gorrondona
  • Gumbo Groove - Joshua Mosley
  • Memorial Lane - Michael David Peter
  • May Benoit Is A Traitor - Michael David Peter, Debra Wilson
  • My Brother's Keeper - Michael David Peter
  • A Gift From The Reclaimed - Michael David Peter
  • The Kindness Of Strangers - Michael David Peter
  • Where Is She? - Michael David Peter, Myk Watford
  • BBQ & Jam - Joshua Mosley
  • The Most Wanted Woman In NOLA - Michael David Peter
  • The Blue Palace - Michael David Peter
  • Humble Beginnings - Michael David Peter, Debra Wilson
  • The Bells - Michael David Peter
  • The Most Wonderous Dream . Michael David Peter, Myk Watford
  • Bourbon Break - Joshua Mosley
  • Halfway There - Joshua Mosley
  • Bywater - Michael David Peter
  • Forbidden Love - Michael David Peter
  • Forty-Five Talk, Forty-Eight Strong - Michael David Peter, Debra Wilson
  • The House Of The Rising Sun - Joshua Mosley
  • Carriage Ride - Joshua Mosley
  • The Tic - Michael David Peter, Myk Watford
  • When The Levee Breaks - Joshua Mosley
  • Rampart High - Michael David Peter
  • Alone Together - Michael David Peter
  • Soul Food - Joshua Mosley
  • The Climb To A Brighter Future - Michael David Peter, Debra Wilson
  • One Of Those NOLA Nights - Michael David Peter
  • The Tourist And The Prophet - Michael David Peter, Myk Watford
  • When The Saints Go Marching In - Joshua Mosley
  • Hills And Valleys - Joshua Mosley
  • The Pumps - Michael David Peter
  • Lights In The Sky - Michael David Peter
  • Our Resident Picasso - Michael David Peter
  • Battle For The Reserve - Michael David Peter
  • Saint Vincent's - Michael David Peter
  • Waterfall - Michael David Peter
  • The Nave - Michael David Peter
  • The Reserve - Michael David Peter
  • The House Of The Rising Sun (Reprise Version) - Michael David Peter


At San Diego Comic-Con 2018, Skydance Interactive, a division of Skydance Media, unveiled The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, the first official VR title set in the expansive universe of The Walking Dead. Skydance Interactive and Skybound Entertainment showcased the teaser art for the game in a come-to-life setting at the Harbor House Restaurant from July 19 to July 21. The event featured more art and panels for fans of The Walking Dead. The teaser was also discussed during Skybound’s The Walking Dead livestream.

The Apocalypse Games[]

The Apocalypse Games was The Walking Dead's answer to the Olympics due to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics being cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Taking place in Saints & Sinners and featuring eight of Twitch and YouTube’s best influencers competing in a series of competitions to become the apoc-olympian champion! The event took place on August 12, 2020, this can be viewed on Skybound’s YouTube page and participating influencer’s individual channels. The event was hosted by Kristian Harloff.[2]

The Apocalypse Games consist of the below competitions:

  • ARCHERY: The most focused and precise apoc-olympians must survive armed with only a bow and arrows. The highest number of arrow kills takes the gold. A tiebreaker is determined by highest score.
  • WALKER BASKETBALL: The sport that’s one part decapathon and nothing is out of bounds! At the gymnasium, each competitor has 5 minutes to collect and throw as many walker heads through the basketball hoop as they can. 1 point per head.
  • MARATHON: Apoc-olympians will attempt to survive to wave 20 in the Trial. Whoever fights through the pain, sweat, and bladder control to cross the finish line at the highest wave takes home the gold. Highest score breaks the tie.
  • FIGURE SLAYING: Slayers will attempt to rack up the most points with stylish and difficult kills in the Trial before being chowed down in walker town. In the event of a tie, highest kill total wins the gold.

The streamers involved were The Shish (Trisha Hershberger), Shirtless (Greg Miller), Walker Stalker (NukemDukem), Swashbuckler (Otter Worldly), Chairman (Berleezy), The Scream (Poiised), The Craftsman (Parker Games), and Big D (CerberusArms).

  • Poiised defeated Berleezy in "Walker Basketball" by 7-1.
  • Greg Miller defeated Trisha Hershberger in "Marathon" by reaching wave 6, while Trisha only reached wave 4.
  • CerberusArms defeated ParkerGames in "Figure Slaying" by 2422-316.
  • NukemDukem defeated Otter Worldly in "Archery" by 84-60.

Promotional Material[]


Sneak Peak[]


The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners received "generally favorable" reviews on Metacritic getting a metascore of 81/100 on PC[3] and 79/100 on PS4.[4]


  • The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners marks the first time a The Walking Dead story takes place in Louisiana.
  • The game is based on the player's decisions, and their character can be a saint or a sinner, hence the title "Saints & Sinners".
  • The story is 15 hours long.[5]
  • The game takes place about a year into the apocalypse, meaning the game would take place between Volume 15 and Volume 16 of the Comic Series.[6]
  • Several easter eggs relating to the Comic universe can be found in the game, such as:
    • A pamphlet from Ericson's Boarding School.[7]
    • A piece of armor from the Commonwealth Army.[8]
    • A Whisperer mask.[9]
    • Jeffrey Grimes' panda bag from The Walking Dead: The Alien.[10]
    • A toy model of the train from Issue 193.[11]
    • A King County sheriff badge from the TV Series.
    • Killing the tutorial guy multiple times gives you a message saying "Tutorial Guy will remember this".
    • And Sarah Bennett's radio from The Supernatural Skeptic's Guide to New Orleans.[12]
    • Survivors will talk about what it would be like to live in a prison. A reference to how in the Comic Series the survivors lived in a prison.
    • Survivors will talk about possibly keeping a walker as a Pet. A reference to Michonne Hawthorne.
    • Survivors will mention an ammo factory in D.C. A reference to Eugene.
    • Survivors will talk about a community in Ohio that has concerts and sports games. A reference to the Commonwealth.
    • Survivors will mention a group that skins walkers. A reference to the Whisperers.
    • Survivors will mention the Governor (Brian Blake).
  • A few weapons from The Walking Dead franchise appear in the game. These include:
    • The Judge - Which is based on Negan's baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, which is named Lucille. It is his main weapon of choice from the Comic Series and Original Television Series.
    • The Sheriff - Which is based on Rick Grimes' Colt Python. It is his main weapon of choice from the Original Television Series.
    • The National Guard - Which is based on Clementine's knife. It is her main weapon of choice from seasons three and four of Telltale's Video Game Series.
    • The Absolution - Which is based on Michonne Hawthorne's katana. It is her main weapon of choice from the Comic Series and Original Television Series. Although the design of the katana closely resembles her katana in the Comic Series.


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