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The "Saints & Sinners Cinematic Trailer" is a short of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. It serves as the official trailer for the game.


A girl named Linh is walking down her street and greets a firefighter before she goes into her house. Linh's mother greets Linh with a new backpack with a unicorn sticker (identical to the unicorn necklace Linh is wearing) as the TV acknowledges the start of the apocalypse. Later that night, Linh and her mother pack supplies before an explosion occurs outside. Linh is grabbed by her mother and they run, leaving the backpack behind.

Sometime later, a firefighter (the same one who greeted Linh earlier) enters the house and grabs the backpack as he runs away from zombies. He eventually runs to a bus where he's attacked by a woman who attempts to take from the backpack. She shows hesitance for her actions, which gives the firefighter an opportunity to stab her in the leg. The two struggle, which ends with the woman kicking the firefighter into zombies where he's devoured. The woman runs away and sometime later, it's revealed she's turned. An axe goes into her head, killing her for good. The killer is revealed to be an older Linh who recognizes the backpack as the one her mother gave her at the beginning of the apocalypse. Linh straps the backpack up and walks further into the zombie filled New Orleans.




  • First (and last) appearance of Linh. (Unknown)
  • One of the animators, Paul Canavan, pushed for the trailer to be in a black and white noir style.[1]

Director's Cut Differences

  • This trailer has a director's cut which differs from the plot of the released trailer.[2]
    • Linh's hair is blue instead of black.
    • Linh's mother packs a picture of herself and Linh on a school trip.
    • Linh and her mother are scared away by gun shots instead of an explosion.
    • Linh never drops her backpack and instead leaves it on the kitchen counter.
    • The unnamed woman is Hispanic with black hair.
      • She is also less remorseful when she attacks the firefighter.
    • An extended scene shows the unnamed woman coming across an old lady with her deceased husband's amputated arm. The woman attempts to give supplies to the old lady before she is chased away by the old lady's reanimated husband.
    • When Linh reunites with her backpack she pulls out the picture of herself and her mother along with a knife.
      • Lin's reunion with her backpack is less emotional.