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The Walking Dead: The Alien is a brief story consisting of 32 pages, featuring Jeffrey Grimes as he deals with the outbreak in Barcelona, Spain.

Plot Synopsis[]

The story begins with Jeffrey Grimes sleeping on a scaffolding in the middle of Barcelona, Spain. He is awakened by a boy screaming "Someone please! Help me!" while banging on a door, he is also being chased by 7 walkers. The man rushes down the ladder on the scaffolding as the walkers catch the boy and devour him, the man manages to distract one walker. He shouts at it saying, "You people are very sick! I don't want to hurt you!" He hits the walker in the head with his flashlight, popping one of its eyes out of its socket, then trips over a can as he's walking backwards. Before the walker could get at him, a woman in knight armor comes along on a Vespa, killing the walker with a poleaxe. She tells him to get up and get on. He says that they have to save the boy. She says that it's too late and asks if he speaks English. He says that he's American and she tells him that "Most of Spain is convinced it was foreigners who brought whatever the hell this is here." He asks why she helped him and she responds that he has something she needs and introduces herself as Claudia.

After the two make it back to Claudia's apartment, Jeff points out how Claudia is taking the end of the world quite well. She says she doesn't see it as the end of the world and that Barcelona has been ravaged by countless plagues over the centuries and they always pass. Jeff tells her that he had only been in Barcelona a few weeks before he got the call his brother Richie was hospitalized, but by the time he got to the airport, quarantines had already started. Claudia explains that she has been trying to get to the states since a rumor has started that the government has found a way to contain their outbreak.





  • Only appearance of Jeffrey Grimes.
  • Only appearance of Claudia.
    • In response to a question as to Claudia's fate, Robert Kirkman jokingly stated that she was eaten by a whale shortly after the events of the comic.
  • It is the first Walking Dead comic not penned by Robert Kirkman.
  • It is the first Walking Dead comic set outside the USA, more specifically in Barcelona, Spain.[1]
  • It explains the fate of Rick Grimes' little brother, Jeffrey, who was only mentioned in the comic series.
    • The series also reveals that Rick used to go by the name 'Richie'.