The Walking Dead Film Series (name pending) is an upcoming series in The Walking Dead: TV Series universe.


It was announced on Talking Dead on November 4th, 2018 that Rick Grimes and Anne would return for at least three AMC original films following their leave from the TV Series.

These films would air on AMC (rather than theaters) and be a direct continuation of Rick's story.

Robert Kirkman was revealed to be heavily involved with the film trilogy.[1]

Scott Gimple explained but that "doesn't necessarily mean it's the only Rick Grimes stories we're ever going to tell"[2]

On July 19, 2019 at Comic-Con, a teaser was released, confirming that the movies will be released on theaters and be distributed by Universal Studios.

Cast and Characters

This is a list of the main characters in The Walking Dead, in order of living status.

Actor Character Appeared Films Status Background
Andrew Lincoln Rick Grimes TBA Alive The former leader of the Atlanta Survivor Group and Alexandria Safe-Zone, Rick was forced to leave his girlfriend, Michonne and daughter, Judith Grimes behind in order to survive. Whisked away by Anne while he neared certain death, Rick began a new journey in a place far away from his home.
Pollyanna McIntosh Anne TBA Alive The mysterious former leader of the Scavengers, Anne had successfully redeemed herself and become a valued member of the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Despite this, she was determined to abandon her newfound home and seek shelter somewhere new. She saved Rick's life when he was nearing certain death, and began a new journey to a mysterious new place.
Michael Cudlitz Abraham Ford TBA Alive TBA
Rubén Blades Daniel Salazar TBA Alive TBA
Jeffrey Dean Morgan Negan TBA Alive TBA


Rick Grimes Trilogy

A continuation to Rick Grimes and Anne's story after being taken away on a mysterious helicopter to begin a new journey.

Abraham and Daniel film

It was revealed on December 5, 2018 that an Abraham Ford and Daniel Salazar film, with Blades and Cudlitz reprising their roles, was in the earliest stages of development.[3] Abraham's role in the movie is yet to be explained as he was killed off in The Walking Dead's Season 6 finale episode "Last Day on Earth". However, its possible that Abraham and Daniel met in the period before Abraham met Rick Grimes like how Abraham and Eugene met Althea off-screen.

Negan film

Jeffrey Dean Morgan revealed AMC has discussed making a Negan spin-off movie.[4]


Official Trailers


  • It is possible Heath will appear in the movies, as Angela Kang confirmed Anne traded him with the Helicopter Group. In reality, Corey Hawkins' schedule as a movie actor meant he could not commit to the TV show past his last appearance in "Swear", but as movies are smaller filming commitments, he could well appear.[5]
  • There is a possible hint to Daniel and Abraham's meeting in the film series in "Skidmark". In that episode, Daniel has a cigar from an unnamed friend given to him for better times. That friend is possibly Abraham due to Abraham's love of cigars.
  • In the teaser trailer, a skyline of Philadelphia is seen, hinting at the possible setting of the movies.


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