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This article is about the Comic Universe. You may be looking for the Television Universe.

The Walking Dead Comic Universe is a multimedia universe of The Walking Dead media that is canon within the same universe as the original comic series. The universe consists thirty-two volumes of the Comic Series, five specials, three graphic novels, eight novels, eight video games, two short films, four short stories, and a podcast.


The Walking Dead[]

Image Comics' The Walking Dead is the original series of comics, written by Robert Kirkman and published by Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment, which started The Walking Dead franchise. The series starred Rick Grimes and his group, trying to survive and adapt to the new world. It consists of 32 volumes (193 issues), it began on October 8, 2003 and officially concluded on July 3, 2019. Starting October 7, 2020, the series was rereleased bi-monthly in full color as The Walking Dead: Deluxe.


The Walking Dead Specials are a series of short, one-off stories starring multiple characters from the Comic Series and the Telltale Series.

Free Comic Book Day Special[]

The Free Comic Book Day Special is a 24 page volume containing four specials, three of which were previously published.

Michonne Special[]

The Michonne Special is a 6 page issue, published on March 16, 2012, starring Michonne Hawthorne along with her boyfriend, Mike, and his friend, Terry. The story shows Michonne's origins during the early days of the Trials, before her appearance in Issue 19.

The Governor Special[]

The Governor Special is a 6 page issue, published on February 13, 2013, starring the Governor along with Scott Moon from the novel series. Bob Stookey and Megan Lafferty also make an appearance. The story explores the origins of The Governor's fish tanks during his early days as leader of Woodbury. The story takes place during the events of The Road to Woodbury and before Issue 27.

Morgan Special[]

The Morgan Special is a 6 page issue, released on May 5, 2013, starring Morgan Jones and his son, Duane, taking place on Christmas during the Trials, around Issue 7. It was included at the end of Issue 34 as a flashback.

Tyreese Special[]

The Tyreese Special is a 6 page issue, released on October 9, 2013, starring Tyreese alongside his daughter, Julie, and her boyfriend, Chris. The story shows the origins of Tyreese's hammer during the early days of the Trials, before his appearance in Issue 7.

The Alien[]

The Alien is a 32 page issue, released on April 20, 2016 and written by Brian K. Vaughan, the story stars the brother of Rick, Jeffrey Grimes. The story is set in Barcelona, Spain before the events of the Comic Series.

Here's Negan[]

Here's Negan is a 16 chapter, stand-alone volume, written by Robert Kirkman, starring Negan before the events of Volume 16. The story was first released on April 27, 2016. It tells the backstory of Negan before and during the early days of the Trials and explores the very beginning of the Saviors. The story also features characters such as Dwight, Sherry, Tara, Amber, Martin, and John.

Negan Lives[]

Negan Lives! is a 36 page issue, written by Robert Kirkman and released on July 1, 2020 to support comic book stores during the COVID-19 pandemic. It stars Negan living in isolation after his exile in Issue 174.

Clementine Lives[]

Clementine Lives is an 12-page story, written by Tillie Walden and released on July 7, 2021 as part of Skybound X starring Clementine a few weeks after the events of The Final Season of the Telltale Series. The story follows Clementine leaving Ericson's and being confronted by Alvin Jr..


Clementine is a trilogy of graphic novels and a continuation of the story in Clementine Lives, written by Tillie Walden. It will once again star the character of the same name.

Book One[]

Book One is the first book in the Clementine series. It was released on June 22, 2022. The story follows Clementine as she travels to the mountains in Killington, Vermont with an Amish teenager named Amos.

Book Two[]

Book Two is the second book in the Clementine series. It is was released on October 4, 2023. The story follows Clementine's Group as they learn to live in a community on the Magdalen Islands run by a woman named Miss Morro.

Book Three[]

Book Three is the third and final book in the Clementine series.


Jay Bonansinga Novels[]

The Jay Bonansinga Novels are a series of seven novels written by Jay Bonansinga and Robert Kirkman. The series stars the Governor and Lilly Caul. Each novel was published by Thomas Dunne Books.

Rise of the Governor[]

Rise of the Governor is the first story of the Novel Series which tells the origin story of Brian Blake, his journey to Woodbury, Georgia, and his eventual rise to villainy as the Governor. The novel takes place before the events of the Comic Series. The novel was released on October 21, 2011.

The Road to Woodbury[]

The Road to Woodbury is the second story of the Novel Series. This novel tells the origin story of Lilly Caul and Bob Stookey before they meet the Governor and after settling into Woodbury. The novel was released on October 16, 2012.

The Fall of the Governor[]

The Fall of the Governor is the third story of the Novel Series. The events of this novel take place simultaneously with Volumes 5 to 8. Not counting different perspectives shown from the point of view of Lilly and the Governor, several comic characters are featured in this novel, including Rick Grimes and several members of his group, many Woodbury residents being named for the first time since their appearance in the Comic Series. The novel was divided into two parts, the first being released on October 8, 2013 and the second being released on March 4, 2014.


Descent is fourth story of the Novel Series. This novel tells the events after The Governor's death and Lilly's struggles to rebuild Woodbury and become it's leader. As well as the dealing with a new religious cult who join the town. The novel was released on October 14, 2014.


Invasion is the fifth story of the Novel Series. This novel concludes the arc set up in Descent, as the survivors of Woodbury gear up for war one last time against Jeremiah and his new group. The novel was released on October 6, 2015.

Search and Destroy[]

Search and Destroy is the sixth story of the Novel Series. This novel follows Lilly leading a small group to rescue their children from a military group searching for a cure in Atlanta. The novel was released on October 18, 2016.

Return to Woodbury[]

Return to Woodbury is the seventh and final story of the Novel Series. This novel follows Lilly leading her new group back to the town of Woodbury to start over again, while dealing with a new enemy along the way and keeping their children safe. The novel was released on October 17, 2017.

Wesley Chu Novels[]


Typhoon is a stand-alone novel, written by Wesley Chu and published by Skybound Books. The story follows Chen Wenzhu and a group of survivors as they try to survive in military compound in post-apocalypse China along with a Typhoon of dead almost a million strong. The novel was released on October 1, 2019.


The Telltale Series[]

The Telltale Series is a video game series developed and was originally published by Telltale Games and later on by Skybound Entertainment. The game consisted of four seasons and a mini-series. All 23 episodes were remastered and included in The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series.

Season One[]

Season One is the first season of The Telltale Series. Consisting of five episodes, the game follows Lee Everett trying to protect a little girl named Clementine in the post-apocalyptic world. The first episode was released on April 24, 2012 and the last episode was released on November 20, 2012. The first episode features the characters of Hershel Greene, his son Shawn, and Glenn Rhee. The events of the game takes place before Issue 1.

400 Days[]

On July 2, 2013, a special episode titled 400 Days was released as an DLC. It focuses on five different protagonists: Vince, Wyatt, Russell, Bonnie, and Shel, each in their own short personal stories in a tight geographic area. There is an epilogue starring Tavia, which brings the 5 stories together. "400 Days" bridges the gap between the players choices in Season 1 and the events of Season 2. The episode takes place before Issue 91.

Season Two[]

Season Two is the second season of The Telltale Series. Also consisting of five episodes, this time around the game follows Clementine as she is forced fend for herself after Lee's death in the first season. The first episode was released on December 17, 2013 and the last episode was released on August 26, 2014. The game takes place between Issues 126 and 127.


Michonne is a three episode mini-series that stars Michonne Hawthorne being haunted by her past. The first episode was released on February 23, 2016 and the last episode was released on April 26, 2016. The game is also set between Issues 126 and 127. It also features Pete, Siddiq, Michonne's daughters Elodie and Colette, and briefly, her ex-husband Dominic.

A New Frontier[]

A New Frontier is the third season of The Telltale Series. Consisting of five episodes, the game follows Javier García, journeying to find his family, meets Clementine and their fates are bound together. The first and second episodes were released on December 19, 2016 and the last episode was released on May 29, 2017. The game also features Paul "Jesus" Monroe before the events of Issue 127.

The Final Season[]

The Final Season is the fourth and last season of The Telltale Series. Now consisting of four episodes, Clementine returns to being the playable character, as she journeys to find her and Alvin Jr. a home. The first episode was released on August 14, 2018 and the last episode was released on March 26, 2019. The game also features the character James who was once a member of The Whisperers. This season takes place after Issue 192.

Saints & Sinners[]

Saints & Sinners is a VR video game developed and published by Skydance Interactive in partnership with Skybound Entertainment that was launched on January 23, 2020. The game follows a tourist as they survive in the flooded remains of New Orleans, Louisiana. Throughout the game are several easter eggs related to the Comic Series and the Telltale Series. The game takes place between Issues 90 and 91.


Aftershocks is a free expansion to Saints & Sinners which continues the story after the main campaign. The expansion follows the Tourist on a mission to get supply caches left by the Reserve. It was released on September 23, 2021.


Retribution is the standalone sequel to Saints & Sinners. It was released on December 1st, 2022.

Last Mile[]

Last Mile is a massively interactive live event (MILE) that launched on both Facebook Gaming and Facebook Watch. Set in Alaska, it is part game, part interactive television show, that allows participants to influence what unfolds in the journey. It was released on July 11, 2022.

Short Films[]

No Going Back Trailer Bonus Scene[]

The No Going Back Trailer Bonus Scene appears at the end of the trailer for fifth episode of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season Two. In the trailer, we see Clementine with her babysitter Sandra talking to her parents, Diana and Ed. The scene takes place before the events of Season One. It was released on August 21, 2014.

Saints & Sinners Cinematic Trailer[]

The Saints & Sinners Cinematic Trailer is a short trailer for The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. It stars Linh during the beginning and in the middle of the Trials. The trailer follows Linh's backpack as it's taken by several survivors before finally being reunited with Linh.

Two versions of this trailer exist. One was the official cut which was released on October 2, 2019 and the other is a director's cut, which differs a bit from the official version.[1]

Short Stories[]

Alone, Together[]

Alone, Together is a short novel written by Robert Kirkman as part of the anthology "The Living Dead 2", published on September 1, 2010. The novel stars Timothy Stinnot recalling events leading up to current events. The novel is set either during or between Volumes 9 to 10. Michonne Hawthorne and other members of the Survivors are briefly referenced.

Just Another Day at the Office[]

Just Another Day at the Office is a short novel set right after the events of Rise of the Governor, originally intended to be it's ending. The story was included as a part of the first issue of the Official Magazine on October 23, 2012.

The Night the World Ended[]

The Night the World Ended is a short story written by Lauren Mee on Tumblr in May 2019. The story tells James and Charlie's backstory on the first night of the Trials, before they joined the Whisperers.

How I Protekted Clem[]

How I Protekted Clem is a short story written by Michael Kirkbride on Reddit on May 27, 2019. The story is told from Alvin Jr.'s point of view and explains how he saved Clementine in the barn during the events of "Take Us Back".

The Secret Diary of a Walker[]

The Secret Diary of a Walker is a series of short stories written for the Official Magazine where it tells the story of a walker surviving in the Trials.


The Supernatural Skeptic's Guide to New Orleans[]

The Supernatural Skeptic's Guide to New Orleans is a 10-part podcast series and a prequel to Saints & Sinners. In the series, we follow Sarah Bennett, the creator of "The Supernatural Skeptic's Guide to New Orleans" radio show. In the show, she investigates locations around New Orleans that are said to have paranormal activity. Sarah than tries to debunk this paranormal stories. She is in the middle of investigating the LaRouche House, a place said to be haunted by the spirit of Quentin LaRouche, a slave owner that was known for torturing his slaves. The podcast was released on November 26, 2019 and takes place before Issue 1.


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Character Appearances[]

This is a list of characters that have physically appeared in two or more mediums in the Comic Universe and which series they appeared in.

Characters Appearances
Appearance Character(s) Total Series Appeared
Comic Series
Novel Series
Telltale Series
Michonne Hawthorne 4
Telltale Series
Clementine 4
Comic Series
Novel Series
Telltale Series
Glenn Rhee
Hershel Greene
Comic Series
Novel Series
Brian Blake
Scott Moon
Bob Stookey
Comic Series
Telltale Series
Telltale Series
Alvin Jr. 3
Comic Series
Telltale Series
Shawn Greene
Elodie Hawthorne
Paul Monroe
Comic Series
Morgan Jones
Duane Jones
Comic Series
Novel Series
Rick Grimes
Lori Grimes
Carl Grimes
Judith Grimes
Andrea Grimes
Maggie Greene
Billy Greene
Marianne Williams
Lilly Caul
Austin Ballard
Tom Blanchford
Gloria Pyne
Hap Abernathy
Alice Warren
Gabriel Harris
Rudy Warburton
Johnny Pruitt
Raymond Hilliard
James Steagal
Arlo Simmons
Bruce Cooper
Sam Curtis
Eugene Cooney
Harold Abernathy
Wes Strunk
Caesar Martínez
Dr. Stevens
Penny Blake
Christina Haben
Novel Series
Megan Lafferty 2
Telltale Series
Lee Everett 2


  • The Trials in the Comic Universe began on July 19, 2003.
  • Michonne Hawthorne and Clementine have appeared in a total 4 different mediums in the Comic Universe, the most of any other character.
  • The Comic Universe has a total of 27 different protagonists.
  • Andrea Grimes currently possess the largest kill count out of any character in the Comic Universe, with a total of 35 victims. 10 of these were alongside other survivors, meaning Andrea has directly killed 25 people, which is still the highest of any character in the universe.
  • Overkill's The Walking Dead, along with it's six cinematic trailers, were originally canon to the comic universe, however due to Skybound's dissatisfaction with the game's commercial performance and terminating their contract with Starbreeze, the game was cancelled before the six remaining episodes could be released and taken off Steam. Thus, it's safe to assume the events are no longer canon.
    • Additionally, the presence of special zombies known as "Bloaters" adds to more evidence of the game not being canon.