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The Walking Dead Short Stories are brief one-off works of literature based on events in The Walking Dead's Comic Universe.


Alone, Together[]

Alone, Together was written by Robert Kirkman for the anthology: "The Living Dead 2". The story follow Timothy Stinnot recounting the events the lead him to his current situation.

Just Another Day at the Office[]

Just Another Day at the Office was written by Jay Bonansinga and Robert Kirkman, taking place after the events of Rise of the Governor. The story was included was included in the first issue of the Official Magazine.

The Night the World Ended[]

The Night the World Ended was written by Lauren Mee and was published on Tumblr in May 2019. The story tells the backstory of James on the night the apocalypse happened.

How I Protekted Clem[]

How I Protekted Clem was written by Michael Kirkbride and published on Reddit on May 27, 2019. The story is told from Alvin Jr.'s point of view and explains how he managed to save Clementine during the events of "Take Us Back".

Series Overview[]

Title Writer Release Dates
1. Alone, Together Robert Kirkman September 1, 2010
2. Just Another Day at the Office Robert Kirkman
Jay Bonansinga
December 4, 2012
3. The Night the World Ended Lauren Mee May 2019
4. How I Protekted Clem Michael Kirkbride May 27, 2019