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The Walking Dead Trading Cards Season One is the first trading cards set developed by Cryptozoic Enterteinment, released in December, 2011. It is based in season one of AMC's The Walking Dead.



Humans are the outsiders in the land of the walkers. In the AMC television series based on the Robert Kirkman comic book series, Rick Grimes leads a band of humans trying to survive in Atlanta, Georgia. Everything is scarce in this world except for zombies; there are plenty of zombies. The series is as much about the nature of humanity as it is about survival. Each card takes a piece of the human experience—brotherhood, teamwork, mourning— to give the collector individual snapshots of this harrowing tale. The first release in the trading card series covers the events of the first season and features a 81 card base set along with feature autographs and memorabilia from the popular show.



Main Set

81 cards that covers the events of the first season

  • 1 Checklist
  • 2 Rick Grimes
  • 3 Lori Grimes
  • 4 Carl Grimes
  • 5 Shane Walsh
  • 6 Andrea
  • 7 Dale
  • 8 Glenn
  • 9 Frustrated Lawman
  • 10 Dedicated Lawmen
  • 11 Fateful Decision
  • 12 Rude Awakening
  • 13 What Happened?
  • 14 Dont Open!
  • 15 Carnage!
  • 16 Finally Home
  • 17 Friendly Survivors
  • 18 Batter Up!
  • 19 Morgan, Protective Father
  • 20 Friendly Advice
  • 21 Scrounging for Weapons
  • 22 Back in Uniform
  • 23 Out of Gas
  • 24 God Forgive Us
  • 25 No Gas Required
  • 26 Unfettered Lawman
  • 27 Welcome to Atlanta
  • 28 Not a Good Sign
  • 29 Rookie Mistake
  • 30 Glenn to the Rescue
  • 31 Narrow Escape!
  • 32 Trapped!
  • 33 Drastic Measures
  • 34 Disguised as Walkers
  • 35 Diversion
  • 36 Someones at the Door
  • 37 Stranded
  • 38 Base Camp
  • 39 Joyride
  • 40 Reunited
  • 41 Thats My Deer!42 Cant Let a Man Die
  • 43 Nothings Killed Him Yet
  • 44 Plan of Attack
  • 45 Done Talking
  • 46 Clear a Path
  • 47 Merles Gone
  • 48 WTF?!?
  • 49 Follow the Corpses
  • 50 Get the Guns
  • 51 Dont Bring the Geeks
  • 52 We Need Glenn
  • 53 Wheres the Van?
  • 54 The Calm
  • 55 Invasion
  • 56 Happy Birthday
  • 57 Protect the Camp!
  • 58 Close Call
  • 59 If Youre Out There
  • 60 Cracks in the Friendship
  • 61 Laying Amy to Rest
  • 62 Green Eyed Monster
  • 63 United Front
  • 64 Vulnerable
  • 65 Is It Safe?
  • 66 Keep Moving
  • 67 This Is Hope
  • 68 Sanctuary
  • 69 Enhanced Internal View!
  • 70 Out of Juice
  • 71 I Thought Thered Be More Time
  • 72 The Last Hope
  • 73 Were Out of Here
  • 74 Well Enough Alone
  • 75 Were All Done Now
  • 76 His Motivation
  • 77 An Open Door
  • 78 Secrets
  • 79 Andrea Loses Hope
  • 80 Make a Run For It
  • 81 We Choose Hope


  • A1 Jon Bernthal
  • A2 Jon Bernthal
  • A3 Laurie Holden
  • A4 Laurie Holden
  • A5 Steven Yeun
  • A6 Steven Yeun
  • A7 Chandler Riggs
  • A8 Chandler Riggs
  • A9 Emma Bell
  • A10 Emma Bell
  • A11 Lennie James
  • A12 Lennie James
  • A13 Michael Rooker
  • A14 Michael Rooker
  • A15 IronE Singleton
  • A16 IronE Singleton
  • A17 Norman Reedus
  • A18 Norman Reedus


  • M1 Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes
  • M2 Sarah Wayne Callies as Lori Grimes
  • M3 Sarah Wayne Callies as Lori Grimes
  • M4 Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes
  • M5 Jon Bernthal as Shane Walsh
  • M6 Jon Bernthal as Shane Walsh
  • M7 Steven Yeun as Glenn
  • M8 Laurie Holden as Andrea
  • M9 Emma Bell as Amy
  • M10 Jeffrey DeMunn as Dale
  • M11 Norman Reedus as Daryl
  • M12 Military Walker
  • M13 Greg Nicotero as the Deer Eating Zombie
  • M14 Walker
  • M15 Walker
  • M16 Walker
  • M17 Walker
  • M18 Rick's First Kill

Chase 1 Cards

  • C01 Behind the Scenes
  • C02 Behind the Scenes
  • C03 Behind the Scenes
  • C04 Behind the Scenes
  • C05 Behind the Scenes
  • C06 Behind the Scenes
  • C07 Behind the Scenes
  • C08 Behind the Scenes
  • C09 Behind the Scenes

Chase 2 Cards

  • W01 Deceptive
  • W02 Shelf Life
  • W03 Careful With That Gun!
  • W04 Take Aim
  • W05 Always Carriers
  • W06 On the Move
  • W07 Vicious
  • W08 Dead and Buried
  • W09 Omniurnal

Redemption Cards

  • R1 Rick's Sheriff Uniform Patch (Whole)
  • R2 Shane's Sheriff T-Shirt Patch (Whole)
  • R3 Rick's Sheriff Uniform Patch (Pieces)
  • R4 Rick's Sheriff Uniform Patch (Pieces)
  • R5 Rick's Sheriff Uniform Patch (Pieces)
  • R6 Rick's Sheriff Uniform Patch (Pieces)
  • R7 Rick's Sheriff Uniform Patch (Pieces)
  • R8 Rick's Sheriff Uniform Patch (Pieces)
  • R9 Rick's Sheriff Uniform Patch (Pieces)
  • R10 Rick's Sheriff Uniform Patch (Pieces)
  • R11 Rick's Sheriff Uniform Patch (Pieces)
  • R12 Rick's Sheriff Uniform Patch (Pieces)
  • R13 Rick's Sheriff Uniform Patch (Pieces)
  • R14 Rick's Sheriff Uniform Patch (Pieces)
  • R15 Rick's Sheriff Uniform Patch (Pieces)
  • R16 Rick's Sheriff Uniform Patch (Pieces)
  • R17 Rick's Sheriff Uniform Patch (Pieces)
  • R18 Rick's Sheriff Uniform Patch (Pieces)
  • R19 Rick's Sheriff Uniform Patch (Pieces)
  • R20 Rick's Sheriff Uniform Patch (Pieces)

Promotional Cards

5 Promo cards were made for this set:

  • P1 Distributed in the Non-Sport Update Magazine August/September Edition (RELEASED ON: August/September 2011)
  • P2 Handed out at the Philly Non-Sport Update Show in Allentown, PA 2011 (RELEASED ON: April 2011)
  • P3 Given to various distributors to hand out to customers (RELEASED ON: October 2011)
  • P4 Inserted in The Walking Dead Season 1 Limited Edition DVD Set (RELEASED ON: March 2011)
  • 5th Promo (No Card #) Handed out at the AMC Booth during San Diego Comic Con 2011 (RELEASED ON: July 2011)

Sketch Cards Artists

  • Wu Wei
  • Jim Seeber
  • David Day
  • Ingrid Hardy
  • Heather Cromwell
  • Chris Henderson
  • John Haun
  • Tim Shay
  • Edward Cherniga
  • Chad Haverland
  • Chris Hoffman
  • Gabby Untermayerova
  • Victor Rodriguez
  • Chris Thorne
  • Daniel Gorman
  • Lak Lim
  • Rich Molinelli
  • Gary Kezele
  • George Deep
  • Vince Sunico
  • Patrick Hamill
  • Bianca Thompson
  • Brian Kong
  • Bob Stevlic
  • Scott Rorie


Main Set

Autographs Cards

Wardrobe Cards

Redemption Cards

Sketch Cards

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