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Claire Bronson portrayed Candace Jenner, the wife of Edwin Jenner in Season 1 of The Walking Dead.

Claire Bronson

TWD Wiki: Do you watch the show?

Every single episode.

TWD Wiki: How did you get to work on The Walking Dead?

I auditioned.

TWD Wiki: Did you think it was special to appear in The Walking Dead, or did you just consider it another job?

It was a job, but I was very excited to do the show. My husband and I had been following any and all news about TWD once they announced that they'd be shooting in Atlanta. We're big Darabont fans.

TWD Wiki: Have you gotten more job offers after your appearance on The Walking Dead?

I'm a full-time working actor. I don't think my appearance on The Walking Dead affected it one way or the other, since my scene was cut. All you see of my character is a still photo when Jenner is looking at a picture of his deceased wife, Candace Jenner.

Candance's brain scan.

TWD Wiki: How do you think things would have worked out for Rick's group, if it had been Candace who survived, and not Edwin?

She would have discovered the cure...no more zombies...because she was that good:)

TWD Wiki: Would you want to return to The Walking Dead, having a bigger role?

Ummmm...yup. did you really need to ask?

TWD Wiki: Are there any special projects you are currently working on?

I'm recurring on Alan Ball's new show on cinemax, Banshee. I play Janie Kendall.

Thanks much y'all for taking interest in Candace Jenner - great "chatting" with ya!

Claire Bronson

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