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Edward Trybek is an orchestrator on The Walking Dead.

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Edward Trybek

TWD Wiki: What is music for you?

Everything! I eat, breath, and sleep music (which can lead to some rather odd dreams).

TWD Wiki: What do you do on an ordinary day?

Bear [McCreary] sends us (me and the other orchestrator Henri Wilkinson) very detailed music to orchestrate, which we both do from our home studios. Once we've finished orchestrating and proof reading it gets sent off to the copyist to extract parts. Since we are orchestrators, we are present at the sessions to act as extra sets of ears for Bear in the booth since he's usually conducting.

TWD Wiki: Did you watch the show before getting hired?

I have been working for Bear for several years now, so we were hired before the show ever aired.

TWD Wiki: What is it like to work with someone like Bear McCreary?

A blast! Bear's music is always amazing, fun, and (perhaps most important) fits the picture perfectly. Sometimes the timetables/scheduling of television means we get very little sleep, but that's a part of the business.

TWD Wiki: You have already published 3 CDs. Are you working on anything new?

I'm also working on several other projects for Bear, but I don't think I'm at liberty to discuss those. I'm working on several other personal recording projects (another solo classical guitar CD, a guitar duo CD, and a CD with a mezzo-soprano) and I'm always juggling concert appearances around my orchestration and recording sessions for film, TV, and video games.

TWD Wiki: Thank you for your time.

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