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The Whitmore is a location in Comic Series. It is an apartment complex where Eugene and his group stay while at the Commonwealth.


It is unknown if this apartment complex was around prior to or as the outbreak began.


At some point, this location was occupied or build by the Commonwealth.

New World Order

After Eugene's group were authorised to explore the Commonwealth, they were taken to the Whitmore, where rooms have been prepared for their stay. While there, they learn more about the Commonwealth, such as its hierarchy and class system.

The Rotten Core

While at the Whitmore, Michonne tells Elodie, that she plans on becoming a lawyer for the Commonwealth. This was there final stay at the Whitmore, before Michonne moved into a much nicer, and more dignified apartment.

At the end of Rick's first day at the Commonwealth, he finds Dwight sitting in his apartment. Dwight wants to be put in charge of the Commonwealth, as he thinks the people in it are being oppressed, but Rick denies his request.

The next morning, Eugene wakes up in Stephanie's bed, and discovers Stephanie adjusting her wig. She is ashamed at first and attempts to hide it from him, but eventually shows him her real hair. Eugene assures her he finds her beautiful no matter what.

Rest In Peace

On Rick's final night at the Commonwealth, he is killed by Pamela Milton's son, Sebastian in his room.





Comic Series

Volume 30: New World Order

Volume 31: The Rotten Core

Volume 32: Rest In Peace