The Woodbury Shoppe, also known as The Official Walking Dead Store, is a certified retailer of products about The Walking Dead, including AMC and Skybound officially licensed products and unique licensed products that are only available in ‘Woodbury’.[2]


The Woodbury Shoppe have real things from AMC's The Walking Dead like prison cells from season three and season four, Andrea's chair from The Governor's torture chamber, Daryl's motorcycle, and some of make-up FX Greg Nicotero's work like the zombie bust of Bicycle Girl, where people can take a photo .[2]


A membership can be acquired which includes which includes with cast and producers of TV series, exclusive products, presales for limited edition products, discounts at retail and online store and exclusive store hours and sales.[3]

The Walking Dead Café

The Waking Dead Café logo
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The Walking Dead Café is a coffeehouse in Senoia, Georgia, as an extension of The Woodbury Shoppe, inaugurated on October 31, 2014, with exclusive licensed products that cannot be purchased anywhere else. The coffee served is Starbucks.[4]


Cast and crew have been in the shop and they have signed the walls, including:



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