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Betrayal is a recurring theme in The Walking Dead. It occurs when a character or group turns on another person or party with whom they were previously allied with.


Comic Series

TV Series


Fear The Walking Dead

World Beyond

Video Game

  • Regardless of whether or not the player sides with him, Larry tries to leave Lee Everett to die in order to "protect the group" because of Lee's past as a murderer. (A New Day)
  • The St. John Family tries to kill Lee and his group, turning to cannibalism for food. (Starved For Help)
  • Ben Paul fearfully betrays the motor inn survivors by giving the bandits supplies, firstly, in order to save his friend, a supposed hostage of the bandits, and later in fear of Lilly's reaction.(Long Road Ahead)
  • Out of rage and lack of sleep, Lilly shoots Carley for calling her out and defending Ben or will accidentally shoot Doug whilst trying to kill Ben for stealing the supplies. (Long Road Ahead)
  • Even if the player always sides with Lilly and trusts her with Lee's secret and lets her back into the RV after she shoots Carley/Doug, she will still selfishly reveal Lee's secret after killing Carley/Doug. (Long Road Ahead)
  • If the player doesn't abandon Lilly, she will steal the RV when she is alone inside of it, even if the player agrees to go with her. (Long Road Ahead)
  • Vernon betrays Lee's group by stealing their boat in Savannah, and, depending on the player's decisions, he could lock someone in the group in the shed with a shovel. (No Time Left)
  • Vince is forced to shoot one of his fellow prisoner's legs off in order to escape with the other. (Vince's Story)
  • Nate will deliberately stop his car just to get Russell to be attacked by a walker in response to Russell not answering one of Nate's petty questions. (Russell's Story)
  • Russell has the option to draw the pistol on Nate when the latter gives him his pistol to cover him. (Russell's Story)
  • Stephanie tries to make off with most of the Pitstop survivors' medicine and ammo. (Shel's Story)
  • Shel can decide to steal the camper and betray Roman and the rest of the group. (Shel's Story)
  • Bonnie, Mike, and Jane all betray William Carver by helping Clementine's group escape and later joining it. (In Harm's Way)
  • Jane betrays Troy by lying to him, telling him he can come with the escaping group of survivors, then shooting him in the crotch, and leaving him to be devoured by walkers. In Harm's Way)
  • Clementine, Luke, and Jane can leave Sarah to be killed by walkers. (Amid The Ruins)
  • Mike, Bonnie (Determinant), and Arvo attempt to steal the groups truck and all of their supplies before shooting Clementine. (No Going Back)
  • Randy, Patricia, and Gill can betray Clem, AJ and Jane if Clem killed Kenny, went with Jane, and let the family in by stealing their supplies. (No Going Back)
  • Jane falsely claims that Alvin Jr. is dead in order to provoke Kenny. (No Going Back)
  • Conrad either attempts to or succeeds in capturing Clementine. (Ties That Bind - Part 2)
  • Javier can betray Clementine by giving her up to Conrad. (Ties That Bind - Part 2)
  • Max, Badger and Lonnie, guided by Joan secretly loot supplies, betraying Richmond. (Above The Law)
  • Eleanor betrays Javier and their group by telling Joan their plan to stop her. (Thicker Than Water)
  • Marlon betrays the group by killing Brody and falsely accusing Clementine of it. (Done Running)
  • Minerva betrays Clementine on the S.S. Stewarts Fitzgerald and imprisons her. (Broken Toys)
  • Violet betrays Clementine to Minerva and the Delta if she wasn't saved in the previous episode. (Broken Toys)
  • If trusted earlier in the episode, Alvin Jr. betrays Tennessee, killing his friend in order to save the person Clementine saved in episode two. (Take Us Back)

Dead Reckoning

Social Game

  • The player can betray his or her teammate by letting him or her get devoured to escape the herd on the highway camp. (Social Game)
  • The hero and the group betray Harlan and his gang after putting up with unfair rations, missions for their benefits and after they learn that Harlan plans on attacking Mauricio's family. (Social Game)
  • Harlan, after being wounded and persuading many members of the group that he killed Nathan to survive and to no ill reason and that his group is the new way of life, attempts to kill the hero and Sky after finding out the map they were given to the Living's camp led to an ambush of walkers, released by Harlan. (Social Game)

Novel Series

Saints & Sinners

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