Depression is a recurring theme in The Walking Dead. It is an emotion felt by characters in a period of time accompanied by feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy. It is much more common in this apocalyptic world where death is everywhere.


Comic Series

TV Series


Fear The Walking Dead

  • The Clark family were depressed after the death of their father/husband before the outbreak.
  • Alicia becomes deeply saddened after her boyfriend Matt is bitten and is forced to leave him at the demand of Madison and Travis. She shows signs of sadness again after seeing her zombified neighbor Susan and realizing that Matt may be just like her. (So Close, Yet So Far, The Dog)
  • Patrick becomes depressed when he comes home from the airport to find his wife as a walker and moments later, she is shot in the head by soldiers before she bit him. (The Dog)
  • Doug is upset and scared of being screened by medical personnel. (Not Fade Away)
  • Bethany Exner becomes depressed after having to euthanize her patients during the downfall of the medical center. (The Good Man)
  • Daniel and Ofelia Salazar grieve over the loss of Griselda Salazar. (The Good Man, Season 2)
  • Travis and Chris become depressed after Elizabeth's death, with Chris displaying animosity towards his father for killing her. (The Good Man, Monster)
  • Victor Strand becomes depressed over losing Thomas Abigail and considers committing suicide. (Sicut Cervus)
  • Ofelia experiences depression and hopelessness over the supposed death of her father Daniel after the fire at the Abigail estate. (Los Muertos, Do Not Disturb)
  • Ilene Stowe becomes depressed after the death of her husband and daughter, eventually committing suicide. (Pablo & Jessica, Pillar of Salt, The New Frontier)
  • Luciana becomes depressed after the death of Nick. (Season 4)
  • John Dorie becomes depressed after leaving the Pioneers, contemplating suicide. (The Door)

Video Game

Dead Reckoning

Social Game

  • Summer, after the loss of her parents, becomes depressed and runs away, later being infected and reanimating. (Social Game)
  • Ed is saddened by seeing his cousin become a walker and having to kill her, he later tells the player that he sees no hope for the group in the future. (Social Game)
  • After the death of Nathan, Marla Wilkinson is deeply shaken by the event and expresses strange behavior. (Social Game)

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