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Forgiveness is a recurring theme in The Walking Dead. It is when a character or group chooses to move past grievances they might have with another person or group because of their previous actions.


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  • Daryl forgives T-Dog for cuffing his brother on the roof, albeit it took awhile to forgive him. (Vatos)
  • Daryl forgives Andrea for accidentally shooting him. (Chupacabra)
  • Rick forgives Lori for cheating on him with Shane. (Secrets)
  • Hershel appears to forgive Merle for capturing Glenn and Maggie and taking them to Woodbury. (I Ain't a Judas)
  • Rick asks for Morgan's forgiveness for not being there. (Clear)
  • Carl apologizes to Morgan for shooting him to which Morgan replies "Never be sorry." (Clear)
  • Milton asks for forgiveness to Andrea for stopping her from killing The Governor after being fatally stabbed in the stomach, to which she obliges. (Welcome to the Tombs)
  • Tyreese Williams forgives Carol for killing Karen and David to try to stop the flu at the Prison from spreading, but he states that he'll never forget what Carol did. (The Grove)
  • Carol accepts Rick's previous decision to kick her out of the Prison group and travels with them. (Strangers)
  • Rick and Maggie both forgive Tara for her involvement in the prison attack that led to Hershel's death. (Strangers)
  • Sasha Williams forgives Bob Stookey for not informing her that he got bit. (Four Walls and a Roof)
  • Maggie Greene, Sasha, Rick and Carl all forgive Gabriel Stokes to some extent for betraying the group to Deanna Monroe. (Season 5 and Season 6)
  • Glenn Rhee forgives Nicholas for trying to kill him and for causing Noah's death. (Season 6)
  • Eugene Porter forgives Abraham Ford for attempting to kill him and Abraham forgives Eugene for lying about being a scientist. (Conquer)
  • Rick forgives Carter for conspiring to kill him. (First Time Again)
  • Jessie Anderson forgives Rick for executing her abusive husband, Pete. (Season 6)
  • Eugene forgives Abraham for insulting his survival skills. (Twice as Far)
  • Maggie absolves Daryl of his guilt towards Glenn's death, forgiving him. (The Other Side)
  • Tara chooses to let go of her anger and vengeance towards Dwight over Denise's death after recognizing how many times he saved her life, though its unclear if she completely forgives him or not. Similarly, Daryl chooses to exile Dwight instead of killing him as he had always promised once the war is over and even encourages Dwight to go find his wife. (Still Gotta Mean Something, Wrath)
  • After learning that Eugene was responsible for the Saviors' malfunctioning weapons, Rosita forgives him for his actions as do the other survivors ultimately. However, Rosita first punches Eugene in the face in retaliation for him purposefully vomiting on her which he accepts. (Wrath)
  • The Alexandrians forgive D.J. for joining Jed's rebellion, allowing him to fully integrate into the community. They also forgive Laura for her previous transgressions, including partaking in the attack that nearly destroyed Alexandria and allow her to join as well. (Who Are You Now?)
  • Though urged to by Siddiq, Michonne refuses to make amends with her friends and the other communities for isolating Alexandria. (Evolution)
  • Despite the Highwaymen ambushing Jerry and a team from the Kingdom, Carol is willing to forgive them and make a deal instead of fighting. However, Jerry does not appear to be quite so forgiving towards the Highwayman who stole his sword. (Chokepoint)
  • Michonne was willing to forgive Jocelyn's children for kidnapping the kids of Alexandria. (Scars)
  • At the Kingdom's fair, Michonne and Tara make amends for past hurts before finally signing Michonne's charter. (The Calm Before)
  • Rachel Ward jokingly reminds Tara of how Rachel wanted to kill her when they first met, something that Tara has long since forgiven her for. (The Calm Before)
  • Carol forgives Lydia for Henry's death. (The Storm)
  • Michonne appears to reach a degree of forgiveness towards Negan Smith after he selflessly risks his life to save Judith during a massive blizzard. (The Storm)
  • Michonne forgives, to a degree, Virgil for locking her up and drugging her food, causing her to hallucinate. (What We Become)

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