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Humanity is a recurring theme in The Walking Dead. It is a complex aspect of a person's character, with traits like compassion, empathy, mercy and forgiveness often being attributed to the concept. It is very common in The Walking Dead universe, with characters either losing their humanity, or desperately attempting to grasp and hold on to it.


Comic Series

  • Series protagonist Rick Grimes is in a constant conflict of what humanity has truly become in the new world, having lost nearly everything and more as he continues to survive and outlive others in the outbreak. There are several key instances of Rick showing his humanity as the outbreak rages on:
    • Offering Morgan Jones weapons from a stockpile in the Sheriff's Department. (Issue 1)
    • Offering Tyreese, Julie and Chris food, a place to sleep in the RV and letting them join the group. (Issue 7)
    • Inviting Hershel and his family to live at the prison, despite the fact that Hershel pointed a gun to his head and threw him off his farm. (Issue 14)
    • Saving the lives of survivors, countless times. (Comic Series)
    • Seeking out his family and protecting them no matter the cost. (Comic Series)
    • Giving a eulogy at Pete's funeral. (Issue 78)
    • Sparing Negan's life despite his numerous crimes. (Issue 126)
    • Forgiving Vincent for attacking him. (Issue 150)
  • Morgan Jones and his son Duane take in Rick Grimes after he awakens from his coma. (Issue 1)
  • Carl feels bad about killing Ben. He also reveals that he killed the boy because he thought it needed to be done and he wanted to take the burden of having to kill a child from someone else in the group. (Issue 67)
  • Paul Monroe shows his humanity by forgiving Rick after capturing him, giving him a tour of Hilltop Colony and talking people down from fights.(Issue 94)
  • Negan shows his humanity by apologizing for making Carl cry. (Issue 105)
  • Connor claims to feel bad about killing Andrea while strangling her, showing his humanity, somewhat. (Issue 113)
  • Despite antagonizing the Hilltop and the Alexandria Safe-Zone, Negan shows his humanity by preventing David from raping Holly. (Issue 117)
  • Alpha and the Whisperers reject the concept of humanity. (Comic Series)
  • Alpha shows her humanity several times when it comes to her daughter Lydia. (Issue 144, Issue 148, Issue 156)
  • Maggie spares Negan despite him being her husband's killer. (Issue 174)

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