Rape is a recurring theme in The Walking Dead. It involves one person or group sexually assaulting another person or group.


Comic Series

  • A group led by an unnamed survivor treats their female members like sex slaves. When the leader of the group offers Negan the chance to sexually assault Amber, Negan bashes his brains in with his baseball bat after a heated argument. (Here's Negan)
  • Tyreese recalls how an old man he knew from before the outbreak tried to rape Julie while they were scavenging a store. (Issue 7)
  • The Governor rapes Michonne twice as punishment for biting his ear off and to get Glenn to reveal the location of the prison. (Issue 28, Issue 29)
  • Jud, a member of the Marauders, tries to rape Carl. (Issue 57)
  • When telling the story about how he lost his family, Abraham reveals that while he and some other members of his group were on a scavenging run, a few of the members that stayed behind raped his wife and daughter while forcing his son to watch. (Issue 58)
  • Negan threatens to have his men gangrape Carl if Rick refuses to submit to him, although he later admits this was a bluff, as he is personally strictly opposed to rape. (Issue 100)
  • David attempts to rape Holly, but is caught by Negan and killed for his transgression. (Issue 117)
  • Lydia reveals how members of the Whisperers routinely forced themselves upon her, as they see themselves as animals and don't believe in the concept of rape. (Issue 138)
  • Negan prevents a couple of Whisperers from assaulting a female Whisperer, for which he is banished by Alpha to sleep outside the camp, as members of the group are expected to defend themselves from such attacks. (Issue 156)
  • Elodie recalls how a group she and her sister Colette stayed with expected them to preform sexual favors in return for their protection. While Elodie complied, Colette refused and was killed. Elodie killed the entire group in revenge. (Issue 177)

TV Series


Video Game

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