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Revenge is a recurring theme in The Walking Dead. It occurs when a character or group of characters retaliates in response to the actions of another character or group of characters, often motivated by anger or rage.


Comic Series

TV Series

  • Nate, Randall, and Sean attacked Glenn, Rick and Hershel in retaliation for the deaths of Dave and Tony. (Triggerfinger)
  • Daryl Dixon, T-Dog, Andrea, and Shane Walsh killed a group of walkers to avenge Dale Horvath's death. (Better Angels)
  • Shane attempts to murder Rick for stealing Lori, Carl and the group's favor away from him. (Better Angels)
  • Rick plants his machete into the head of Tomas after he attempts to kill him twice in a row. (Sick)
  • Andrew allows walkers into the prison, and sets off the alarm to lure Rick to the control room to get his revenge. (Killer Within)
  • Rick stabs the walker that ate Lori's remains multiple times in the stomach. (Say the Word)
  • Michonne waits in The Governor's room for him, so she can kill him for having his men sent to kill her. (Made to Suffer)
  • Glenn wants revenge on The Governor and Merle for what they did to him and Maggie. (The Suicide King)
  • The Governor attacks the prison in revenge for Rick's group attacking Woodbury and Michonne killing Penny. (Home)
  • Tyreese and Daryl both want revenge on the person responsible for killing Karen and David. (Isolation)
  • The Prison survivors shoot at The Governor's Army for killing Hershel. (Too Far Gone)
  • Michonne finally gets her revenge on The Governor for all the hardships he has put her and the Prison group through, by skewering him through the chest with her katana. She chooses to leave him to suffer rather than finishing the Governor off. (Too Far Gone)
  • Lilly Chambler executes the mortally wounded Governor with his own gun for his actions. (Too Far Gone)
  • Carl repeatedly shoots the walker he believed devoured his sister Judith. (Too Far Gone)
  • Tyreese restrains himself from harming Carol when she reveals she killed Karen and David. (The Grove)
  • The Claimers threaten to kill Rick and Daryl and to rape Michonne and Carl in retaliation to Rick killing Lou. (A)
  • Rick stabs Dan repeatedly for attempting to rape Carl. (A)
  • Tyreese repeatedly bashes Martin, in revenge for threatening to kill Judith and forcing him to walk outside into a group of walkers. (No Sanctuary)
  • Carol destroys Terminus and kills many Termites, in retaliation of the group being taken hostage and nearly killed and eaten. (No Sanctuary)
  • Gareth kidnaps Bob Stookey in revenge for their home, Terminus, being destroyed. (Strangers)
  • Sasha gets revenge on one of the Termites, Martin, by stabbing him multiple times in the neck with a knife for kidnapping Bob, eating one of his legs, threatening to kill Judith, and trying to have Tyresse killed. (Four Walls and a Roof)
  • Rick gets revenge on Gareth for holding them captive in Terminus, trying to kill and eat them, kidnapping Bob and eating one of his legs, later repeatedly slashing him multiple times with a machete. (Four Walls and a Roof)
  • Michonne and Abraham get revenge on one of the Termites, taking their anger out on them after they held them captive in Terminus, tried to kill and eat them, kidnapping Bob, and eating one of his legs. (Four Walls and a Roof)
  • Beth gets revenge on Gorman for attempting to rape her, causing his death as he tries to have his way with her. (Slabtown)
  • Daryl kills Dawn in revenge for killing Beth. (Coda)
  • Glenn contemplates killing Nicholas for causing the death of Noah and for attempting to kill Glenn himself. (Conquer)
  • Deanna Monroe gets revenge on Pete for accidentally slashing her husband Reg's throat with a katana by giving Rick the go ahead to execute Pete. (Conquer)
  • Ron attempts to kill Rick for killing his father and for causing the deaths of his mother and brother. (No Way Out)
  • Maggie and Carol kill many Saviors in revenge for kidnapping them. (The Same Boat)
  • Daryl and Rosita attempt to track down and assassinate Dwight for killing Denise Cloyd. (East) Both continue to desire revenge even when Dwight joins their side, but Tara gives up on vengeance after Dwight twice saves her life. (Dead or Alive Or, Do Not Send Us Astray) Though Daryl has the chance to kill Dwight after the war, he chooses to exile him instead so that Dwight can seek his wife and a new path. (Wrath)
  • A mortally wounded Roman chases Carol Peletier for revenge after she kills his group of Saviors. Before he can succeed however, he is shot dead by Morgan Jones. (East, Last Day on Earth)
  • Negan selects and executes Abraham Ford at random in revenge for the murders of many of his Saviors. (Last Day on Earth)
  • Negan executes Glenn Rhee in revenge for Daryl's transgression against him. (The Day Will Come When You Won't Be).
  • Rosita attempts to shoot Negan for killing Spencer. (Hearts Still Beating)
  • Rosita and Sasha go on a suicide mission to assassinate Negan in revenge of his atrocities. (The Other Side)
  • Dwight betrays Negan and the Saviors by siding with Alexandria for Negan to die. (Something They Need)
  • Negan and the Saviors burn Alexandria in revenge for the Militia surrounding the Sanctuary in walkers and attacking their outposts. However, they lack the ammunition needed to completely destroy it, leaving Alexandria badly damaged but later repairable. (How It's Gotta Be, Honor, Wrath)
  • Henry kills Gavin in revenge for Benjamin's death, thinking he killed his brother. (Honor)
  • Negan sends Simon to punish the Scavengers for switching sides by killing one of them and confiscating their weapons. Simon, instead, kills all of the Scavengers except for Anne, partially as revenge for Anne defying him and punching him. (The Lost and the Plunderers)
  • Anne kidnaps Negan and plans to trade him to the Civic Republic Military, as revenge for Simon killing her people and to obtain passage away. (The Key, Warning Signs)
  • Morgan locks a gate behind Jared, trapping him in a room full of walkers. He then watches Jared get devoured in revenge for Benjamin's death. (Still Gotta Mean Something)
  • The survivors from Oceanside execute Justin, Arat, and 6 other Saviors as revenge for massacring all the male residents of their community above the age of 10 under Simon's command. (The Bridge, Warning Signs)
  • Jed and many other Saviors wish to enact revenge against Oceanside for killing 8 of their members. (The Obliged)
  • Maggie wants to kill Negan but decides to let him live when she realizes he wants to die, as revenge for killing Glenn, feeling that Negan is effectively dead already. (What Comes After) After returning from years away and discovering that Negan is free again, she is visibly furious, especially after learning that Negan had a hand in the Hilltop's destruction. (Home Sweet Home) Carol later warns Negan that if he stays in Alexandria, Maggie will kill him, but Negan chooses to stay anyways. <ref>(Here's Negan)
  • Carol burns Jed, Regina, and several other Savior Marauders alive as revenge for hurting Henry and presumably killing people for their supplies. (Who Are You Now?)
  • As revenge for infringing upon the Whisperers' territory and killing several of her group, Alpha beheads Ozzy, Alek, D.J., Frankie, Adeline, Rodney, Tammy Rose Sutton, Enid, Tara Chambler, and Henry and places their heads upon pikes. (The Calm Before)
  • Following the murder of the people at the fair, her adopted son Henry in particular, Carol becomes dangerously obsessed with getting revenge upon Alpha, often acting recklessly and putting people's lives into danger because of her actions. Carol's revenge is ultimately achieved when Alpha is killed by Negan who was working with her. Negan then delivers Alpha's severed zombified head to a satisfied Carol. Carol puts Alpha's head onto a pike as Alpha did with Henry and the other victims and though Carol doesn't respond when Negan asks if she's satisfied with her revenge, the answer appears to be yes. However, a hallucination of Alpha that haunts Carol suggests that Carol regrets her actions due to the people who got hurt during Carol's revenge quest.(Lines We Cross-Look at the Flowers)
  • After Brandon murders Milo, a young boy Negan has become attached to, Negan beats Brandon to death in revenge. (What It Always Is)
  • Magna reveals to Yumiko that she really did commit the murder she was sent to prison for. The man who raped her little cousin and got away with it so Magna took revenge. (What It Always Is)
  • Gabriel Stokes stabs Dante to death as revenge for the latter murdering Siddiq. (The World Before)
  • Negan notes that all of the Whisperers, particularly Beta, will want revenge upon him for killing Alpha. Later, after encountering Negan, Beta viciously attacks him and tries to kill Negan in revenge, going so far as to abandon his pursuit of Lydia to go after Negan. However, Daryl intervenes and saves Negan from Beta who is subsequently killed by his own horde. (A Certain Doom)

Fear The Walking Dead


Video Game

  • Gabby kills Berto as revenge for Michonne burning down Monroe. (What We Deserve)
  • Javier García can kill Badger or leave him to turn as revenge for murdering his niece, Maríana. (Determinant) (Above The Law)
  • Conrad can kill Badger or leave him to turn as revenge for murdering his girlfriend, Francine, and having his home overrun with walkers. (Determinant) (Above The Law)
  • Tripp can kill Badger or leave him to turn as revenge for killing Maríana, Francine, and having his home overrun with walkers (Determinant). (Above The Law)
  • Louis broke up his parents' marriage as revenge for his dad refusing to let him get singing lessons. (Broken Toys)
  • Clementine has Alvin Jr. shoot Lilly as revenge for attacking the school and torturing and imprisoning her friends. (Determinant) (Broken Toys)
  • Gad tries to kill Clementine to avenge his fallen comrades. (Take Us Back)
  • Minerva tries to kill Clementine with a grenade as revenge for the deaths of her fellow Delta members as well as getting bit. (Take Us Back)

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