Sacrifice is a recurring theme in The Walking Dead. It happens when somebody is willing to give a life for the greater good, be it their own or someone else's.


Comic Series

TV Series


Fear The Walking Dead

  • Due to his health rapidly declining from an infected leg injury, Oliviero sacrifices himself to "the wall" and gets devoured by the infected inside it. (Los Muertos)
  • In order to save her children, Strand and Luciana, Madison lures a massive oil-soaked walker herd and locks the gate to seal the herd in, sacrificing herself in the process using a flare to ignite the oil-soaked walkers approaching her. (No One's Gone)
  • Ed sacrifices himself so Alicia, Charlie, and Dakota have time to escape his cabin. (Damage From the Inside)

World Beyond

Video Game

Road to Survival

  • In order to lure away the walkers from his friends, Darius will attempt to lure them away by detonating a bomb, but he ends up killing himself in the process. (Northeast Woods)

Novel Series

  • Everett Ray Caul sacrifices himself to save his daughter, Lilly Caul.
  • Austin Ballard sacrifices himself to a herd of walkers to save Lilly, Speed, Hap, Gloria, Ben and Matthew.
  • Meredith Dupree sacrifices herself by luring away a huge herd from Woodbury and by blowing herself up with explosive.
  • Miles Littleton sacrifices himself to a huge herd of walkers to let Lilly and the rest of Woodbury's survivor escape.
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