Secrecy is a recurring theme in The Walking Dead. It usually concerns a character or group that doesn't reveal certain information to other people.


Comic Series

  • Lori Grimes hid her relationship with Shane from her husband Rick, though he figured it out eventually. (Comic Series)
  • Rick Grimes asks Glenn to not tell Lori that Rick was almost bitten. (Issue 4)
  • Rick asks Dale to keep the fact that it's Christmas a secret. (Issue 7)
  • Dexter fails to mention the armory in A-Block during his tour of the prison. (Issue 14)
  • Rick initially kept the circumstances of Chris' death a secret. (Issue 15)
  • Rick initially keeps the fact that he deliberately killed Dexter a secret. (Issue 19)
  • The Governor never revealed his true nature to the residents of Woodbury. (Comic Series)
  • Carl Grimes hid the fact that he killed Ben from the group. (Issue 61)
  • Eugene Porter refuses to disclose details about the outbreak. (Issue 54)
  • Eugene revealed that he was not working with the government, after a long time of keeping it secret. (Issue 67)
  • After stealing some guns from the armory, Rick tells Glenn to distribute the guns to some of the survivors while keeping them a secret from the rest. (Issue 73)
  • Nicholas, along with Spencer and Olivia, secretly starts plotting to overthrow Rick. (Issue 88)
  • Dwight and another savior decided not to reveal to Negan that Jesus had escaped from the back of their jeep. (Issue 104)
  • Dwight starts working for Rick and the Militia as a double agent. (Issue 108)
  • Paul, Rick, and Ezekiel conspire to attack the Saviors and kill Negan. (Issue 108)
  • Rick's plan to attack the Sanctuary is a mystery to the most survivors. The only people to know about it are Paul, Ezekiel, Andrea, and Carl. (March to War)
  • Eugene not revealing to anyone he had contacted Stephanie on his radio. (Issue 152)
  • Dwight has Rick, Pamela and their entourage secretly followed by the Alexandria Military. (Issue 181)

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