Secrecy is a recurring theme in The Walking Dead. It usually concerns a character or group that doesn't reveal certain information to other people.


Comic Series

  • Lori Grimes hid her relationship with Shane from her husband Rick, though he figured it out eventually. (Comic Series)
  • Rick Grimes asks Glenn to not tell Lori that Rick was almost bitten. (Issue 4)
  • Rick asks Dale to keep the fact that it's Christmas a secret. (Issue 7)
  • Dexter fails to mention the armory in A-Block during his tour of the prison. (Issue 14)
  • Rick initially kept the circumstances of Chris' death a secret. (Issue 15)
  • Rick initially keeps the fact that he deliberately killed Dexter a secret. (Issue 19)
  • The Governor never revealed his true nature to the residents of Woodbury(Comic Series)
  • Carl Grimes hid the fact that he killed Ben from the group. (Issue 61)
  • Eugene Porter refuses to disclose details about the outbreak. (Issue 54)
  • Eugene revealed that he was not working with the government, after a long time of keeping it secret. (Issue 67)
  • After stealing some guns from the armory, Rick tells Glenn to distribute the guns to some of the survivors while keeping them a secret from the rest. (Issue 73)
  • Nicholas, along with Spencer and Olivia, secretly starts plotting to overthrow Rick. (Issue 88)
  • Dwight and another savior decided not to reveal to Negan that Jesus had escaped from the back of their jeep. (Issue 104)
  • Dwight starts working for Rick and the Militia as a double agent. (Issue 108)
  • Paul, Rick, and Ezekiel conspire to attack the Saviors and kill Negan. (Issue 108)
  • Rick's plan to attack the Sanctuary is a mystery to the most survivors. The only people to know about it are Paul, Ezekiel, Andrea, and Carl. (March to War)
  • Eugene not revealing to anyone he had contacted Stephanie on his radio. (Issue 152)
  • Dwight has Rick, Pamela and their entourage secretly followed by the Alexandria Military. (Issue 181)

TV Series

  • Shane Walsh never told Rick Grimes about his affair with his wife Lori. (TV Series)
  • Jim tries to conceal his bite from the group. (Wildfire)
  • Dr. Edwin Jenner pretends to not know to unlock the doors. (TS-19)
  • Lori kept her pregnancy a secret from Rick and the group. (Secrets)
  • Maggie Greene and Glenn Rhee secretly begin a relationship.
  • Shane never told anyone how Otis really died. However, Daryl Dixon figures it out and tells Dale Horvath but Dale does not tell anyone.
  • Carl Grimes takes a gun from the RV.
  • Carl takes a gun from Daryl's motorcycle.
  • Carl tells only Rick, Daryl, Shane, and Hershel Greene how Dale really died.
  • Rick does not tell the Atlanta group the truth about the zombie virus until after Hershel's farm is overrun. (Beside the Dying Fire)
  • Merle Dixon does not admit to killing Gargulio and lies about having killed Michonne. (Hounded)
  • The Governor keeps his undead daughter in a secret room along with tanks containing severed zombified heads, without informing anyone. (Season 3)
  • The Governor holds Glenn and Maggie hostage and hidden from Andrea. (Made to Suffer)
  • The Governor does not show his true nature to the residents of Woodbury. (Season 3)
  • The Governor says that he is going on a supply run when he is truly attacking the prison. (Home)
  • The Governor tells Andrea he would not retaliate against the prison when he had every intention of doing so. (Home)
  • The Governor lies about most of the things he has done while speaking to Rick. (Arrow on the Doorpost)
  • Rick does not tell Andrea that Merle is dead. (Welcome to the Tombs)
  • Patrick does not tell anyone how bad his fever was. (30 Days Without An Accident)
  • Carol never tells anybody that she killed Karen and David until Rick confronts her. (Isolation)
  • Some members of Rick's group do not know that Bob Stookey took liquor instead of medicine at the veterinary college. (Indifference)
  • Daryl and Bob are the only two who truly know how the walkers killed Zach. (Indifference)
  • Some people at the prison still do not know what happened to Carol. (Season 4)
  • Philip hides his past from the Chambler family, going so far as to change his name to Brian Heriot. (Live Bait)
  • Philip hides the murder of Caesar Martinez and Pete Dolgen from his camp. (Dead Weight)
  • Philip hides the reality when he is telling about the prison group. (Too Far Gone)
  • Rick and the few others that knew did not tell Tyreese Williams that Carol killed Karen (Tyreese's girlfriend) and David. (Too Far Gone)
  • Carl promises to keep Michonne's past a secret. (Claimed)
  • Carol does not tell Tyreese, Lizzie Samuels, or Mika Samuels she was kicked out of the prison by Rick for killing Karen and David. (Inmates)
  • The Terminus residents have a positive public face but are in actuality cannibalistic and kill any group that refuses to join them. (Season 5)
  • Carol hides her role in killing Lizzie and Mika from the group. (Strangers)
  • Rick believes Father Gabriel Stokes is hiding a secret from the group. (Strangers)
  • Bob holds it a secret from the group and his girlfriend Sasha Williams that he was bitten by a walker at the food bank. (Four Walls and a Roof)
  • Dr. Steven Edwards purposely instructs Beth Greene to give Gavin Trevitt the wrong medicine in order to kill Trevitt as his recovery could harm Edwards' position at the hospital, holding it a secret from Beth and everyone at Grady Memorial. (Slabtown)
  • Eugene Porter reveals to Abraham Ford, Rosita Espinosa, Maggie, Glenn, and Tara Chambler that he is not a scientist and doesn't know a cure for the outbreak, after keeping it a secret for some time. (Self Help)
  • Morgan keeps the Wolf in his basement secret. (Start to Finish)
  • Ezekiel keeps the harsh reality of the outside world secret from the Kingdom residents. (The Well)
  • Rick and Gabriel fake Maggie's death to protect her from Negan, as he was going to ask Maggie to leave with him to be his "wife". (Service)
  • Tara swears that she will not reveal the location of Oceanside. (Swear)
  • Rick and his group keep their planned revolt against the Saviors a secret from them. (Rock in the Road)
  • Dwight protects his ex-wife, Sherry, claiming she had been murdered by zombies when he discovers she helped Daryl Dixon escape the Sanctuary. (Hostiles and Calamities)
  • The Hilltop Colony helps to keep Maggie, Sasha and Daryl's refuge there a secret from the Saviors. (Season 7)
  • Rosita and Sasha keep their stint to assassinate Negan a secret from Maggie and numerous others. (The Other Side)
  • Eugene keeps many secrets from Negan, such as Dwight's status as a double agent, how Sasha died via suicide pills and his own involvement in Gabriel's foiled escape from the Sanctuary with Harlan Carson. (Season 7, Season 8)
  • Carl Grimes revealed his bite only during the bombing of Alexandria. (How It's Gotta Be)
  • Simon lies to Negan about killing only one of the Scavengers. (The Lost and the Plunderers)
  • Anne do not tells anyone about her connection with the unknown helicopter group. (Warning Signs)


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