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"Take that shit home. Take it back! (...) We're always on our own. Shut the door."
—This man to Morgan Jones.[src]

This thin survivor is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about the man's life prior to or as the outbreak began.


Season 4

"What's Your Story?"

The thin survivor is found resting in the backseat of his car, suffering from a wound on his leg. Morgan finds the man and attempts to leave medicine for him. The sick man tells Morgan to go away and that he doesn't need his help. Morgan takes the medicine and leaves.

Several days later, Morgan finds the man's car on the side of the road and his reanimated corpse walking several hundred feet down the road. Morgan catches up to the undead man and puts him down with his staff.

He is then buried under the trees on the side of the road as Althea and John watch from afar.

Season 7


This man will appear in this episode.


Killed By
  • Leg Injury (Alive)

Somehow, this man got an injury on his leg, which later leads to his death.

Days later, Morgan finds the zombified man walking several hundred feet down the road. He catches up to him and puts him down.


Fear The Walking Dead

Season 4

Season 7

  • "Amina" (Flashback, Zombified)