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"This Ain't It" is the sixth and final episode of Fear the Walking Dead: Dead in the Water. It is the last episode of the web series overall. It premiered on April 10, 2022. It was written by Jacob Pinion and directed by Kenneth Requa.


Riley and Pierce stop outside of the hatch leading to the silo hallway with walkers growling on the other side. Riley jokes about Pierce's earlier desire to swim to shore before admitting that while his desire that morning was to be a Captain, Riley no longer cares about that. Riley now just wants to hold his son at least once. Pierce promises that he will before McGuire hands them a pipe and a sharpened shaft of metal, the only weapons that he could find which Pierce calls better than nothing.

Riley decides to go first and Pierce agrees, referring to Riley as Captain. Before Riley can open the hatch, Walter contacts him over the sub's comms, revealing that a group had made it to the bridge, but they are now stuck there with too many walkers outside. Getting an idea, Riley asks if Walter has ever pulled a chicken switch and, laughing, Walter orders them to hold on tight. As Riley, Pierce and McGuire brace themselves, Walter announces an emergency blow over the comms and then blows the sub's ballast tanks, rapidly sending it to the surface and throwing the swarming walkers around and to the ground.

With the sub on its way to the surface and the walkers incapacitated for now, Riley, Pierce and McGuire rush through the hatch and the hallway, safely reaching the other end. However, as Pierce holds the hatch open for Riley, he is bitten on the ankle by a zombified Farley before Riley quickly puts him down. Riley desperately tends to his friend, suggesting that they can try amputating his foot. However, Pierce tells Riley that the only thing that matters anymore is family and he orders Riley to go and find his son. Riley apologizes to Pierce who tells him that he's not sorry, calling Riley his brother. Riley reluctantly leaves as Pierce charges an approaching group of walkers, sacrificing himself so that Riley can escape. Sadly watching Pierce's death for a moment, Riley closes the hatch and escapes.

Riley joins McGuire, Walter and six other survivors at the outer hatch, simply shaking his head when McGuire asks about Pierce. Removing one of the launch keys, Riley tries to give it to McGuire who refuses to take it. Walter decides to take the key instead and Riley orders him to "guard it with your life. They can never be in the same room again" which Walter promises to do. Riley tells his remaining crew that it's been an honor to serve with all of them and now they have to go find their families which is all that they have left. Riley gives the order to abandon ship and the eight survivors of the USS Pennsylvania climb out of the hatch to the surface. After a last look around, Riley climbs out last.

On the beach, Riley calls his house, at first getting their voicemail before Lucy picks up the phone. Riley is relieved that his wife is still alive and Lucy asks if he knows what's going on and where he is. Riley tells Lucy that he's on land and coming to her and asks after Oliver. Lucy tells Riley that Oliver is sleeping and that they had made a person who is so beautiful. Crying tears of joy, Riley tells Lucy to stay safe and that he's coming to them. Lucy informs Riley that Oliver has his smile and that she wishes that her husband could see him. Riley insists that he will see Oliver and that Lucy just needs to stay where she is and he'll come to her. Suddenly, Riley hears a banging sound in the background and Lucy apologizes, telling her husband that they had tried for as long as they could and she loves him. Riley is forced to listen over the phone as walkers break into his house and devour his wife and son before he loses the call. Devastated, Riley sits on the beach as he breaks down, putting Oliver's ultrasound on the sand with his cell phone and launch key.

Weeks, possibly months later, a depressed Riley, now with a beard, continues to camp out on the beach. Riley raises his gun to his head to commit suicide, but he is stopped by Teddy who tells him that "this ain't it, son. The end, this ain't it. Son, this is just the beginning." Riley stares at Teddy in confusion and interest.



  • Only appearance of Appel.
  • Only appearance of Yung. (Zombified)
  • Only appearance of Yu. (Zombified)
  • Only appearance of Bell. (Zombified)
  • Only appearance of Walter Schowski. (Chronologically)
  • Only appearance of Theodore Maddox. (Chronologically)
  • Last appearance of Jason Riley. (Chronologically)
  • Last appearance of Bell. (Chronologically)
  • Last appearance of McGuire.
  • Last appearance of Pierce.
  • Last appearance of Farley. (Zombified)
  • Last appearance of Loosen. (Zombified)
  • Last appearance of Vaughn. (Zombified)
  • Last appearance of Schindler. (Zombified)
  • Last appearance of Faz. (Zombified)