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"This Is How The World Ends" is the second and final part of The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury. It spans chapters eight through nineteen.


"The evil that men do lives after them; the good is often interred with their bones."
—William Shakespeare

The group is lead to Woodbury and are taken back by how the community runs, they soon meet the leader of the group, Phillip Blake. The group begins to separate and begin to take odd jobs and positions within the community. The former Tent-City survivors are found unwelcome by several members within the 'utopia' and, after attempting to calm an escalating situation, Josh is killed.

Lilly begins to struggle with herself from the loss, but is tended to by Bob. She soon begins to grow suspicious about Phillip after the incident and several strange encounters with him. Lilly forms a group to find what The Governor is up to but find that Megan has formed a relationship with him. Megan quickly discovers what lies beneath "The Governor's" façade and takes her life, much to the dismay of Bob.

The group soon reveal his disturbing and tyrannical ideas of law & order and decide that they will fight the Governor. The group, including Martinez, plan to assassinate the leader while out on a run, but the plan quickly falls apart after a horde surrounds the vehicles they encompass. The group are forced to work together and Lilly's life is spared. The Governor gives her and the other insurgent's jobs chopping up dead bodies to feed to the walkers within their new "coliseum".

She is forced to keep The Governor's secret or risk being killed and vows revenge against The Governor's cruel reign.