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Thomas Abigail, also referred to as Tom, is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. He is the former boyfriend of Victor Strand. Thomas is also the adoptive son of Celia Flores and the adoptive brother of Luis Flores.


Thomas is a wealthy and sophisticated man. He had entered a working relationship with Victor Strand which eventually became romantic. Thomas ended up falling victim to Strand's money-theft scheme. However, rather than getting angry and turning Strand in, he instead admired his cleverness and stuck him. He cares for his mother despite knowing her zaniness. Before his death, he asks Strand to protect her.


Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California

Thomas was born in 1961. In his childhood, his birth mother either died or left the family. He grew up under the care of his family butler Celia Flores, and befriended her son Luis, which aided him as a personal assistant after they grew up.

In his adult years, he became a successful businessman. Upon meeting Strand at a hotel bar in the United States in 2005 during Hurricane Katrina, he fell for the man's charms and, after getting drunk with Strand, became a victim of a money-theft scheme. Instead of turning Strand in however, he admired the ingenuity and began a partnership between the two of them as well as an eventual romance.


Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California

Shortly after the outbreak began, he had made plans for Strand and himself to go into hiding in Valle de Guadalupe. However Strand chose to leave temporarily, heading for Los Angeles one last time to close one of his big land-deals. Eventually, as the apocalypse broke out in Los Angeles, Strand is trapped in the city and ended up in a military quarantine, separated from him.

Season 2

"Blood in the Streets"

Thomas appears in flashbacks to before the outbreak as Strand is left on a sinking boat in the middle of the ocean. At the same time, Luis mentions growing up with and working for him to Nick who appears to know who he is.

"Sicut Cervus"

As a priest and his parishioners arm themselves for a fight, Tom arrives in his truck to warn them to stop. Though the priest acknowledges Tom to be a good man, he urges Tom not to protect "her." Suddenly, the priest and his parishioners double over, blood streaming from their eyes and ears and the priest tells Tom that Celia was responsible.

When Strand finally arrives with Madison's group, he finds Tom's truck abandoned outside of the church. After putting down the zombified priest and his parishioners, the group uses the truck to reach the villa where Celia and Jorge lead Strand to Tom's room where Tom is sitting in a chair, a bite on his right arm. Tearful, Strand apologizes for not getting there sooner, but Tom forgives him and Strand helps Tom to bed.

Strand tends to Tom as he grows weaker from his bite wound and the infection. When Madison interrupts, Tom asks her to look after Strand when he is gone, acknowledging how difficult that task is, stating that its why he wants her to do it. Later, a weak Tom has Strand removed the covers as he gets too hot, but can't bring himself to sleep, knowing he likely won't wake up and not wanting to leave Strand. Instead, Strand suggests a suicide pact so he doesn't have to leave Tom. Though Tom doesn't want him to die, Strand states he has nothing left there for him once Tom is gone and suggests that Celia can watch over the two of them.

Later, as Tom sleeps, Celia sings to him the same song she used to comfort him as a kid. She then provides Strand with two poisoned communion wafers, the same thing she used to kill the priest and his parishioners, so that Strand can die with Tom. Strand remains at Tom's side as his breathing slows and finally stops. However, rather than going through with the suicide pact, Strand retrieves a gun from Tom's dresser, places a pillow over his head and shoots Tom in the head through the pillow to keep him from reanimating. After shooting Tom, Strand drops the gun and cries at what he was forced to do to his loved one.


Everyone wakes up from the gunshot and rushes into Thomas' room to find that Strand has shot him in the head to prevent Thomas from reanimating. Celia is grief-stricken that Strand chose to shoot Thomas rather commit suicide due to her belief that the undead are simply what comes next. As a result, she accuses Strand of murdering Thomas and orders him exiled from the villa the following night, but agrees to allow Strand to bury him first. Strand digs a grave for Thomas inside of the compound despite Daniel Salazar warning him not to as Celia's actions have made the whole land unholy. The day after Thomas' death, Celia holds a funeral for him in which all of the staff of the villa each put a handful of dirt onto the coffin. Though Celia tries to throw Strand out before he can finish burying Thomas, she reluctantly allows him to complete the job when Strand threatens violence to continue.


Killed By

Sometime during the apocalypse, Thomas was bitten on the arm by a walker.

At night, while everyone is sleeping, Strand shoots Thomas in the head to prevent reanimation.

Killed Victims

This list show the victims Thomas killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies


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  • The casting call for this character used the name Jason Abinon.[1]
    • Thomas was decribed as "Early 50s. A native English speaker, but speaks proficient Spanish. Wealthy and sensitive, he is always willing to risk, but often lacks the vision and grit to wager."
  • He is the second LGBT character in Fear the Walking Dead, after Victor Strand and before Althea and Isabelle.
  • Given his close proximity to the priest and his parishioners when they died and his truck being abandoned outside of the church where he parked it, it may have been one of them who bit him.
  • When Madison's group arrives at the church, there is a pile of dead parishioners who appear to have been put down by somebody. Thomas may have been responsible for this though it's unconfirmed.
  • Thomas is the second person known to have been adopted before the apocalypse.

International Dubbers

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Czech N/A N/A
French Bernard Bollet Tom
German Bernd Vollbrecht N/A
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