Thomas Haley is an American actor who portrayed Officer Richards in Season 1 of AMC's Fear The Walking Dead.


Thomas Haley was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona by a single mother. His whole time growing up he was the guy who wanted to make everyone laugh, thinking up silly skits and acting them out. Thomas moved to California when he turned 19 and became a father at the age of 20. However, fatherhood would not slow down his creativeness. Thomas went into the environmental industry where his new audience awaited in the form of his clients. As a salesmen he had many opportunities to share stories and entertain. In 2007, there was an offer by the television network TLC to have Thomas' environmental company test as part of a reality show, Revolutionaries. This was a learning experience that lead to Thomas enrolling in several acting classes and intensive seminars. In class he would learn only some aspects of the acting business and consequently set out to gain real-world experience through theater, short films, commercials and even small parts in feature films.

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