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    • Abe was freaking amazing!

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    • Abe's mustache is awesome!

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    • I wonder how is it possible that they buy the "Eugene knows what caused the outbreak" story in the TV series, considering the group was in the CDC (or was it the EPA? Either way...) itself and were told by the actual last reasearcher with a working lab in the US that the cause was unknown, aside from guessing it was some sort of unidentified parasite and the fact that everyone is infected. In the comics it makes sense to believe it to some point, but in the series it is counter intuitive. Specially considering how he hold the idiot ball with shooting the assault rifle randomly. The guy got a whole new level of stupid. There are no words to describe how utterly incompetent he proved himself.

      I understand that Abe bought it, I can understand if Tara did too, but Glenn was in the CDC himself, and together with that show of incredible jerkness should be enough for him to disregard it, and I hope he does.

      EDIT: And he even gets to tell Abe that he's smarter. Oh, really. Gotta hate Eugene.

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    • Abe was awesome, I can tell he'll be a favorite of mine. However I gotta say, the character who really stood out to me the most was Harley. Yeah, he was only on screen for less than a minute, and had one line, but he seems like he's going to end up being our next major villain following the Governor. Being played by a guy like Jeff Kober, he's gotta be a major character. I look forward to his future appearances.

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    • Eugene told them that the "heads of state" lost the ability to radio him or something. He could easily tell Rick & Co. that the federal government or military high command, etc. just lost communications to the CDC.

      But still. I would be skeptic after a little while anyway, because if I was with the guy supposedly with the power to cure the infection, WITH the government knowing about it, I would be expecting special forces or some kind of actual military presence (other than Abe) to show up sooner or later.

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    • Why is 6 "average"? Surely the average episode of this show is an 8.

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    • Because you rate with the show as standard, to make the grades meaningful. I too think the show is above average, but when grading episodes, I don't care how bad are other shows in comparison, I care how good the episode is compared to other episodes of the walking dead. That's why last week's episode was lame for me, even though its only important defect was that it didn't make a lot of sense that Judith survived, and well, a slightly less important one was that Carl acting like a pussy wasn't consistent with his prior shows of badassery. Acting was great, story, aside from those facts, was good, and overall it was excellent if we compare to most other current shows I watch (I can't talk for the ones I don't watch). But compared with the rest of the season of this show? Lamest ever.

      This week's episode was pretty good, IMO. Still streets behind too far gone, but really good.

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    • Anyone know what music/song it was that played at the end of the episode? It was only a few seconds but that guitar was awesome!

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    • Do you guys think the bandits talking about raping Michonne will come up again?

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    • I think they might be just an excuse for them to move out and find the way to the Sanctuary, but they might be a short-term antagonist too. My guess is they will reappear, they took too much time showing us some of the peculiarities of that group to just ditch those characters.

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    • Again very weak writing for Carl. Is it so difficult to pen good lines for a teenager? Seems so.

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    • I would have rated this episode quite low, if it wasn't for Rick. Apart from his scenes, I wasn't a huge fan of this episode. Michonne & Carl were OK, but they didn't do that much in the episode. I'm not keen on the cartoons that are Abraham, Eugene and Rosita either, and never been a fan of Tara. So the scenes with those in it were, to me, very weak. Nothing against Glenn, but the rest of that group is a drag. Rick, IMO, was the star of the show with those scenes in the house. Really good, tense stuff, and Rick at his best (leaving the bathroom door open was pure genius).

      So I gave this a 7/10. If there was no Rick, it could have been a lot lower.

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    • best parts were the tension that Rick survived in the house. and my wife noted that Rick purposely left the toilet door ajar when he climbed out the window, to enable the awaken zombie to wreak some havoc in the house!

      Eugene was really annoying .

      what are the chances that the last guy Maggie kills in the bus has Glenn's wavy black hair :s 

      i didn't understand the whole picture frame bit that Carl gave to Michonne (with the ominous music and tense eyeballs when she saw the painting)

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    • wrote:

      i didn't understand the whole picture frame bit that Carl gave to Michonne (with the ominous music and tense eyeballs when she saw the painting)

      It's probably an indirect reference to Lizzie's fate:


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    • I think that frame was a painting the mother or father of the girl pictured there was making of her before the outbreak, and the crossings and the blood were added later on, as an attempt to release the stress as he/she decided that he/she needed to put down his/her daughter. Kind of a mental breakdown. And I believe that either Michone had to do the same for her son, or even her boyfriend/husband/lover/whatever did it without her consent, which might make sense, since IIRC she said her pet walkers deserved their fate. That would be why she is so touched after seeing both the painting and the room where what I can only guess was the mother of those kids killed them and then killed herself.

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    • Sure, but I still think the physical resemblance with Lizzie is some kind of hint or "easteregg" and probably symbolizing her fate.

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    • Oh, yeah, that's definitely possible. I thought you meant that was the only reason it appeared. But it could totally be both.

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    • It could also be Mary

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    • Hey, does anyone know what are those posters in the room just before Rick killed Lou? Especially the "columbia (Colombia?)" one with the skull?

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    • wrote:
      It could also be Mary

      I think it is extremely likely that the house Michonne and Carl explored was connected in some way to Mary (and her family?). Not only does the "bloody" painting bear a very strong resemblance to her, but there was also a painting of sunflowers hanging on the wall in the hallway. In "Us", when Glenn, Maggie, Abraham and the others arrive at Terminus, two of the most prominent sights they see are sunflowers, and Mary.

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      Mary and the painting in "Claimed"

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