• if you [SHOT REBECA] > Clem gets shot in the hand (or leg) , kenny , luke and baby lives (Luke gets injured)

    if you [CALL FOR HELP] > Kenny gets shot in the hand (or leg) , Clem , Luke and baby lives (Luke gets injured)

    In ether way , Bonnie and Mike dies :'(

    Also , all Rusians exept from arvo dies by Luke , Kenny , and Clem 

    Arvo's starting crying about what happend and also he is determinent , you can kill him or let him live (its your choice) 

    if you [SHOT REBECA] > Every-one exept Kenny gets killed (kenny gets injured) :'(

    Maud and Arvo's running away and Kenny kills them (from a distance)

    if you [CALL FOR HELP] > Burico kills Kenny and Luke gets injured , bonnie dies and mike's running after her to make sure she;s not dead , but its too late for that , Vitali kills shot mike eith his shotgun and you have to grab Kenny's pistol quikly to shot Vitali , Maud and arvo's running away and Luke kills them (from a distance) 

    Carver's/Alvin's/Rebeca's baby is fine anyway 

    I dont have a problem with bonnie or any other character , just saying (sorry about my english) ;-)

    THANK YOU !!!

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