• Totally random question but I'm just saying this. I know Glenn is alive and all, but what I don't get is that he isn't heard screaming. Whenever a character dies, they're heard screaming. But Glenn isn't heard screaming. I know he's alive but to me it's weird that we don't hear him screaming during Thank You or Heads Up. In the Previously on The Walking Dead for Now, the end scene where it shows Glenn is replaced with his screaming from Season 3.

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    • We didn't hear him screaming because of the cinematography. I think they were trying to make the scene sadder? Or maybe trying to give us a hint that he wasn't dead. It was good that they made the scene sort of slow-motion and without all any of the screaming and groaning (and the gunshot). Tbh I was trying to take it all in, too much was happening at once xD. Or maybe Glenn's ears got hurt from the gunshot. As for the "Previously on" scene, not sure what happened there, maybe they were trying to add more to the sequence.

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