• So after looking over some character pages, I saw that some people were considered main characters, while others weren't and I'm confused as to what you need to do to be considered one. When I thought about it, I always considered characters who had speaking roles in 15 or more issues of the overall series. Clearly some characters would be exceptions, but 15 should be the definate. I feel like e should have a more organized method of deciding who is a main character.

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    • Main charcters have more appearences and onscreen time than other characters or they have a big role like the leader or doctor like Sherry she became the leader of the saviors and a main charcter she is also the primary antagonist in valume 28

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    • I feel like main characters are any character who speak, have a prominent role, appear in multiple issues and volumes, and end up developing over the course of a story arc or more.

      Long time A-listers like Rick and Carl and Andrea and Eugene are obviously main characters. They've been around for a long time and have been essential to the story.

      Some characters like Sherry and Beta are main characters because they serve as primary antagonists of their reapective arcs and are big bads in their own ways.

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