• I was thinking about Kent (like I usually do), when suddely I realized something! He looks nearly identical to a character from Telltale's GoT game named Andros! (like the monkey from Starfox) The Telltale GoT game is not known for it's graphical quality, and Andros is an extremely minor NPC, and yet they modeled him very specifically. His features are nearly a perfect match for the Kentster, with the exception of his haircolor. Sure, Andros' design is slightly exaggerated, but he looks like a spot on Kent caricature! This cannot be a coincidence, especially since Telltale also makes the Walking Dead game! Maybe this is a cry for attention, a coded message that they would like to introduce Kent to the comic continuity! They love recycling character models after all, and such a fine looking piece of craftsmanship should not go to waste! People have been clamouring for a TV character to be introduced into the comics/games for a long time, and this is finally their chance! (Kent is way better than Daryl anyways) Kent should make history! He deserves it! Common Telltale, don't let us down!
    Sexy Beast 1
    Season six kent
    Sexy Beast 2
    Kent S6E07
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