• Hello everyone.

    Myself and a couple of other users have created a Discord server for the wiki as we deem it necessary if we as a community want to carry on and thrive. This is in part due to the feeling that we, as a community, are disconnected from each other. So, if you would like to join please use this link: https://discord.gg/U3Jn3MC

    Also, we would like to hear your feedback on if this Discord server should be implemented into the wiki instead of the chat feature. The chat hasn't been properly used for an extended period of time now, and replacing it with this server is what I, and many others believe to be what needs to happen. Discord is a better way of communication, due to it having both a text and voice feature, allowing users to react alongside each other with new episodes, or just to talk in general. The server also has a levelling system, giving you unique roles depending on how active you are. The rules can be found in #welcome.

    Discord has proven to be a success on other wikis, such wikis that have adapted are: The Call of Duty Wiki, The Star Wars: Rebels Wiki, The South Park Wiki, The FANDOM Open Source Library, The Runescape Wiki and The Undertale Wiki.

    Please answer a quick poll included in this blog post: http://walkingdead.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:AdamTheMop/The_Walking_Dead_Wiki_Discord

    Thank you.

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