• In 4x07 he dies when Alicia was shoots in the truck from the grenade launcher?And John Dorie survived or not?

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    • Hopefully John will survive!

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    • Yup Melvin probably dies since we see Edgar and the other Vultures dying. John probably survived. His tin with the scrabble pieces or whatever absorbed most of the damage. If he dies I’ll be surprised but pleased lol.

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    • For someone who's supposed to be a leader of a group and a main antagonist, I care VERY little for Melvin or his motivations. Not his fault, that's on the writers for only making him sit around and give cryptic warnings whenever Madison left the stadium. Won't move me too much if/when he bites the dust. JD on the other hand I've grown to like, but I'm moreso hoping he pulls through so it doesn't turn out that the writers just completely re-hashed an unexpected, anti-climactic death from just 3 episodes earlier. Still feel like they would save it for a mid-season finale though. 

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    • FYI, first few minutes of 4x07 have been released and it shows a character's death. Enjoy! But I think the entire group will either be wiped out or the surviving Vultures will flee, never to be seen again. Seems unlikely, so they all probably die. Alicia and co. are out for revenge.

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